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Screenshot of localh
Title:LoCaLH (25abffc45b1453c0f3ea5453b86d3c61)
Filesize:36 Kilobytes
Release date:06.10.1996
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
LOCALH.MAP8 KB06.10.1996
LOCALH.BSP97 KB06.10.1996
LOCALH.TXT2 KB06.10.1996 - LoCaLH

"A huge room where some monster is floating around really fast.... try and hit him, i dare ya."

Tags: small, room, source, joke

Editor's Rating: Crap
User Rating: 1/5 with 19 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered, rated this a 1 28 January 2014, 15:01

The very first result of playing around with editing software, according to the included text file. The text itself is good for a laugh or two, as the author is very candid about the quality of this release – but do not expect much play value from the map.

dBAudio Registered, rated this a 1 20 February 2014, 10:57

the text file gets a 2.3/5.

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 1 27 May 2014, 6:25

Definitely a map that won't win any awards (unless it's for worst map) but I agree that the readme is great. The map does hold a weird secret though! Watch Local H on The Quake Grave

xDDGx Registered, rated this a 1 12 June 2014, 23:36

I've downloaded it only too see the readme...

delor Guest 25 October 2014, 19:49

holy shit !| This could be the worst Quake map ever ! It's not even funny like some trashy maps sometimes are !

JellyGal Registered, rated this a 1 3 December 2014, 22:33

Worst level ever. Best readme ever.

TheInsaneMilkman Registered, rated this a 1 6 January 2015, 14:03

Literally the worst thing I've ever played in my life. The author just released it for reactions as said in the readme. Don't even bother. -1/5

ubiquitous Registered, rated this a 1 28 September 2016, 23:45

Bit of an injustice that ANOXIA is currently rated worse than this map. That one at least had some gameplay, provided some fun, and did not have monsters falling into the void.

This is a box with armour and health and a death knight that falls through the level. Terrible.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 1 2 July 2017, 15:01

Out of curiosity I actually sent a tongue-in-cheek "This map sucks" email to the address provided in the readme. Interestingly enough, the email address is still valid. Let's see if I'll get an answer.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 1 2 July 2017, 15:10

Correction, I did get an error message about the address not existing. Oh well, it was worth the shot.

Desetler Registered, rated this a 1 26 January 2018, 3:50

Have you seen this secret passage leading to the next location that much better and playble enough? Don't waste you time, even in my imagination this map sucks. The worst map on Quaddicted! I give this map Zero, because there's only void in it. Your 1 plus my 0 equals 1)).

pmk Guest 11 October 2018, 4:40

worst piece of trash map ever hosted on quaddicted. DO NOT BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS.

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