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Screenshot of prisonofhope
Title:Prison of Hope (315219f64b4de61a4d4594101569df10)
Filesize:57889 Kilobytes
Release date:04.09.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_bk.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_dn.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_ft.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_lf.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_rt.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/browncloud_up.tga3073 KB21.11.2020
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_bk.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_dn.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_ft.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_lf.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_rt.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/gfx/env/tablemt2_up.tga3073 KB17.12.2019
id1/maps/prisonofhope.bsp86770 KB04.09.2022
id1/maps/prisonofhope.lit4449 KB04.09.2022
id1/maps/prisonofhope.map9312 KB04.09.2022
id1/maps/prisonofhope_readme.txt3 KB04.09.2022

Prison of Hope

Large sci-fi gothic mountain prison for vanilla Quake inspired by Dark Souls, with textures by Makkon. Difficulty settings are not implemented. Map source is included.

"Even if you escape; there's no escape. A relatively linear map designed somewhat vertically and taking heavy inspiration from the Tower of Latria/Irithyll dungeon levels from the Souls series, but with a dystopian/cyberpunk twist. There are two endings - can you find them both?"

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, cave, mountain, vanilla, classic, prison, jail, makkon, souls, source, limits, sci-fi, base

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