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Screenshot of nihilore
Author:Shaun [Kona] Ross
Title:Nihilore: The Mechanical Empire (b3c561537ff2383288119c6b734f8cc6)
Filesize:2560 Kilobytes
Release date:09.06.2002
Additional Links: RetroquakeTen Four
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
nihilore/pak0.pak6059 KB31.05.2002
nihilore/nihilore.txt3 KB09.06.2002

Nihilore: The Mechanical Empire

Nihilore is a dark industrial two-map nightmare using a strong mix of custom textures. This Mechanical Empire is brought to life with rusting metal beams and buttresses holding together a brown brick city. Your enemy empire is strictly human themed, with dogs backed with improved Enforcer AI and four kinds of Human Grunts - all with new skins.

Tags: industrial, base, monsters

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 25 ratings
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hkBattousai 24 July 2012, 17:40
Usually I don't like base maps, but this one was different. Different types of soldiers, different enemy weapons, well designed environment makes this map gorgeous.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 14 December 2013, 18:50

Beautifully made, and there is no denying the author's technical skill (even though I am not a fan of the macho military theme used here).

However, I have the same problem with this map set I as with Carved in Flesh and Autumn Haunting (I haven't played [Kona]'s other releases), namely that the gameplay is incredibly linear and simplistic. Maybe for some that would be an asset, but for me it just makes these maps rather boring and forgettable, despite their looks.

dBAudio Registered 16 August 2014, 14:40

i enjoyed the custom grunts and i thought the architecture was nice. i had fun.

MikeTaylor Registered 30 September 2016, 17:51

To my pleasant surprise, Nihllore turned out to be my favourite of Kona's maps -- which is nice, since it was the one I'd left till last. I do enjoy base enemies, and these ones are suitably beefed up without being outrageous. The progression through the two levels felt reasonable (though as with some of Kona's other packs I was left wondering why it came as two medium-small maps rather than a single medium-large one). And the climactic arena battle was refreshing change from how these things usually pan out. A good four stars, pushing towards five.

ubiquitous Registered 30 September 2016, 21:27

Nice use of some novel enemies that look like variants of Quakeguy with various weapons. The custom textures are also well used and I like the colour palette of green and brown. I spotted that some of the textures had fullbright pixels, which looked like the textures had been converted to quake's palette without due regard to whether fullbright colours were being used or not. But otherwise, a technically well-executed pair of maps.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 21 May 2019, 22:43

Beautiful maps, but sooo linear

Escalate_krsk Registered 8 October 2020, 15:12

Great map for an action hour of Quake... Liked the military-tech style of levels and enemies. Only complaint: no boss battle in the end. With so many new grunt-type enemies, I expected the whole thing to end with a climactic boss fight... unfortunately, there is none. Otherwise, Nihilore is a good hour-long experience!

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