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Title:The Darkstone Halls (d9ba8450ca1d831eb7d6fe5b74c4ccc7)
Filesize:4382 Kilobytes
Release date:23.04.2020
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
README - jp1m1 - The Darkstone Halls.txt3 KB23.04.2020
id1/gfx/env/dh_bk.tga623 KB16.11.2002
id1/gfx/env/dh_dn.tga771 KB16.11.2002
id1/gfx/env/dh_ft.tga717 KB16.11.2002
id1/gfx/env/dh_lf.tga628 KB16.11.2002
id1/gfx/env/dh_rt.tga662 KB16.11.2002
id1/gfx/env/dh_up.tga342 KB16.11.2002
id1/maps/jp1m1.bsp3111 KB04.04.2020
id1/maps/jp1m1.lit1329 KB04.04.2020
id1/maps/jp1m1.map1877 KB04.04.2020

The Darkstone Halls

Large metal/runic fortress. Comes with a custom skybox. The map source is included.

Tags: large, runic, metal, skybox, source

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User Rating:
4.3/5 with 40 ratings
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Ninja Registered 25 April 2020, 16:59

5/5 Very well made, enemy placements very good, and when and where they spawen, good old id kind of map,didnt find no secrets, but wasnt looking for them, enjoying playing the map to much, on skill 3.Its a must play.

Johnny Law Registered 26 April 2020, 22:34

Some good work here! Nice wizard-themed vanilla-style monster mashing.

For a little while after starting it up I was thinking hmm, pretty polished look -- nice chunky proportions, good texturing -- seems like it will be linear and a little room-and-hall-ish though. But then it opened up more with weirder spaces, a smidge of multipathing, bigger rooms and fights... a good progression.

I think it's maybe a little too fond of buttons? :-) That's a minor complaint though. One other interesting thing that occurred to me was that it was a light on shotgun ammo (skill 2) but very generous with rockets and cells, which was actually kind of nice in encouraging more rampage rushes and less shotgun-plinking.

grog Registered 28 April 2020, 7:41

5/5 This is very nice. No sloppiness, nice design, a good play.

nxanthos Registered 29 April 2020, 1:46

A solid 25mins of fun on my first playthrough. No complaints. 3/4 secrets leaves me one more to find on my next attempt.

Solomoriah Registered 4 May 2020, 21:57

Loved it. Nice challenges, interesting architecture.

Text_Fish Registered 4 May 2020, 23:40

The very beginning was a bit muddled and would have benefited from better signposting, but after five minutes of picking enemies off from afar some more close quarters fighting kicked in and the map improved from there, especially in later stages where things got a lot more interconnected.

I played on skill 2 and never really felt short of ammo or health, so perhaps a bit of balancing to do there.

I got caught off guard a couple of times by teleporting or hidden enemies but not in an annoying Doom3 sort of way, more a "Oh I should have checked that corner" way.

Aesthetically it makes good use of stock assets and there's nice variety in the lighting. The scale of the final arena could have been increased to make it feel more dramatic, but in the grand scheme of things you don't spend a hell of a lot of time there so that's a small visual gripe.

I like it.

h3xx Registered 16 May 2020, 8:10

Good work! Pacing was AMAZING, never thought I should turn back and explore more. Enemy placement was top-notch; never felt overwhelmed or like there were too many enemies in one place.

Didn't rely on gimmicks or mods to make the gameplay better, this is a 100% oldschool gameplay map.

All in all, 10/10 map.

Spirit Registered 23 May 2020, 19:09

Very solid metal map. Felt a bit too easy and secrets were plenty. Very nice!

MikeTaylor Registered 11 October 2020, 17:54

A really nice example of old-school Quake, with some contorted but tractable progression, some combats where judgement is more important than reflexes, and different areas that are reasonably easy to tell apart. It doesn't quite get the five stars because it's low on atmosphere and on narrative logic, but it's well worth playing.

Jehannum Registered 15 August 2021, 23:17

Nice map in many ways. Very polished and fun. I just wish the different skill levels had been implemented. I'm not super Quaker, but it was a tad too easy for me.

Thanks for making it available to us! I'll keep my eyes open for more.

Cpt.Gonzo Registered 27 March 2022, 16:35

Great map. Had a lot of fun.

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