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Screenshot of ic
Author:Jim Lowell
Title:Industrial Combat (1835cc81c099cd00f2b51e60f1207cb4)
Filesize:585 Kilobytes
Release date:02.04.1998
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
IC.BSP1424 KB15.01.1998
IC.TXT3 KB02.04.1998

Industrial Combat

Small Rubicon-style industrial level with a mine tunnels section.

Tags: small, base, industrial, rubicon, mine, lava

Editor's Rating: Nice
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3.2/5 with 25 ratings
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ArrrCee Registered 22 April 2016, 15:44

Industrial Combat on The Quake Grave

I'm glad that this map was dug out of obscurity and put up on Quaddicted because I was really surprised by it! Having played Jim's other 2 Quake maps available on the site, this is a vast improvement of his mapping skills. There is a slew of nice looking custom textures here that really make it feel like you're playing Quake 2. It contains a couple of sections that were a little challenging due to the ammo available, but this really adds to the experience. This map was also a lot bigger than I anticipated, as Jim's other maps were relatively contained. I know it's really not all that large because it's a pretty quick play through but it definitely accomplishes the feeling of a big Industrial Complex. For a map that came out in 1998, I think this is one to check out!

With a couple years between his maps available on this site, I wonder if there are more Jim Lowell maps that aren't available on Quaddicted?

trumad Registered 29 April 2016, 11:14

ArrrCee, I've had a hunt for what I can find about Jim Lowell. All the maps I have by him can be found by searching his name in this wiki: - it's a repository of all the text files in my id1 folder. He's mentioned quite a lot for his work on creating a Thred tutorial:

I'll hope to feature some of his maps on my quakemaps tumblr blog soon. Thanks for leading me down this rabbit hole!

MikeTaylor Registered 29 May 2016, 21:54

I'm not sure I see anything Rubicon-style about this, but otherwise it's a real discovery. Very inventive, and properly hard -- I spent most of my time on 10-20 health on Hard. Good stuff.

Lane Powell Registered 3 August 2016, 5:59

This was (according to metlslime, I believe) the first map to use Rubicon textures.

Pritchard Registered 28 February 2017, 9:03

The ending was pretty annoying. Died quite a few times trying to land on the narrow ledge to reach the exit. Otherwise quite a fun little map!

JMP Registered 24 July 2020, 2:26

Quite a nice map. I agree with Arrcee that it gives off strong Quake 2 vibes.

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