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Screenshot of quck_demo
Title:Quenching Urges of Constant Killing [DEMO] (1d4028fe0b553ad797145c6053d19428)
Filesize:18201 Kilobytes
Release date:30.12.2017
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/conback.lmp354 KB18.08.2017
gfx/env/purplebk.tga769 KB15.08.2017
gfx/env/purpledn.tga904 KB15.08.2017
gfx/env/purpleft.tga769 KB15.08.2017
gfx/env/purplelf.tga769 KB15.08.2017
gfx/env/purplert.tga769 KB15.08.2017
gfx/env/purpleup.tga755 KB15.08.2017
maps/map01.bsp3929 KB19.08.2017
maps/map01.lit1323 KB19.08.2017
maps/map02.bsp4310 KB30.12.2017
maps/start.bsp582 KB30.12.2017
music/track03.ogg5269 KB15.08.2017
music/track15.ogg2188 KB17.08.2017
music/track16.ogg2658 KB24.08.2017
music/track19.ogg2196 KB30.12.2017
readme.txt2 KB30.12.2017
sound/misc/menu1.wav36 KB18.08.2017
sound/misc/menu2.wav238 KB18.08.2017
sound/misc/menu3.wav34 KB18.08.2017
textures/#teleportpurp.tga12 KB28.08.2017
textures/#waterpurp.tga7 KB26.08.2017
textures/+0di_lipurp.tga12 KB14.08.2017
textures/+0ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+0fieldyel.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/+0lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+0run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+0runeyel.tga4 KB14.08.2017
textures/+0tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+1di_lipurp.tga12 KB14.08.2017
textures/+1ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+1fieldyel.tga25 KB14.08.2017
textures/+1lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+1run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+1runeyel.tga4 KB14.08.2017
textures/+1tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+2di_lipurp.tga12 KB14.08.2017
textures/+2ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+2fieldyel.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/+2lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+2run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+2tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+3di_lipurp.tga12 KB14.08.2017
textures/+3ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+3fieldyel.tga16 KB14.08.2017
textures/+3lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+3run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+3tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+4ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+4fieldyel.tga18 KB14.08.2017
textures/+4lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+4run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+4tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+5ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+5fieldyel.tga25 KB14.08.2017
textures/+5lun_weppurp.tga11 KB31.08.2017
textures/+5run_weppurp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/+5tyr_weppurp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/+6ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+6fieldyel.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/+7ffield.tga12 KB25.08.2017
textures/+7fieldyel.tga18 KB14.08.2017
textures/alite_1purp.tga14 KB14.08.2017
textures/alite_3purp.tga7 KB14.08.2017
textures/alite_b1purp.tga15 KB14.08.2017
textures/baslt3_1purp.tga15 KB14.08.2017
textures/baslt3_8purp.tga16 KB14.08.2017
textures/blight1purp.tga1 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl01bpurp.tga27 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl01purp.tga27 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl02purp.tga23 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl03b_purp.tga27 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl03purp.tga27 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl04b_purp.tga23 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl04purp.tga23 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl06purp.tga2 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl08_purp.tga25 KB22.08.2017
textures/brl08bpurp.tga26 KB22.08.2017
textures/bw_techpanel4purp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/comp1_6apurp.tga16 KB14.08.2017
textures/comp1_6purp.tga12 KB14.08.2017
textures/e3u1purp.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/jf2lite16purp.tga1 KB14.08.2017
textures/jf2lite23purp.tga14 KB14.08.2017
textures/jf2slip08purp.tga13 KB14.08.2017
textures/light1_1purp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/light1_5purp.tga13 KB22.08.2017
textures/light1_8tpurp.tga15 KB22.08.2017
textures/light3_6apurp.tga13 KB22.08.2017
textures/light3_6purp.tga7 KB22.08.2017
textures/light3_7purp.tga4 KB22.08.2017
textures/light3_8purp.tga4 KB22.08.2017
textures/light_rail01pur.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/light_rail01purp.tga23 KB14.08.2017
textures/lite_fart2purp.tga2 KB14.08.2017
textures/lite_fart4purp.tga1 KB14.08.2017
textures/lite_fartpurp.tga1 KB14.08.2017
textures/lite_trimpurp.tga2 KB14.08.2017
textures/litepurp.tga7 KB14.08.2017
textures/lunlt1purp.tga1 KB14.08.2017
textures/lunlt2purp.tga3 KB14.08.2017
textures/metal9_2purp.tga11 KB14.08.2017
textures/metrgw_purp.tga14 KB22.08.2017
textures/mfxli1purp.tga7 KB14.08.2017
textures/mfxli2purp.tga2 KB14.08.2017
textures/ogrolight4purp.tga3 KB22.08.2017
textures/ogrolight6purp.tga2 KB22.08.2017
textures/ogrolight7purp.tga5 KB22.08.2017
textures/ogrolight8purp.tga2 KB22.08.2017
textures/ogrune128purp.tga55 KB22.08.2017
textures/rune1purp.tga6 KB22.08.2017
textures/rune1rpurp.tga51 KB22.08.2017
textures/rune2purp.tga13 KB22.08.2017
textures/rune3purp.tga4 KB22.08.2017
textures/rune4purp.tga7 KB22.08.2017
textures/sym07_2purp.tga10 KB14.08.2017
textures/tech03_2purp.tga47 KB23.08.2017
textures/tech10_5purp.tga29 KB14.08.2017
textures/tech10purp.tga15 KB14.08.2017
textures/than_sqlitepurp.tga4 KB14.08.2017
textures/x_baslt1purp.tga8 KB14.08.2017

Quenching Urges of Constant Killing [DEMO]

Demo release of a Quoth slaughter episode in the making. It features the first two of "about 10 stupidly hard and completely unfair slaughtermaps" and comes with custom background music as well as a few new textures.

Note: These levels require Quoth 2.2 and a source port with increased limits.

Tags: episode, small, base, quoth, slaughter, limits, music, external textures

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User Rating:
4.1/5 with 12 ratings
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onetruepurple Registered 18 March 2018, 17:29

nice , epic , i like It

death112 Registered 19 March 2018, 17:25

you know, my biggest trifle with this is that theres movement constriciting mechanics. You definitly need 100% of your movement imo

Pete (Gotshun) D Guest 20 March 2018, 4:06

You my dear friend are a maniac.....This was ALOT OF FUN. I can't count how many times I got my rear end handed to me.

MikeTaylor Registered 27 March 2018, 12:07

Played it for about 0.4 seconds and died. Tried again and lasted 0.7 seconds. Turned on god mode and notarget, played it for a bit, hated it. I won't award a mark because a low one would be unfair -- this is just not my thing.

Alex Guest 20 April 2018, 23:27

I downloaded this but for some reason it doesnt show any monsters?

onetruepurple Registered 21 April 2018, 17:37

Play on skill 2 or skill 3.

Gioyo3aa Registered 8 June 2019, 22:13

Odd. I killed all Fiends and Vores in the first map, but then I'm told to "Kill all the fucking Spawns" to open the door yet no other monster will show up (skill 3).

Other than that, this looks fun but I'm glad the music can be turned off.

Gioyo3aa Registered 17 December 2019, 1:17

Nevermind, quakespasm acting up again on Debian.

I had rather high hopes of being able to finish the second map but those hopes went down the drain when I opened the first door using the silver key. I might try the first map again at some point but probably not today.

Gioyo3aa Registered 17 December 2019, 17:08

Well, I relapsed and finished the first map. A lot of fun, I found myself laughing in some places given how over the top the whole thing was :) I don't think this episode quenches anything by the way, I feel more aggressive after playing it. Maybe "Fanning the Fucking Flames of Fury" would be a more fitting title.

I'll give version 2 a try, there's one more map in there with over a thousand enemies...

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