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Screenshot of megad2lvl3
Title:Wenl Mine (80ff6e2cd9d6371789c8f8ec2e7d3dd8)
Filesize:2449 Kilobytes
Release date:13.07.2017
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive:
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megad2lvl3.bsp4226 KB14.07.2017
megad2lvl3.lit1702 KB14.07.2017
megad2lvl3.txt2 KB13.07.2017

Wenl Mine

Large mine cavern map; a remake of the third level from Descent 2. Exploration-style gameplay and many secrets.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, cavern, mine, bricks, runic, remake, exploration, secrets, limits

Editor's Rating: Excellent
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4.5/5 with 36 ratings
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ArrrCee Registered 27 November 2017, 20:23

Wenl Mine on The Quake Grave

Surprised to see that no one else has commented, I guess maybe because it was a late entry on Quaddicted and why I'm late to the party myself. I thought that this was a damn good map for someones first Quake map. So much so, I'm not sure I can believe it! I know it's based on a Descent map, so I can't speak to that, but as a Quake map this works really well! Through the whole of the map, there are a lot of interesting fights and lots of places to explore. I have a few nit picks with some of the areas that I talk about in the video but I don't really have a big issue with anything. The final fight/event had me VERY impressed with the way it unfolds as well. Well worth your time!

Lane Powell Registered 27 November 2017, 21:47

Thanks for reminding me, ArrrCee! This is a fantastic nonlinear beast of a map. Definitely check the readme before playing, especially if you normally play on skill 2. There are some really vicious fights, but also more than enough resources if you're careful about what you grab and when. Aside from the high quality of the exploration and combat, I was really impressed with the moving parts that went into the map, especially the huge lift setpiece near the end. Secret hunters have a lot to chew on too, there are 26 of 'em. Download this one folks, you won't be disappointed!

MikeTaylor Registered 8 January 2018, 16:16

In enjoyed this a lot, in an uncomplicated-blast kind of way, though without ever really buying into the idea that I was in a real place. I think that Hard is hard, which is as it should be. I didn't try Nightmare, but I imagine it would have been nightmarish.

As far as I can see this is Megaman's first map, which if true is deeply impressive. I hope that now he's got his technical chops up to scratch by doing this remake, we'll start to see his own vision in a subsequent map.

Finished with 260/266 kills but only 13/26 secrets.

death112 Registered 5 March 2018, 16:05

Wow! Impressive conversion. After I took my first flight of stairs I immediately recognized the map from Descent II. And that made me wanna hear the Redbook Audio track for that level.

Played on Nightmare. Fights are tough, very challenging. Gotta take your time, find the secrets to have it a bit easier. After you destroyed the "reactor" you can head to the exit. (Brilliant Idea btw.)

You placed way to many vores on the wayto the exit for my taste. Plus if you haven't picked up the Rocket Launcher from a secret earlier, you gonna have a hard time, because you used all your nails on the Shamblers. If I'm not mistaken theyre scattered all around. Makes it a bit tedious to get all kills.

I hope we can expect more of this delight from you.

Johnny Law Registered 21 July 2018, 21:18

I nominated this for best gameplay in the 2018 Quake Awards.

There were a couple of other maps that I nominated for doing innovative fun stuff in the (vague) "gameplay" category, but I also threw this one in for sheer facepunching excellence in old-school combat and exploration. The length is just right too, and the construction of the caves and stonework is chunky and interesting.

FWIW I played it on Hard. It's true there's lots of vores, but also lots of grenades/rockets. :-)

Solomoriah Registered 24 April 2019, 6:40

I played this quite a while back, then forgot I had done so... but I didn't mind the replay. This is a really well designed map in terms of gameplay. It's just fun, honestly. I didn't find all the secrets, but I seem to remember the last time I played, I did... may have to hammer on it some more.

Text_Fish Registered 4 May 2020, 15:51

I've no idea if this is a faithful remake of the Descent 2 level, but it makes for a fun blast in Quake and has a nice claustrophobic feel. I only found 10 of the 26 secrets but that was enough to make the combat manageable on Skill 2. I probably would have struggled at various points without a rocket launcher, quad damage and pentagram.

As others have mentioned there's a great set piece combat near the end with a moving platform that takes you through a few challenging close quarter battles above a death pit which got quite hairy. That death-pit accounted for one player death, and annoyingly a completely unexplained "cinematic environmental event" accounted for the second as I was stood beneath the boulder that crashes down after you shoot what at first seems to be a secret button. Thankfully I had auto-saved after the preceding hectic combat, but I would have felt cheated if I hadn't. Things went downhill from that point unfortunately as you're instructed to make your way to an exit gate in an unremarkable part of the map that some players might not notice, and most will quickly forget if they do.

theFALL Registered 13 February 2021, 17:39

What a belting map.

Keeps you on your toes and has some great architecture and some pleasing speed skills.

How I survived some of the encounters I'll never know but there's plenty of in-fighting opportunity and lifts to escape on together with withdrawal chances for a brief respite.

I was totally immersed for the entire experience.


rampancy Guest 4 March 2021, 1:18

really nice big map kinda reminds me of vondurs maps with the exploration and detail level. its a keeper 4.5 out of 5.

Adrian Guest 9 February 2023, 19:50

Crashes if played in the remake when you get to the Q button area with four scraggs.

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