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Screenshot of maxx2
Title:East Ardougne (2d2460e658b000a8eaa427f8366c1d0a)
Filesize:6861 Kilobytes
Release date:30.01.2019
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:
Full completion of the map.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_bk.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_dn.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_ft.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_lf.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_rt.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/gfx/env/predit2_up.tga769 KB24.12.2018
maxx/maps/maxx2.bsp6174 KB30.01.2019
maxx/maps/maxx2.map1615 KB30.01.2019
maxx/music/track120.mp31676 KB30.01.2019
maxx/music/track120.ogg2592 KB03.01.2019
readme_maxx2.txt3 KB30.01.2019

East Ardougne

Medium-sized Knave fortress. It comes with a custom skybox and a music track. The map source is included.

Tags: medium, medieval, knave, music, victorian

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User Rating:
4.2/5 with 28 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 25 April 2019, 5:11

Good little map, some cool challenges, and nice to look at too.

Myles Guest 30 April 2019, 5:01

Ah I love runescape will definitely have to try this map.

gotshun Registered 18 May 2019, 18:17

Nicely balanced with monster placement and ammo. The layout of the map works very well too. I recommend playing this, it is a good map! I liked the texture arrangement as well.

Great work! Look forward to seeing more maps by this author.

      Pete( Gotshun) D.
MikeTaylor Registered 27 June 2019, 13:05

This is very nice, especially for Maxx's first non-speedmap. Really elegant progression and beautiful texturing, plus the way the light dims as you approach the end is genuinely disquieting. This is among my favourite small maps.

My complaints are all about the ending: first, being force-fed a megahealth is always nasty — there is no way to continue along the path without picking it up, which I never like to do when I am already on full health; second, the megahealth turns out to be gratuitous anyway, as there are only two monsters; and third, the actual end is rather sudden and anticlimatic. It would all make a lot more more sense if there was a big combat behind the gold-key door.

Still, a fine debut.

Gottschee Guest 15 January 2020, 9:49

Very fine map and expertly crafted. Great sense of dread and progression throughout. Fantastic map.

Johnny Law Registered 24 September 2020, 23:52

I really enjoyed this. The visual design and soundscape make a strong atmosphere, and it's legitimately a bit tricky at times on skill 2 from the ammo restrictions and the monster placement in kind of constricted spaces.

Overally just a very cool set of spaces to work your way through, and revisit/crossover in various ways. You can see some of the same strong points here that pop up again later in Secrets of the Keep.

The end was a little anticlimactic like MikeTaylor said. Overall great tho!

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