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Screenshot of jpqm6
Title:Brick Red (74ac1bffb0ea5fad3daa0bce27accdba)
Filesize:7104 Kilobytes
Release date:08.10.2020
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardTeaser video
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
README - jpqm6 - Brick Red.txt4 KB08.10.2020
jpqm6/README - jpqm6 - Brick Red.txt4 KB08.10.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_bk.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_dn.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_ft.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_lf.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_rt.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/gfx/env/l_swampn_up.tga3073 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/maps/debris/brick01.bsp8 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/maps/debris/wood1.bsp8 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/maps/jpqm6.bsp10500 KB08.10.2020
jpqm6/maps/jpqm6.map7848 KB08.10.2020
jpqm6/progs.dat586 KB19.09.2020
jpqm6/progs/candle.mdl24 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/debris.mdl265 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/g_shotty.mdl23 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/h_boss.mdl63 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/pd_base_key.mdl21 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/pd_rune_key.mdl46 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/pd_wiz_key.mdl22 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/s_flame.spr29 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/s_null.spr2 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs/spark.mdl10 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/progs_dump-jpqm6-readme.txt4 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/LICENSE18 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/ai.qc16 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/boss.qc13 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/boss2.qc15 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/buttons.qc4 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/changelog.txt7 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/client.qc39 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/combat.qc7 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/defs.qc23 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/demon.qc11 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/doelightning.qc5 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/doeplats.qc15 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/dog.qc11 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/doors.qc17 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/dtmisc.qc23 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/dtquake.qc3 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/elevatr.qc4 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/enforcer.qc12 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/fight.qc8 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/fish.qc9 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/func_bob.qc6 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/func_fall2.qc5 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/hipcount.qc5 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/hippart.qc8 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/hiptrig.qc6 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/hknight.qc20 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/items.qc43 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/keydata.qc6 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/keylock.qc6 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/knight.qc11 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/lights.qc14 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/math.qc2 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/misc.qc30 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/misc_model.qc2 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/monsters.qc10 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/newflags.qc6 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/ogre.qc17 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/oldone.qc10 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/oldone2.qc14 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/plats.qc13 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/player.qc20 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/progs.src2 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/rotate.qc30 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/rubicon2.qc24 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/shalrath.qc9 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/shambler.qc14 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/soldier.qc11 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/subs.qc13 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/tarbaby.qc8 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/triggers.qc24 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/weapons.qc29 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/wizard.qc12 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/world.qc14 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/quakec src/zombie.qc29 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/ambience/thunder2.wav216 KB03.05.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_bricks1.wav61 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_metal1.wav44 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_metal2.wav70 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_stones1.wav74 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_wood1.wav34 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/break/pd_wood2.wav33 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/dump/elec22k.wav81 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/dump/rumble.wav52 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/dump/spark.wav15 KB24.07.2020
jpqm6/sound/dump/water_59_02.wav47 KB24.07.2020
progs_dump-jpqm6-readme.txt4 KB24.07.2020

Brick Red

Medium-sized terracotta/red brick castle based on the Progs_dump mod (included). Comes with a custom skybox and a few new sounds/models. The map and QC sources are included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: medium, medieval, bricks, terracotta, castle, progs_dump, skybox, limits, bsp2, source

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User Rating:
4.4/5 with 37 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 18 October 2020, 17:39

Very nice! Ammo runs short in some places if you aren't careful and/or crafty... a feature, not a bug.

Mazu Registered 20 October 2020, 17:00

Very fun like rest of the maps that JPal has created. This one seems to be perfectly balanced for hard difficulty. Very nice brushwork that makes the place come alive.

Ninja Registered 23 October 2020, 8:35

This map is 1st class, lots of rooms,can get lost at times, but thats the nature of the map, lots of button pushing also, but enemys well placed, and lots of them.But this map put a big smile on my face.

MikeTaylor 29 January 2021, 11:51

I really like the the sense in this map of a big space to explore, and I enjoyed the combats. Where it falls down a little is the sense that the progression is a bit arbitrary — all those buttons and all those grates that protect them. In the best Big Castle maps, progressing through the map feels organic and natural: I am thinking here for example of Day of the Lords or The Marcher Fortress. Perhaps part of what helps those maps is seeing the fortress from the outside early on, and getting some sense of what is to come?

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metalliqaz Registered 15 April 2021, 5:13

Great map. Lots of detail, just the right size. Good use of progs_dump. I was a ammo starved in a few spots, but still lots of fun. I only found 1/5 secrets, and I *looked*.

Jehannum Registered 8 May 2021, 22:37

Lots of fun here to be sure. Nice map! Thank you for sharing it!

Alex Ros Registered 15 July 2021, 21:01

It's actually cool. A little bit kinda blanky in detailing. But switching shallow hallways with vast open spaces was really great in fact. I dig that and a lot. THANKS for making my evening, it was a nice evening (with an exception of f**kin +32 celcius, it's too hot now)

Alex Ros Registered 15 July 2021, 21:27

@metalliqaz, I found 4/5. Ehay!

rchavp Registered 20 February 2022, 3:55

This is absolutely brutal and brilliant. Well crafted and always keeping you on the edge with that ammo. Well done.

whatisquake Registered 29 August 2022, 7:31

Great! I loved the texture detail in chips out of the walls all over the map. The red / green / blue color scheme in the brick / grass / sky works well. I didn't get lost despite pausing to bar hop irl. Because this is a lone map, I think a bigger end fight would be nice... but it's really good.

whatisquake Registered 29 August 2022, 7:41

edit: The sky isn't blue but details on the map like windows and metal are. Looks nice.

ludicrous Registered 27 May 2023, 20:37

I played this map again after maybe two years and still liked it. Secrets 4/5, that's really good with me.

Ninja Registered 28 May 2023, 23:00

Quake spasm 95.1 It wont let me pick up the gold key, so i cant open the gold door.The gold key is right there infront of me, but it wont let me pick it up, like its a invisible mode or somthing.

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