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Screenshot of jpqm9
Title:Greymoor (f020d2dad7eedbd0647906a9d2a24c05)
Filesize:26117 Kilobytes
Release date:19.03.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardTrailerScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotUpdated version
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
jpqm9/README - jpqm9 - Greymoor.txt5 KB19.03.2021
jpqm9/map src/jpqm9.map26470 KB19.03.2021
jpqm9/music/Track102.ogg3148 KB19.03.2021
jpqm9/pak0.pak62682 KB19.03.2021
jpqm9/progs_dump-devkit-readme.txt6 KB06.02.2021


Large medieval castle with several nightly courtyards. It runs on the Progs_dump mod (included) and comes with a few custom models, sounds, a skybox and a music track. The map and qc sources are included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.
An updated version is available here.

Tags: large, medieval, castle, fortress, courtyard, night, bricks, trees, progs_dump, sounds, models, skybox, monsters, limits, bsp2, source, music

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4.5/5 with 47 ratings
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zombipuppy Registered 21 March 2021, 22:07

This was such a fun map!!! Thank you!

rampancy Guest 22 March 2021, 8:54

5/5, its as good as anything out there. kinda has a soe vibe, but with a more contemporary aesthetic. the amount of work in a map like this is incredible.

Ninja Registered 22 March 2021, 23:43

This map is 10 star not a sorry 5 star.The thought thats gone into it, is mind boggling.Best map ive ever played,skill 3 played 300+ enemy.Well done jpal, the map is astonishing.Well to me it is anyway.

grog Registered 24 March 2021, 14:22

Super map, 5/5. I missed a lot of the secrets, looking forward to the 2nd go-around.

Johnny Law Registered 25 March 2021, 16:36

Great map, a real adventure!

Took me an hour on skill 2, finding 8/13 secrets.

  • Quick bug report: the music file is named Track102.ogg, with a capital T, so it won't play on non-Windows setups. It should instead be track102.ogg. I didn't realize the map had music until I was about done!

  • The thing with the gated buttons is a good "go somewhere else and then come back" device. Functionally it's much the same as a keyed door, but it's a nice distinctly different-looking thing which I like better than just having a bunch of different keys (gold, silver, bone, rust, banana) and needing to remember which doors were which.

  • The very FIRST gated button though, since it is unlocked a lonnnng time later... that took me a bit to figure out where to go. I know there's a teleporter that dumps you out facing the now-available path, but I honestly thought I had already been down that way.

  • For a map with a lot of monsters like this one, I appreciate that it provides the RL and LG early enough that they (especially the RL) can be used for a while, rather than just for some final fight. The ammo distribution on skill 2 also seemed good at encouraging the use of grenades/rockets.

  • I think I picked up the gold key before even seeing the gold door? Did I take a weird path somehow?

  • The brief trip into the basement cave-space was very good for variety and pacing. I think it would also have been good to have a jaunt outside the castle walls, or at least through some area that was partially open to the outside (not just overhead) -- as well as being good for variety, it would really cement the whole level as a "place".

I think this is in the top tier of "big castle adventure maps". sp_maxx is probably still my gold standard there, but this one is also a banger.

huanlopan Registered 27 March 2021, 21:37

Skill 3, any%, 43 minutes.

Greymoor, along with Godfreys Demesne, show us not only what these skilled mappers are capable of, but also serve as fantastic showcases progs_dump 2.0, this new in-between for vanilla Quake, and Arcane Dimensions. The extra functionality and the extra enemies are a welcome sight that make me burn for more maps from this mod.

Enclave Guest 30 March 2021, 14:35

I am hard pressed to think of a single better map than this one. My god an actual episode with this quality would be amazing. Extremely well done, great pacing and architecture.


DragonsForLunch Registered 21 April 2021, 21:02

Wonderful map!... beautiful architecture and fun gameplay! big fan of the tentacles eating the castle and the dnd style light storytelling. I wasn't able to complete the final fight, too low on health and no nailgun ammo!

Alex Ros Registered 15 July 2021, 22:29

One of my fav maps I ever played. Not to mention really fitting music. Personally I wish it could be a bit more detailed visually but that's fine - it's still truly gorgeous & gameplay wise is an absolute hit. THANKS for investing your time into making it

MikeTaylor Registered 26 August 2021, 13:55

Wow, there is a lot of love for this map in the comments! I enjoyed it, but honestly it didn't stick out that much for me, and parts of the progression felt a bit mundane and arbitrary. That's not to overlook that there is a lot of excellent craftsmanship here. Somewhere between three and four stars for me.

erc Registered 5 September 2021, 13:02

When it comes to a solid and atmospheric romp, JPal never disappoints. I've enjoyed all his maps up to this point immensely and I think he raises the bar even higher with every subsequent release. Built to very high standards, Greymoor (a.k.a. 'No Cross Unturned') reminded of Tyrann's classic Moonlight Assault -one of my all time faves- as if it was reimagined under current standards, with a slew of new features, modified enemies and a great ambient track for that extra touch.

Cpt.Gonzo Registered 28 March 2022, 20:05

What a masterpiece. Thank you.

Colossus Registered 24 July 2022, 4:22

Honestly, perfect doesn't exist but this does so go play it, and then when you are done play it again!

whatisquake Registered 28 August 2022, 8:43

Almost perfect. The architecture, visually, is amazing. But, I found both keys then felt totally directionless.

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