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Screenshot of jilted
Title:House of jilted boys (5f71c93fccaebc496935788b5e008a9b)
Filesize:1520 Kilobytes
Release date:16.02.1997
Additional Links: Crash's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/BARIO2.bsp1717 KB08.02.1997
text/cztex1.txt3 KB18.08.1996
text/goblin.txt4 KB26.11.1996
text/newfish4.txt2 KB28.12.1996
text/BARIO2.txt8 KB08.02.1997
text/Janitor1.txt6 KB17.02.1997
text/Shadow.txt4 KB16.02.1997
text/markswad.txt2 KB17.01.1997
text/WOTQUAKE.TXT3 KB04.09.1996
jilted_quaddictedrepack.txt1 KB02.05.2009
progs/wizard.mdl63 KB09.02.1997
progs/h_demon.mdl35 KB03.09.1996
progs/FISH.MDL80 KB26.12.1996
progs/OGRE.MDL159 KB08.02.1997
progs/Hknight.mdl224 KB08.02.1997
progs/Soldier.mdl143 KB06.10.1996
progs/h_zombie.mdl5 KB11.02.1997
progs/h_wizard.mdl15 KB09.02.1997
progs/h_shams.mdl37 KB13.02.1997
progs/H_OGRE.MDL15 KB09.02.1997
progs/shambler.mdl97 KB13.02.1997
progs/demon.mdl100 KB03.09.1996
progs/H_Soldier.mdl6 KB02.10.1996
progs/knight.mdl100 KB10.02.1997
progs/h_knight.mdl7 KB09.02.1997
progs/zombie.mdl182 KB09.02.1997
progs/shalrath.mdl79 KB13.02.1997
progs/h_shal.mdl28 KB13.02.1997

House of jilted boys

Medium sized, partly boxed Wizard/Medieval map with reskinned monsters from various sources. Barely average.
This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash

Tags: medium, wizard, skins

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating:
2.7/5 with 9 ratings
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Cocerello Registered 17 July 2017, 17:12

Ogre, demon and hell knight skins look good, the others are lame.

Esrael Registered 10 November 2018, 9:27

Not much to add to the review at Crash's site. I think the map was pretty enjoyable, even if the map wasn't too difficult. The environments were pretty imaginative, so the map was worth the exploration, even though the brushwork was rather crude. Too bad the secrets weren't marked. I found two.

pmk Guest 30 December 2018, 0:05

This was a decent and well built quake map from 1997 that is fun to play through. I enjoyed the new skins of the quake monsters that is provided from the level designer as it gave the map a fresh feel as if you were playing a quake map for the first time. I also enjoyed the new lava texture provided at the end of the map as well. Also the author could have enhanced his map more if he implemented secrets within the map and made the map larger as it can be completed rather quickly. Overall this map and its new resources are worth experiencing and i would give this map a three out of five rating.

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