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Screenshot of jpqm4
Title:Chthonic Deities (31a9a6c0738696144b92a1c52610375f)
Filesize:17591 Kilobytes
Release date:04.07.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardVideo
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
jpqm4/README - jpqm4 - Chthonic Deities.txt4 KB01.07.2021
jpqm4/map src/jpqm4.map15399 KB04.07.2021
jpqm4/music/track105.ogg4763 KB31.10.2020
jpqm4/pak0.pak29664 KB04.07.2021
jpqm4/progs_dump-devkit-readme.txt6 KB25.06.2021

Chthonic Deities

Large Knave-textured underground lava fortress. It is based on the Progs_dump mod (included) and comes with a few new models, sounds, and a custom music track. The map and qc sources are included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: large, knave, fortress, underground, castle, cave, cavern, lava, boss, progs_dump, models, sounds, music, limits, bsp2, source

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4.6/5 with 49 ratings
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Alex Ros Registered 17 July 2021, 12:27

Why is this jpqm 4 not 10 or higher? Was it made before Greymoor?

Alex Ros Registered 17 July 2021, 13:15

Played it. My fav map of yours now. Highly detailed (lots of cracks, ruined walls, etc) and twisty (as always). 5 out of 5. Sometimes monsters stuck in places and that's making them easy targets; if that bugging you on the gates to the library in particular. Sometimes monsters are placed in places where they can't get out and therefore also becoming easy targets; right after golden gates there's an open space and knights are stuck on side-walls. Anyway it's not a problem, it's just makes everything unfairly easier. THANKS for the map! PS. I see you love high ceilings. That's nearly a visual mark of yours. Even very shallow corridors are often go with high ceilings. It adds to the scale of environment actually, I love that

The_Pirate Registered 17 July 2021, 13:53

Very nice. Solid brushwork, good monster placement, secrets suitably hidden, nice overall design.

The final monster is a bit tedious for my liking, but, well, i can't have everything my way... ;)

Very nice. Thank you!

uguitar Registered 17 July 2021, 16:15

What a great level, a lot of details and the atmosphere with the sound give a "dark" feeling. Skills generally high! Thank you!

Jpal Registered 19 July 2021, 17:28

@Alex Ros - nah, it's the latest, but i had gaps in numbering due to some unfinished older projects. next maps will follow in proper order :) as for the monsters stucking - yeah, i have to work on it in future, some more detailed clipping to make pathfinding more streamlined.. the more complex geometry, the worse effect on enemies, i'm afraid. but the two HK's on the 'balconies' over lava were deliberate.

Enclave Guest 21 July 2021, 2:02

Simply amazing.. .god I would adore an entire episode in this style.

Johnny Law Registered 24 July 2021, 5:38

On point. Great build, atmosphere, and pathing as usual. :-) Knave is a good look for your constructions.

The area names are a nice touch, and are a good way to provide a bit of not-too-hand-holdy navigation aid with messages.

The messages in general were pretty good, except for one that was like "look for a button to open this door" where yeah, there's not much else to do here but look for a button! Hmm I think there was also a "look for the gold key" message that would show if you touched a door rather than its control button (while holding the gold key). Other than that, nice balance with the messaging, helpful but not intrusive.

I really like the natural little bits of climbing or jumping spread around. Helps you feel like your making your own way through the place.

And the final fight was good too! Seems like a boring bullet sponge at first, then gets spiced up in a nice way without becoming crazy or grindy. I like a final fight that realizes I'm on my way out of the map :-) ... i.e. give me some fun but not any tedious work.

Yah anyway, super good. 5/5 keep em coming.

Escalate_krsk Registered 27 July 2021, 20:29

Good level with a great sense of exploration and some classic combat. 4/5, but just because I expected new guns and enemies. There is none, although you do fight our old pal Chthon directly with weapons, not like a puzzle.

metalliqaz Registered 3 August 2021, 4:55

Very well crafted level. Good music. Love the atmosphere and sense of exploration.

A few issues. The ladders somewhat annoyed me. If you accidentally walk over one you are slowed to a crawl. The gold key door tells you to find the gold key, even if you already collected it.

I played on skill 2 and had to quicksave and reload a lot. It's a tough map but fun. I really ran out of ammo early on. I'm not a big fan of that kind of challenge. I like that all weapons are used, though. Found 2 secrets out of 4.

Thanks very much for this one!

Mistawright Registered 12 August 2021, 2:19

so good

Jehannum Registered 14 August 2021, 0:13

This was a solid 5 for me. Played on skill 2 with QSS 0.93.2; no issues.

Beautiful map, nice layout, and great balance.

The ending was a tough one! I ended up NOT using the quad and finishing the boss off with the SSG. All enemies accounted for and 4 of 4 secrets.

This definitely goes onto my replay list! Thanks for a great map!

MikeTaylor Registered 14 December 2021, 12:35

Very nice, I have to agree with pretty much all of what's been said above. My only real reservations are that some of the geography felt a tiny bit contrived, and that I didn't enjoy the end battle as much as some people. Lovely to see the Knave theme return!

[Kona] Registered 3 January 2022, 2:00

I think some of the criticisms above are very small things (ie. I don't like ladders!?) everything for me on normal felt perfectly balanced even the end battle was fine provided you pick up the quad. One thing I love about all your levels is you give plenty of grenades so I know going in by about halfway point I don't need to conserve I can just switch between GL and SSG and it's fun.

Your levels have also gotten better and better and at this point everything you seem to release is 5/5. I'm still to play the other two from 2021 though, but this is probably my favourite jpal level for now. Knave textures looking as good as anyone has made them look as well.

MittensForKittens Registered 21 February 2022, 16:47

This lengthy map excels in atmosphere and pacing. There is a real sense of progression as the player moves back and forth through the subterranean environment. Texture-work and architecture is immaculate (the rock-work in particular is fantastic), and the complex layout does not interfere with the gameplay. Dark and fantastic.

Visuals - 5/5 Atmosphere - 5/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Difficulty - 5/5 MittensForKittens' Rating - 5/5

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