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Screenshot of mfxsp8
Title:Clean Cut (3f1c795ce59999bfce3d296c9ab84d31)
Filesize:2372 Kilobytes
Release date:23.03.2013
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
mfxsp8.bsp4184 KB23.03.2013
mfxsp8.map2535 KB23.03.2013
mfxsp8.qrk1981 KB23.03.2013
mfxsp8.txt3 KB24.03.2013

Clean Cut

Medium-sized idbase industrial facility with tight corridors, glass windows and pipes. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires r_wateralpha to be set to 0.3 and r_waterwarp set to 0 in order to make the windows look correct.
This is the fixed second version of the zip.

Tags: base, glass, medium, pipes, cramped, industrial, source

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4/5 with 37 ratings
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user7346 Registered 23 March 2013, 23:16


FifthElephant Registered 2 April 2013, 14:29

Great little map, especially for a first release!

Daz Registered 3 April 2013, 14:56

I liked it overall but had a few issues:

-So many blue keys? And the key doors were hard to spot and didn't seem to always activate if you touched them while holding a key.

-You can shoot through the "glass" and kill unaware enemies :D

-I think there was too much cell ammo. If you find the early LG secret the map becomes easy mode as a result.

+Lovely visuals, reminds me of Negke map with all the fine detailing. Think the lighting could have used more contrast though, perhaps minlight was too high?

+Fun combat, cramped but just enough room to move around for the most part. Shambler fight in an enclosed space was cool.

Daz Registered 13 April 2013, 7:17

Here's a video talking about the map

Resurrected Guest 14 April 2013, 15:45

Excellent map!!!

Cocerello Registered 1 May 2013, 16:10

Played on nightmare. 5/6 secrets.

It's a very enjoyable map, nice brushwork and texture alignment work, very good interconnectivity, and some good original ideas. The ''glass'' is used on some nice ideas, not only for windows, which becomes a fresh idea.

But it lacks a bit in the combat part. There is no ambushes or varied way of placement, but even with that the combats are decently fun, apart from some specific fights, like the first one, , the first time you get to the main room, and the second shambler.

The secrets are also well placed and hidden, but give too much probably, and you depend on some of them to go forward, because of some unfair combats, and the lack of ammo that is countered with that found on secrets. I always wanted to make secrets like the one with the SNG, but i was worried if people could find them. Nice one.

mmm Registered 11 May 2014, 16:57

A nice little map, slightly confusing in the middle with all the little passages looking alike. Unfortunately, there is no ability to return back and search for secrets after the final battle, so I ended with 4/6 found.

Bullseye8841 Registered 19 April 2018, 18:49

Greatly enjoyed this. Love the "glass"!

MikeTaylor Registered 19 April 2018, 23:26

Just replayed this, and I'd forgotten just how perfectly constructed it is. A really lovely example of a medium-sized base map down just about impeccably.

ubiquitous Registered 6 October 2018, 22:45

Absolutely excellent. By far the beast base themed map I have played, and one of the best overall. Great details. Great use of original textures while staying true to the classic Quake theme. Well-balanced combat. Interesting environmental exploration. Top marks!

Gioyo3aa Registered 18 November 2020, 11:59

I'm glad I found an mfx map I hadn't played yet. It's a bit cramped in places but very fun, and secrets are not too hard to find. The only challenging bit was coming out of the toxic pool (at least in Nightmare, I don't know what happens in other modes).

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