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Screenshot of hunter
Author:Richard Dale Carlson
Title:Demon Hunter (9a499b40153edabe90fd390964658eda)
Filesize:432 Kilobytes
Release date:13.02.1997
Additional Links: Crash's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
HUNTER.BSP1063 KB13.02.1997
HUNTER.TXT5 KB13.02.1997

Demon Hunter

About medium sized confusing Wizard map.

Tags: medium, wizard, dungeon

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
2.9/5 with 14 ratings
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Desetler Registered 26 January 2018, 9:02

Actually i like this map. It looks like a dungeon and you are confined in some of the cells, so make your way out. Trite but so true, cuz nobody wants to seat in a jail. But the start of the game is not so pitiful - you are already managed to escape your cell and even to constrain guardians in the first block. No one can enter or exit now! There's a tiny light beam from the ceiling bars redeeming your bloody fight for freedom. Revenge is all u can abandon in this murky lost place. So take a breath, glance at the floating clouds, hope it's not for the last time... Well there are few things that can make your escape less intrigating, e.g. there are too many of blue armors scattered throughout the whole map, and you don't need a yellow armor if you have red one, do you? Moreover you not needed armor at all if you have pentagram of protection. There are some secrets like hidden rooms but they are not counted. So - 2.3=2+1=3!

Esrael Registered 1 August 2018, 22:40

This is what I like about early maps: Very imperfect looks combined with being unconventional and thus less predictable. The map has pretty cool ideas and gimmicks littered here and there, being kind of hit and miss in execution.

Darkness plays quite a significant role in creating the atmosphere. It is used to quite a dramatic effect, creating large contrasts with lit portions of the map and provides opportunities for monsters to surprise you. It's quite unnverving.

Combining the darkness with the cramped halls full of prison bars and small barred ceiling windows makes for quite a depressing setting. I dig it.

I agree with the description about the map being confusing. It still didn't bother me since it didn't get me stuck. There were some surprise teleports that had the potential of monsters being in your face once you used them.

Even with potentially unfair teleports, the map has quite enough of powerful supplies to counter them many times over; so overall, the map lacks in the challenge department.

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