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Screenshot of k_dark1b
Author:Ludovic Texier
Title:Keep it dark! (d1372538f19e2b4289aae02fae2a56f1)
Filesize:346 Kilobytes
Release date:12.08.1996
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
K_DARK1.BSP796 KB12.08.1996
K_DARK1.TXT3 KB12.08.1996

Keep it dark!

Small Wizard-textured "building" in a water pool.

Tags: small, dm, no_exit

Editor's Rating: Crap
User Rating:
1.4/5 with 23 ratings
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ArrrCee Registered 4 May 2014, 15:57

This looks like it could work pretty well as a deathmatch map but as a single player map...I guess I'll never understand why map authors just add monsters to them... You can watch me play it here: <a href="" title="Keep it Dark!">Keep it Dark! on The Quake Grave</a></p>

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 4 May 2014, 16:40

Yeah, this is not very good as a single player map (I played this a while back and am speaking from memory), but there is something interesting about it. The entire ... structure (for want of a better term) reminds me of a modernist house from the 1930s. It sort of looks like what Gropius, Mies van der Rohe or Wright would have made if they played around with a Quake editor for a while.

ArrrCee Registered 5 May 2014, 6:08

Yup, it has a strange setup indeed! I just think if you're going to make a DM map, make a DM map. Unless you can make a decent single player experience within it of course. Here is the working link for the video! My fault on the last post. Keep it Dark! on The Quake Grave

JellyGal Registered 16 August 2014, 0:59

Pretty sure this is just a DM map with monsters stuck in it. I couldn't find an exit anywhere. It might be pretty fun as DM, but the combat is just eh. Not much else to say, not really recommended for SP play.

TheInsaneMilkman Registered 4 January 2015, 2:58

A rather ugly deathmatch map with 14 enemies in it. I honestly think it could be pretty fun as DM but I rate these based off how good they are in single player. The teleporters and tricks are kinda interesting but I couldn't find an exit. As an SP map, I give it 1/5.

Esrael Registered 6 November 2016, 17:15

These DM maps with a few tacked on monsters are kind of, dunno, depressing. There's so little happening; it's so lifeless, especially when the rooms are kind of big, which makes the place feel all the more emptier.

It has a couple of neat things going for it, though: There's a flight of stairs at the beginning of the map that cast cool shadows from the light underneath the stairs. Also, the idea of using blackness as the bounds for the map also makes the impression that the fortress is somewhere in the middle of a vast sea, or something.

pmk Guest 7 October 2018, 6:27

Don't bother with this map either. Terribly designed sp map with no exit. 1 out of five from me.

JuanchoES Registered 7 October 2020, 14:17

In the TXT the autor says that the build time for this map was 60 hours... wtf

DrOctavia Registered 9 December 2021, 3:53

Not much to say here sadly, just an empty DM map that when played as SP just doesn't flow well.

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