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Author:Timothy R. Jervis (Kew)
Title:Illhaven Winter & The Bastion of Skull (62c550aee208c88e577eb801b6e760e7)
Filesize:1402 Kilobytes
Release date:28.10.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Kewmaps.txt3 KB28.10.1997
kewmap1.bsp1568 KB28.10.1997
kewmap2.bsp1692 KB28.10.1997

Illhaven Winter & The Bastion of Skull

Two small to medium sized snowy castles with non-linear gameplay, extracted from the Rise of the Phoenix TC. The second map is a little confusing to finish. Both feel like DM maps in terms of layout.

Tags: small, medium, wizard, snow, outdoor, village, dm, nonlinear, rise of the phoenix

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3.5/5 with 11 ratings
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jackieben Registered 13 July 2014, 6:56

The first map looks like a simple Quake version of the first bit of 'The Illhaven Saga' by Kew, a classic for Unreal, maybe it's a predecessor

Cocerello Registered 4 January 2015, 16:56

Both of them are quite good. The first is a DM map, the second is more like a SP non linear map. An uncommon type of layout always feels a fresh breeze.

Fast paced combat, around ID difficulty if like me you just use the SG, good secrets with adequate rewards, no unfair ambushes, decent placing of enemies thanks to the layout and brushwork, amount of ammo/health/armor around ID maps, all the monsters can be killed with just shells, but more weapons are given. I recommend using mainly shells and nails, the explosives and cells just for fun.

Have to play the Quake TC these maps come from.

Repus Guest 6 December 2017, 21:20

These levels are crap!

First of all, for 35 enemies, all of whom are grunts end enforcers, why would you place (attention!) 3 mega health packs, one quad, one green armour, two yellow armours and two red armours? Secondly, the layout is VERY confusing. You keep opening numerous doors/curtains by shooting some objects on the walls (they don't look like buttons) or you just shoot the door/curtain itself. In the second level finding the golden key might as well take you... forever, besides it is so freaking DARK!!! And the number of doors/curtains is overwhelming, there's no need for so many obstacles. The levels themselves look nice, but the gameplay interest is zero: all enemies are easy to kill, lots of powerups, the player keeps bumping into ridiculous amount of doors, and it's not clear at all where to go.

So, unless you wanna get really frustrated, don't play these two levels.

Greenwood Guest 6 December 2019, 21:32

Well... I wouldn't say that they're crap. They're decently built, for old maps, but I agree that the gameplay is a tad lackluster. Like Repus stated above, you don't need 3 mega-healths and red armors for a handful of grunts/enforcers.

Try the first map (Illhaven Winter, pictured) -- it's the less confusing one -- and play it without picking up any of the mega pickups, plus crank it to nightmare. It might provide a little fun if you try that combo. I spent most of my time in the second map just trying to find the exit. I didn't find that one as interesting.

Too bad "Kew" jumped to Unreal. Who knows what he would've made if he continued!

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