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Screenshot of obnejn
Title:Oblivion Newton John (d1292844168751f2dbc8965c129576c6)
Filesize:707 Kilobytes
Release date:03.08.2016
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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obnejn.bsp1423 KB03.08.2016
obnejn.map746 KB02.08.2016
obnejn.txt3 KB03.08.2016

Oblivion Newton John

Small Speedbaze-themed level. The map source is included.

Tags: base, small, speedbaze

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3.4/5 with 28 ratings
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Lane Powell Registered 5 August 2016, 6:07

Nice map, Good clean construction and decent lighting--would have preferred more deep shadows but that's personal taste. It's a good, uncomplicated shooty fest, but also quite easy even on skill 2 because the secrets were pretty obvious. Overall worth a quick play. I would like to play a larger map from Ruin.

NewHouse Registered 6 August 2016, 15:57

Difficulty was fine and challenging for players ~ more familiar with quake's combat & flow. Loved the fact that enemies just kept coming and coming, which added a bit of that desperate feeling towards the player in a good way.

Felt a bit like doom level, because quoting John Romero "If you could have made in a previous game, you're making it wrong". And this map could have been made for doom about 85% but that is just my opinion. Though not every level for quake need to be more than needed. There wasn't much layers or depth. Level knew what it wanted to be and worked well in that aspect, which was a very linear pipe-massacre-run.

But then again not my cup of coffee, solid 3 stars***

antic Guest 7 August 2016, 16:12

Simple but fun. Played on normal difficulty.

FredBezies Guest 10 August 2016, 14:24

Even if on easy, there are two vores, two fiends, one shambler... Wow :)

7 secrets, some really easy to find... Others, well :)

A great level !

bfg666 Registered 13 August 2016, 0:19

I don't remember ever laughing at a Quake 1 map title before. Deserves a try!

ArrrCee Registered 19 August 2016, 20:13

Oblivion Newton John on The Quake Grave

Hilarious name and not a bad map either! I really liked the open feeling of the map and it's got a great look for a base map. Once the medieval enemies are introduced, they don't feel out of place, they fit right into this dirty, grungy base. I really like the weapon presentations as well, the little squares look like a showcase for each new weapon. I was also a fan of the way the secrets were done. I like when clues are left to guide you to them as opposed to you having to just guess where they may be.

Nice work on this, I look forward to Ruin's next map!

cox Registered 21 August 2016, 2:16

Quick, fun and playable - not bad at all! It could be a start for something bigger - keep'em coming :) When playing this one - i caught myself looking around the corner like i did in THIEF :) wish there was more :)

Bloughsburgh Registered 23 August 2016, 13:05

A nice super classic surprise. Hilarious map title and decent shoot monsters in a room - proceed to next room - repeat gameplay. The secrets didn't feel like ones...more so just push a button slightly off to the side in every room. However the brushwork as stated above was clean and it was a pleasant walkabout!

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 1:39

Played, rated, agree with everyone else. 'Nuff said.

MikeTaylor Registered 16 September 2016, 14:58

Enjoyable and very competent, but I think let down by the extreme easiness: way too much ammo, far too powerful weapons, and the easiest secrets I've ever seen in a Quake level. (Also, the ending is terribly anticlimactic: you walk into an area enclosed in stone walls, and ... that's it.) Still, it was uncomplicated fun while it lasted.

Pritchard Registered 23 September 2016, 10:06

As good as this map looks, it's completely let down by the difficulty. I play every map on normal usually, and with the plentiful ammo, relatively low enemy population and abundance of power weapons, not to mention the incredibly easy secrets I found this more boring than fun to play. The only part that really interested me was the section with the enforcers, grunts and scrags. That feels like the highest enemy density in the level, and I was still able to clear it up without really risking anything.

The secrets really let this map down. I suppose part of the issue is that I was playing with wateralpha; there is one secret that is painfully obvious at the end, and that combined with a ring of invisibility secret that I found by accident meant that I completed the lacklustre final fight with comical ease. I suppose that's partially my fault, but I can't imagine a handful of fiends, a vore and a shambler is really much of a challenge either way.

MikeTaylor Registered 23 September 2016, 11:17

I play every map on normal usually, and with the plentiful ammo, relatively low enemy population and abundance of power weapons, not to mention the incredibly easy secrets I found this more boring than fun to play.

So ... play on Hard?

MikeTaylor Registered 23 September 2016, 11:17

(Though I admit I found it too easy on Hard as well!)

dmdr Guest 23 September 2016, 15:16

Basically a good map, but too generous with the weaponry. I played on skill 2 and blazed through it, and the very easily found ring of shadows 'secret' before the last room, which allowed me to completely bypass the final battle, didn't really help.

This comes across very strongly as a first map (although I see Ruin has one other map on this archive already) -- big, rather empty rooms all with right angles and flat floors* placed one after the other in a manner quite reminiscent of Doom's 2.5D designs. Perhaps a remake is in order -- I think this would benefit from Doom's more varied bestiary!

* There are stairs, and a few sloped floors towards the end. Nothing you couldn't do with ZDoom though.

Still, all that aside, this was fun to smash through. If you're looking for a nice simple map to smash in a single sitting, you'll probably enjoy this one. I'd recommend waiting out the ring of shadows if/when you find it though.

Esrael Registered 20 May 2017, 12:29

I don't really mind that you can pretty much skip the end battle with the Ring of Shadows, because it provides an alternate way to finish the map, in case you don't always feel like beating it the gory way.

The ring should be harder to find, though, to better justify the easy skip.

ppanski Registered 8 October 2021, 12:16

The name brought me here. The Level has a nice concept an structure but the lighting is a bit bland and many corridors look a like and a missing details. Good for a run, give it a try.

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