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Screenshot of memgrot
Author:Magnus Björkbom
Title:Memories of a Grotto (93d53b2b438affd1608f3bc248fb3658)
Filesize:3597 Kilobytes
Release date:07.07.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:
Full completion of the map.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date - Memories of a Grotto

Large level inspired by E1M4-The Grisly Grotto, however with an abstract twist to its style, featuring somewhat cramped interiors, underwater and void sections. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating: 3.8/5 with 13 ratings
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cosmaty Registered, rated this a 4 23 March 2020, 20:57

The archive is corrupted :(

negke Registered 23 March 2020, 21:16

It appears to be a renamed RAR file. Windows' default zip manager may not be able to open it, but any dedicated tool should. 7zip works fine, for example.

cosmaty Registered, rated this a 4 23 March 2020, 22:14

@negke, I use Linux, and File-roller can't unpack this archive. Changing extension from zip to rar solved my problem. Xarchiver on Linux unpack this zip fine, the same like 7-zip on Windows. Anyway, thanks for very good map :-)

Ninja Registered, rated this a 3 23 March 2020, 22:21

Map well made, but to much swimming around, not my cup of tea, i dont play quake as a scuba diver lol

dwere Registered 24 March 2020, 13:52

I can't remember the last time I was reloading so much. It's an impressive level, but cramped sounds about right. Makes it extra awkward to do various timed or one-shot secrets. Another property is resource starvation. The closer I got to the finish, the more times "chore" popped into my mind. Ran away from the final vores because no.

Not sure if a dark room with regular walls counts as a void, but it's a minor nitpick.

Liked the swimming bits. The huge room with underground structures that mirrors the one in the donor level on a bigger scale is very good. Water may be underutilized in custom levels, probably because it is generally assumed to not contribute much to the mechanics, but it gives levels a certain depth... I mean it makes for a more immersive... okay, I give up.

Hal Registered, rated this a 3 29 March 2020, 18:03

Visually it looks great, but I found the gameplay to be more annoying than anything. It's pretty easily broken as well, I jumped around out-of-bounds to the gold key with ease and skipped a huge portion of the map. Brushwork is unpolished in parts. Three shmeckles out of five.

Johnny Law Registered, rated this a 2 31 March 2020, 18:51

Grisly Grotto is one of my favorites from the campaign, but this ended up being not quite what I was hoping; Like dwere said, it seemed short on ammo on skill 2, and also cramped/awkward to maneuver in several spots. Usually I can brush off one of those problems but both together are kind of a killjoy -- it's not fun to try to axe things to death unless you have room to work.

Johnny Law Registered, rated this a 2 1 April 2020, 1:28

I was running through doing some quick reviews and now looking at that one it sounds overly harsh (especially since I think this is a first release). There are some great visual ideas in this one and I am a sucker for swimming sections when done well. Lots of promise. For next map, grab some playtesters to shake out gotchas before release!

dwere Registered 4 April 2020, 0:21

There's an impressive max demo now, BTW. Makes everything look easy.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 26 April 2020, 12:54
  1. All map-makers, PLEASE, test your maps with minimum value of brightness. I play with Quakespasm, contrast 100%, brightness 0%, it is the most beautiful option. But I dont see anyithng with my options. So I need to turn brightness to 100% and map looks ugly in this mode.
  2. Very complex floor shape make controls unresponsive and uncomfortable. A lot of times I died on ogres, becouse dodge move didnt make expected bahaviour - becduse of a lot of mikro-stairsteps on the floor. There are a lot of puzzles "to dodge from a scrag, standing on a patch of ground the size of a baby's pinus".

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