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Screenshot of ps
Author:Darren Stabler
Title:Palace of Shadows (5f5c9b6265816f1f5497848aa63bc7f4)
Filesize:626 Kilobytes
Release date:02.09.1996
Additional Links: Crash's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ps.bsp1376 KB02.09.1996
ps.txt3 KB02.09.1996 - Palace of Shadows

Plain medium-sized castle with an underground cave.

Tags: medium, castle, caverns

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating: 2.5/5 with 16 ratings
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xDDGx Registered, rated this a 2 12 June 2014, 5:08

This level is unreachable. There is mistake with teleport to the upper platform — when player goes to this teleport, he falls back on the ground.

Spirit Registered, rated this a 3 3 July 2014, 15:15

You have to turn around while going through or press back.

xDDGx Registered, rated this a 2 6 July 2014, 1:41

I tried it a couple times, but kept falling...
Although, I've started this map right now and tried a couple times more — and finally got the SK. I've came to teleport and then passed through it by pressing sidestep, and just after teleporting pressed back.

JellyGal Registered, rated this a 3 16 August 2014, 3:56

In my opinion, the author's best work. It's still not above average, but it is certainly average. The architecture and visuals are decent but nothing special, though I like the yin yang. I like the exploration factor as well. The combat is also decent but nothing special. Overall, I'd say this map is nothing special, but it's worth a try.

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 3 5 September 2014, 16:06

I expected a more shadowy palace but it's actually pretty well lit! Like JellyGal said, this is technically and gameplay speaking, Stabler's best map. I was a little sad that it was his last one. Since I played Basic Castle, though I couldn't finish it, I've had a reverence for his quirky style of design. Watch me play it here: Palace of Shadows - The Quake Grave

TheInsaneMilkman Registered, rated this a 2 6 January 2015, 11:11

A surprisingly alright map considering the author's other works. It's very short and not too challenging but for a 1996 map it's not bad at all, apart from the irritating teleporter that xDDGx mentioned (and yes, it is possible to get through the level). I was dissapointed by the ending, I expected at least a shambler or a vore or something, but the toughest enemy I found in this level was a fiend. No real reason to play today, but decent for its age. 3/5

TheInsaneMilkman Registered, rated this a 2 6 January 2015, 12:57

I've changed my mind on the rating because I don't think it's as good today as it was in 1996. I now give it 2/5 but I still do think it's pretty good by '96 standards.

Noxat Registered, rated this a 3 8 July 2015, 22:21

A functional, if not terribly exciting little map.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 2 6 November 2016, 20:05

I was on the fence between 2 and 3, but that ornery teleporter sealed the deal: 2/5.

pmk Guest 7 October 2018, 17:59

This is Darren's best map and it is pretty good to play through. The architecture in the map could of been more detailed however the gameplay in the map is engaging with nice progression throughout the map. One of the secrets in the map i had to use noclip to reach sine i found no other way to get to the secret ledge. I would recommend playing this map and give it a three out of five rating.

JMP Registered, rated this a 3 24 January 2019, 22:55

For a 1996 map created using homemade editing tools, this is quite good. It's plain-looking, but there are a few good combats and I like the palace layout. Worth a shot if you enjoy early Quake maps.

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