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Screenshot of oms3
Title:Cataractnacon / Zeangala (c8300a2234ff0e160230f877934fa072)
Filesize:27044 Kilobytes
Release date:21.01.2016
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
RMQEngine_0.85.3.zip383 KB14.11.2013
oms3.bsp26661 KB20.01.2016
oms3.map9733 KB20.01.2016
oms3.wad2572 KB26.12.2015
oms3_2.bsp79831 KB19.01.2016
oms3_2.map18611 KB19.01.2016
readme.txt2 KB20.01.2016

Cataractnacon / Zeangala

Two large abstract base levels, "a lengthy journey through a non-linear H.R. Giger-themed flooded scrapyard". The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits and expanded map boundaries. Currently, only RMQ (included) and Quakespasm (version 0.92.0 or later; set "sv_protocol" to "999") are capable of running them.

The maps can only be played on either Easy or Hard skill setting.

Tags: large, base, abstract, traps, limits, source, giger, unique

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
3.9/5 with 31 ratings
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Jon Guest 3 February 2016, 11:36

Bundles a windows copy of the RMQ engine which is kind of annoying, but looks promising!

negke Registered 3 February 2016, 12:08

If using RMQ engine, I recommend setting r_motionblur 0 to disable the messy damage feedback effect.

MikeTaylor Registered 3 February 2016, 13:14

Seriously, Quakespasm can't run these maps? What are they doing that's so very special that QS can't cope?

ericw Registered 3 February 2016, 23:26

oms32.bsp has entities and a playable area outside of +-4096 units which exceeds the limits of the Fitzquake protocol (svprotocol 666).

This is the first released q1sp to do so, AFAIK, which is why the engine choice is limited.

Note that protocol 999 is only available in a special build of QS that I prepared for those having trouble running this map in RMQ: here And you do have to set "sv_protocol 999" in the console with that build.

Lensjocky Registered 5 February 2016, 2:07

Any tips on getting this map to load on a Mac w/ Quakespasm?

Lensjocky Registered 5 February 2016, 2:07

Any tips on getting this map to load on a Mac w/ Quakespasm?

Lensjocky Registered 5 February 2016, 2:07

Any tips on getting this map to load on a Mac w/ Quakespasm?

ezze Guest 5 February 2016, 2:11

Instead of a "patched build" can we have a patched source code so we might even be able to use it?

ericw Guest 5 February 2016, 4:23

ezze: yes, source code of the patched build is here:

Lensjocky: the first map should run with the latest official QS release - . The second map would need the "patched build", I can make a Mac build of it if you want.

Lensjocky Registered 5 February 2016, 16:08

I would love a "patched build" of QuakeSpasm for the Mac if you're willing to compile it for me. I'm dying for a new map.. Thanks in advance ezze.

ericw Registered 6 February 2016, 5:15

Lensjocky: here is a package with the mac+windows builds and source, I hope it works for you!

Lane Powell Registered 6 February 2016, 8:46

Thanks a lot for the Mac build! I actually have BootCamp, but I do most of my Quakery on the Mac side.

Lensjocky Registered 6 February 2016, 20:43

Thanks for the Mac build as well ericw. taking it for a spin right now..

faelnor Registered 7 February 2016, 13:45

The level design is really quite unlike anything else. ORL nails the Giger elements to a T, the uneasiness, the savageness and brutality, the atmosphere and visual themes.

On the other hand, I wasn't always fond of the gameplay itself, a bit too unfair and claustrophobic at times. Still well worth it.

MikeTaylor Registered 9 February 2016, 10:27

Do we know whether the next official build of QuakeSpasm is likely to support both these maps? (If so, I will wait for it.)

anon Guest 10 February 2016, 1:14


anon Guest 10 February 2016, 14:57

This worked well, but unfortunately, the last(?) section doesn't "load" properly, after the huge zombie area, things get ugly: coordinates/bsp errors!

ericw Guest 10 February 2016, 22:17

anon, make sure you entered "svprotocol 999" in the console with my Quakespasm-oms3 build. If you teleported into the void partway through oms32, that is the problem. Sorry, I should have enabled that setting by default for this engine build :-/

ericw Guest 10 February 2016, 22:18

Damn markdown, that should read sv_protocol 999

anon Guest 11 February 2016, 17:55

Woah, that fixed it right up!! thanks!

Lane Powell Registered 15 February 2016, 20:45

Honestly I got more of a Lovecraft vibe from these maps than a Giger one, outside of a few textures. While I grew up with both Quake and Lovecraft, I never felt that Quake's worlds were really all that like how I imagined Lovecraft's alien worlds when I read his stories. This map is the closest I've seen to one that actually captures my mental image.

The combat is really tight. The second map was my favorite. Many areas give room to maneuver by jumping between walkways and platforms, but there's always the risk of falling (which isn't always deadly). Since there's usually very little room to run about I imagine the combat won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I found it fresh, pretty tough but well-judged (on skill 2). The sense of progression is pretty impressive throughout. I loved thr fight back through the raised platforms after getting the silver key, and the descent underground was incredible. Unfortunately the maps suffer from a few bad cases of wonky geometry but it's not enough for me to lower my rating when the theme is so special.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 2 July 2016, 13:10

The latest official version of Quakespasm (0.92.0 -- which was released today) supports both of these maps.

jackieben Registered 14 July 2016, 23:46

Played on hard difficulty, it is brutally hard, and the maps are chaotic already both in gameplay and in theme. The areas are pretty wide and open,seeming empty first before a huge bunch of enemies teleport on your ass. The theme is really unique and changing, sometimes horrific, sometimes weird. Play it for a very unconvential and unique experience.

erc Registered 27 July 2016, 17:04

I hereby confirm that this works with the latest build of QuakeSpasm (0.92.0 x64) from beginning to the end. Be sure to switch to protocol 999 by typing sv_protocol 999 in the console though - otherwise the second map glitches in the second half. As a side note, I played up until that point in protocol 666, when it glitched, switched to 999 and reloaded a quicksave: worked without a problem after that. So, no worries if you forget to switch it to 999 before starting your playthrough.

NoNameUser Guest 29 July 2016, 14:41

oms3 seems to be all about fighting spawning waves of enemies whenever you move forward, push a switch or do something as ordinary as grabbing a health pack. If you're happy with that, then this is for you, but I'll pass.

komagame Guest 7 August 2016, 16:08

wow, very imaginative and fanciful !

Bloughsburgh Registered 27 October 2016, 15:27

No idea why I initially gave this a 3. The ambition in this map is astounding. Extremely original and the surprise after hitting all buttons really "rises" to the occasion. That moment is seriously one of the most memorable I have had in my custom quake map adventures.

The 5 star rating eludes these maps due to somewhat frustrating monster placement and geometry/player relationship issues. Still, absolutely recommend a play through to experience the world ORL has constructed here.

Greed Registered 11 November 2017, 13:42

These maps tank my performance, even on a modern system. Even with no FSAA or anything it still produces some input lag, which affects my aim. Quake's BSP format isn't suited for very large open areas. If you can see pretty much the whole map at once, it can not be optimized, since Quake has no level-of-detail and/or distant terrain system. So all it can do is just render everything at once, as is. So personally I don't really see much point in making the "spacious for the same of being spacious" Quake maps, but that's Orl for you.

Anyway, with that out of the way, skill 1 (normal) is strangely not available, so I played on skill 0. Managed to beat the maps on my first try, although some traps were really nasty and left me with little health. In particular, in the fist map there's a situation where you're riding a caged elevator down and suddenly there's an ogre lobbing grenades inside your ride. Left me with 6 health, god damn it.

The brushwork mostly consists of small platforms and slippery catwalks, where you have to awkwardly strafe and try to dodge the enemy attacks. Got stuck on some scenery a couple of times, but still managed to persevere, since at least on skill 0 the resources are plentiful, I even left a couple of armors and a QD behind. Just don't fall to your death or catch too many grenades, I guess.

Still, just like with Ter Shibboleth I wouldn't really recommend these maps, the gameplay is not very fun, the whole thing is more of an experiment in pushing the Quake engine to its limits and making it do what it isn't supposed to.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 July 2018, 13:14

Finally made a serious attempt at these maps, having got lost in one of them back in the day and lost interest. This time, I persevered through what was often tedious hard work till I reached (what I assume is) the climax, with the Shub hanging from the ceiling and all the bouncing vores and shamblers. Screw that. Even with god-mode and notarget, I couldn't survive long enough to figure out what to do. In the end up I threw up my hands and walked away. "This is meant to be fun", I reminded myself, and went off to replay some of the AD maps.

As a tech demo, this is pretty good. But as a gaming experience, I found it almost no fun at all. Strange, since ORL's Conflagrant Rodent is one of my very favourite maps.

Ebon Saturn Registered 3 September 2019, 17:12

Damn! I really cannot praise the level design and the general look of this highly enough. As commented by Bloughsburgh, the part that "rises" to the occasion is magnificent. Definitely a Wow! moment.


The combat. I just didn't like it... i mean, at all. Up until the final part it's like 90% spawn ambush, which in a map this long gets very old, very quickly.

I was going to rate it a 3, but the design and look is so good I bumped it to 4. With decent combat/monster placement, it would've been a 5.

Jugador Registered 8 August 2020, 17:54

Does anyone know how to survive the final encounter with all those bouncing shamblers and vores?

Iknowshamblers Guest 6 February 2022, 4:08

Great stuff!!

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