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Screenshot of quoffee
Author:Artistical, Breezeep, dumptruck_ds, Elithium, Fairweather, Hardcore Mazu, ionous, Ing-Ing, JCR, Pinchy, Marandal, NewHouse, onetruepurple, skacky, Spipper, Ukko, ww, Yoder, ZungryWare
Title:Coffee Quake (23e06e80d97e8a73e23cbed2dfd1c7d7)
Filesize:56091 Kilobytes
Release date:17.06.2019
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardScreenshots
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
quoffee/demo1.dem1801 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/demo2.dem290 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/demo3.dem697 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/demo4.dem399 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/demo5.dem5236 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/gfx/qplaque.lmp5 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m10_pinchy.bsp503 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m10_pinchy.lit103 KB16.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m11_ionous2.bsp618 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m12_jcr.bsp868 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m12_jcr.lit410 KB14.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m13_pinchy2.bsp550 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m13_pinchy2.lit103 KB16.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m14_zungryware2.bsp1557 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m14_zungryware2.lit1081 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m1_zungryware.bsp2461 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m2_elithium.bsp552 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m2_elithium.lit202 KB12.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m3_hcm.bsp1470 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m3_hcm.lit641 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m4_ionous.bsp493 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m5_fairweather.bsp524 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m6_marandal.bsp495 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m6_marandal.lit160 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m7_ww.bsp639 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m7_ww.lit206 KB12.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m8_ww2.bsp1467 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m8_ww2.lit735 KB12.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m9_ukko.bsp647 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e1m9_ukko.lit151 KB12.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m10_ing2.bsp283 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m11_zungryware.bsp745 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m12_jcr.bsp514 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m13_yoder2.bsp718 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m13_yoder2.lit490 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m14_spipper.bsp369 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m15_pinchy2.bsp177 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m16_zungryware2.bsp576 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m16_zungryware2.lit280 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m1_fairweather.bsp582 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m1_fairweather.lit119 KB20.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m2_newhouse.bsp516 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m2_newhouse.lit132 KB20.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m3_newhouse2.bsp344 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m3_newhouse2.lit106 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m4_artistical.bsp499 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m4_artistical.lit243 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m5_ionous.bsp352 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m6_yoder.bsp385 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m7_pinchy.bsp266 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m8_ing.bsp387 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e2m9_kamp.bsp265 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m10_ionous1.bsp1240 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m11_ww.bsp535 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m11_ww.lit257 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m12_ww2.bsp2477 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m12_ww2.lit2695 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m13_jcr.bsp1025 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m14_pinchy1.bsp603 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m14_pinchy1.lit167 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m15_kamp.bsp4049 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m15_kamp.lit6547 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m16_fairweather1.bsp486 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m17_fairweather2.bsp429 KB21.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m17_fairweather2.lit217 KB21.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m18_breezeep.bsp509 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m18_breezeep.lit204 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m19_zungryware3.bsp846 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m19_zungryware3.lit256 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m1_fairweather3.bsp761 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m1_fairweather3.lit181 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m20_newhouse.bsp531 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m20_newhouse.lit192 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m21_ing.bsp462 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m22_ionous2.bsp596 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m2_zungryware2.bsp950 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m2_zungryware2.lit325 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m3_artistical2.bsp905 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m3_artistical2.lit482 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m4_pinchy2.bsp298 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m4_pinchy2.lit90 KB16.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m5_dumptruck.bsp339 KB18.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m6_spipper.bsp537 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m7_hcm.bsp1150 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m8_artistical1.bsp611 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m8_artistical1.lit304 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3m9_skacky.bsp876 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3ms_zungryware1.bsp789 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e3ms_zungryware1.lit175 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m10_artistical.bsp1041 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m10_artistical.lit413 KB28.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m11_ing2.bsp531 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m12_fairweather.bsp1126 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m13_artistical2.bsp573 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m14_jcr.bsp713 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m15_hcm.bsp950 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m16_artistical3.bsp580 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m17_ing3.bsp492 KB23.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m18_ing4.bsp635 KB23.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m19_hcm2.bsp1306 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m1_ing.bsp610 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m20_ionous3.bsp556 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m21_fairweather2.bsp444 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m21_fairweather2.lit244 KB28.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m22_skacky.bsp1390 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m22_skacky.lit857 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m2_otp.bsp542 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m2_otp.lit170 KB28.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m3_ionous.bsp936 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m4_pinchy.bsp520 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m5_ionous2.bsp544 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m6_elithium.bsp406 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m6_elithium.lit209 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m7_pinchy2.bsp673 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m7_pinchy2.lit165 KB16.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m8_newhouse.bsp605 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m8_newhouse.lit419 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m9_zungryware.bsp861 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/maps/e4m9_zungryware.lit225 KB28.05.2019
quoffee/maps/e4ms_ing5.bsp818 KB18.06.2019
quoffee/maps/end_ionous.bsp2203 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/end_ionous.lit1302 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/maps/start.bsp1066 KB25.06.2019
quoffee/maps/start.lit373 KB25.06.2019
quoffee/music/track12.mp313637 KB14.06.2019
quoffee/quake.rc1 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/quoffee.txt3 KB23.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m10_pinchy.map246 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m11_ionous2.map356 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m12_jcr.map321 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m13_pinchy2.map184 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m14_zungryware2.map302 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m1_zungryware.map765 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m2_elithium.map160 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m3_hcm.map601 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m4_ionous.map356 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m5_fairweather.map189 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m6_marandal.map182 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m7_ww.map212 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m8_ww2.map287 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e1m9_ukko.map170 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m10_ing2.map106 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m11_zungryware.map194 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m12_jcr.map117 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m13_yoder2.map166 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m14_spipper.map105 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m15_pinchy2.map124 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m16_zungryware2.map243 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m1_fairweather.map233 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m2_newhouse.map147 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m3_newhouse2.map127 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m4_artistical.map130 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m5_ionous.map109 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m6_yoder.map111 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m7_pinchy.map83 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m8_ing.map87 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e2m9_kamp.map97 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m10_ionous1.map731 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m11_ww.map181 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m12_ww2.map445 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m13_jcr.map325 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m14_pinchy1.map230 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m15_kamp.map173 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m16_fairweather1.map301 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m17_fairweather2.map184 KB21.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m18_breezeep.map374 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m19_zungryware3.map204 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m1_fairweather3.map371 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m20_newhouse.map171 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m21_ing.map134 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m22_ionous2.map418 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m2_zungryware2.map376 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m3_artistical2.map454 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m4_pinchy2.map190 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m5_dumptruck.map103 KB18.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m6_spipper.map133 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m7_hcm.map497 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m8_artistical1.map381 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3m9_skacky.map542 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e3ms_zungryware1.map584 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m10_artistical.map444 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m11_ing2.map185 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m12_fairweather.map443 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m13_artistical2.map522 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m14_jcr.map225 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m15_hcm.map608 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m16_artistical3.map305 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m17_ing3.map226 KB23.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m18_ing4.map201 KB23.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m19_hcm2.map626 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m1_ing.map198 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m20_ionous3.map383 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m21_fairweather2.map307 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m22_skacky.map702 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m2_otp.map149 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m3_ionous.map488 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m4_pinchy.map227 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m5_ionous2.map324 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m6_elithium.map164 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m7_pinchy2.map238 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m8_newhouse.map239 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4m9_zungryware.map279 KB17.06.2019
quoffee/src/e4ms_ing5.map173 KB18.06.2019
quoffee/src/end_ionous.map1722 KB15.06.2019
quoffee/src/start.map406 KB25.06.2019
quoffee/wads/hrBse.wad3107 KB11.06.2019
quoffee/wads/hrEld.wad10786 KB22.05.2019
quoffee/wads/hrMet.wad4867 KB15.05.2019

Coffee Quake

Community pack featuring 74 (!) small levels across four episodes following the classic Quake themes. Each map was made within two hours and has an average playtime of 3-5 minutes - well-suited for the occasional coffee break. The pack comes with a start map and a remix/remake of the original end map as well as a music track and some demos. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these maps require a source port with increased limits and/or BSP2 support.

Tags: small, sm, speedmap, episode, limits, bsp2, music, demo, start, source, oblivion

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 55 ratings
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onetruepurple Registered 7 July 2019, 18:16

Could you, kindly, fix the typo in my name in the author field, please and thanks.

onetruepurple Registered 7 July 2019, 20:19


ZungryWare Registered 8 July 2019, 4:44

Glad to see this finally make it up here! I'm extremely satisfied about how this project turned out! So many unique ideas in this pack.

Spirit Registered 9 July 2019, 21:25

"Speedmaps" that actually deserve the title! I never thought I would see them again! I am now something about 20 maps in and this is just awesome.

Yuccaz Registered 10 July 2019, 20:58

WOW! What an amazing pack. I played on nightmare and from start to finish it all flowed so well and for me perfectly balanced. I'm a bit of a glutton and couldn't just play a map or 2 at a time, oh no, I had to finish it over 3 sessions...I was struggling to pull myself away and due to the short maps just kept wanting to know what the next map was like. Definitely a fan of these short maps grouped this way. Superb job everyone!! Damn...I may just have to start it all over again...

hqn Registered 18 July 2019, 9:44

I'm not through this yet but boy it keeps me busy for a while. The quality is all over the place, but the FUN is definitely the main factor in all of this.

Spirit Registered 23 July 2019, 20:20

This was a fantastic experience. Quake is different for everyone but these maps show what Quake mapping is all about to me. The trend for huge brushporn map "experience"s has forgotten about the pure joy of weird, blocky vanilla architecture with exciting gameplay.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 August 2019, 16:03

Well, that was marvellous. Obviously not all the maps are great, but the experience as whole is — and very, very varied. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and I am pretty sure I killed everything in every level (though the fish-counting bug makes me not abolutely certain).

e Guest 27 August 2019, 21:29

How do you select Nightmare?

f Guest 28 August 2019, 19:22

E, thats a secret you need to find...

r Guest 15 November 2019, 17:56

C'mon e, you can do it.

BonfireBunny Registered 24 March 2020, 0:52

Solid four stars.

Best map is Shub-Niggurath's pit, hands down.

Greenwood Registered 27 April 2020, 18:03

Wow. The fact that some of these maps were made in 2 hours or less is amazing. Solid 5 in my book!

Johnny Law Registered 15 July 2020, 18:36

This is a tough one to rate! It's a great concept, and I do think any jaded Quake player who's played hundreds of maps absolutely needs to check it out.

The first couple of episodes have some real rough patches, and sometimes not of the nostalgic-enjoyable-jank kind. Some good stuff in there though.

The last two episodes are mostly great! Maybe those themes play better into the idea of a quick map trying out some fun or odd concept.

There's not much or any planned progression between the maps, and the last two episodes have a LOT of maps in them, so sometimes you're just a walking rocket-dispenser that trivializes the combat on a map. But that can be fun. And there's definitely still some tricky combat as well.

I especially like it when the short format gives the mapper freedom to do ridiculous things with hordes, or water, or powerups, or darkness, or traps, or even spawns. (Granted I don't have much of a spawn-phobia to begin with.)

The end map is pretty special too. It's a bit of a shame to put such a good rethink/remix map at the end of a lonnnng map sequence that many folks will bail out of, but on the other hand it's a great capper on the project.

marctimothymoses Registered 28 September 2020, 19:29

i regret downloading this mod

erc Registered 29 September 2020, 17:19

Quake for arcades. Or rather, Q-Zone done by real mappers. 74 short maps divided by theme into four episodes. 95% of 'em takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete with enemy counts ranging between 15 to 40 and a few secrets thrown in. It does not start that promising and there are a few duds along the way but the overall experience gets better by each episode. There is some real fun to be had in episodes 3 and 4 ('quad rockets / gib shower') kind of fun. And if you stick with it all the way to the end, there is a properly-built, hugely atmospheric remake of Shub's pit by Ionous to top it of.

dumptruckRULES Guest 13 November 2020, 8:04

I'm having trouble getting to the Nightmare Portal. I know where it is, but the barrier before it just outputs ". . ." and doesnt open.

fairweather Registered 13 November 2020, 11:25

That's something I do a bit. Things labeled with "..." are secrets that require opening elsewhere.

onetruepurple Registered 13 November 2020, 18:33

I've gotten shit from Spud for using "..." as a secret wall denotifier in SM193.

dumptruckRULES Guest 14 November 2020, 9:01

OH! I found it now, feeling goofish for not realizing how obvious it should have been.

Also, I use chadquake (fork of Mark V winquake, so prot. 666) and I always crash after completing Red Boxes Floating. Can I do something to fix this or should I try another port?

Spirit Registered 14 November 2020, 10:57

Dear "anonymous" dumptruck lover, we do not tolerate the language you previously used as your username here. I have changed your username. Please behave nice in the future, thanks.

Jugador Registered 26 April 2021, 18:03

Despite the constant flood of new games quovfefe

octo- Registered 26 June 2021, 19:18

kicks ass. the end of episode 1 was awesome

Scythe Registered 5 December 2021, 1:25

I'd love to see more releases like this. Even though the levels are (naturally) of varying quality, just the amount and diversity of the content makes it worth downloading. As a side benefit of the short production time, even if you don't like a particular map, none of them can really overstay their welcome.

I have to call out Fairweather, Skacky, and Ionous for the last three levels of episode 4. Seriously worth the download just for those three maps. I know the final map wasn't made in the 2 hour time limit... but good freaking god... That should have been the boss map in a full size episode. Absolutely breathtaking. Old Shub actually looked pretty ominous sitting there.

Good stuff!

La_Varda Registered 7 May 2022, 21:01

Great map! The only issue is 2 levels in the first and third episode would crash the game. Otherwise it's a very good set of maps.

Xenos Registered 20 May 2023, 13:05

How do I begin this mod? Im at original quake start and when I type map quoffe, nothing happens...

qazzaq Registered 20 May 2023, 20:20

@Xenos -game quoffee +map start

Xenos Registered 21 May 2023, 9:37

@qazzaq I did it but its original quake start map with weird graphical bugs like black walls with colorful lights everywhere. It has regular 4 episodes.

qazzaq Registered 21 May 2023, 11:14

@Xenos It only happens when the path is wrong. quoffee mod should put into separate folder. Check readme "Installation" description.

Cocerello Registered 25 May 2023, 14:20

For clarification: * First episode is supposed to be maps made in 1hour, even if most clearly haven't. * There was talks (which didn't go though) of making third and fourth episode 3 and 4 hour maps respectively, which could explain some of those that clearly have used way more than two in those two episodes.

Played on skiil 2. Secret level found.

The maps are almost every one of them good, there is only a few big spikes in difficulty and frustrating cramped arenas, and while most have simple straightforward gameplay there is still variety in the pack.

Good to see maps that seems like speedmaps, mostly. There are two kinds of approachs in the maps: those that took a speedmap like approach and focused on gameplay, and those that tried to make a jam map and focused on looks. Amongst the second is where most maps that clearly went way over the two hours in any episode are.

There is two maps that require bsp2 due to the mapper's mistake.

Stand out from the rest maps by Hcm, WW, jcr, spipper, Ionous, one each from most of the rest of the mappers, e1_end, and the secret map.

Xenos Registered 25 May 2023, 19:22

@qazzaq I figured out that I wrote -game quoffe instead of -game quoffee.

guest Guest 6 June 2023, 0:28

I think E3M22 is broken in quakespasm-spiked. the gold key doesn't drop down.

guest Guest 6 June 2023, 0:44

same with E4M8

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