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Screenshot of hush
Title:Hushed Walls (740cf4332e9f121f1f0fc8da34afc31e)
Filesize:1306 Kilobytes
Release date:15.05.2020
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
hush.bsp2487 KB15.05.2020
hush.lit494 KB15.05.2020
hush.map1038 KB15.05.2020
hush_readme.txt2 KB15.05.2020

Hushed Walls

Small to medium-sized level in Gloom Keep style, with a dark brick dungeon beneath. The map source is included.

Tags: small, medieval, bricks, dungeon, source, terracotta

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3.9/5 with 31 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 4 June 2020, 23:33

Compact, and fun. Didn't find all the secrets... I know where one is, but can't figure out how to get into it.

JMP Registered 5 June 2020, 2:29

I like the map's old-school atmosphere, and the secrets are clever, but the combat is too repetitive: I lost track of how many times a wall disappeared to reveal a monster hidden in a stone alcove. Unfortunately, that detracts from what is otherwise a very nice retro map.

raislash Registered 12 June 2020, 1:20

A fun, small, compact map that doesn't waste your time.

whirlstr Registered 8 July 2020, 2:49

Good old-school map. The combat is pretty frenetic due to the high enemy count, small spaces, and relatively low ammo. The dungeon is very dark, much darker than the darkest areas in average maps, but it's done well and a good change of pace. There are a couple monster ambushes that are poorly-executed since you can simply walk past them and move on to the next area (and the ammo scarcity encourages this).

MikeTaylor Registered 24 November 2020, 15:30

A pleasantly straightforward blast.

I never did figure out how to the get grenade launcher from the cage where the ogre is, just near the start (the area shown in the screenshot). Anyone?

JMP Guest 24 November 2020, 15:49


You have to shoot a hidden button. It's in the room shown in the screenshot, along the ceiling:

MikeTaylor Registered 24 November 2020, 20:44

Ha, crazy how I missed that! Thank you.

ArrrCee 29 December 2020, 1:21

Hushed Walls on The Quake Grave

This is a quick and fun map that is a big throwback to maps from the days of Quake yore. Nice job!

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Jehannum Registered 25 June 2021, 1:04

This was a fun romp, and especially since this is the author's first map. Bravo! Please, let's see some more!

I found it to be well balanced and worth putting on my replay list.

colossusHQ Registered 8 November 2021, 7:15

Atmospheric soundtrack fits the theme and lighting of the map, combat is fast and frantic just how I like it. The map isn't that short but also doesn't drag on either Id say it ends right at a good time, I like it.

c0j Registered 30 March 2022, 15:53

i love the classic id Architecture and hectic gameplay pretty nice :)

Johnny Law Registered 30 March 2022, 21:02

Yeah I really appreciate the chonk of this map. Just a pleasant small classic-style romp.

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