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Screenshot of retrojam3
Author:FifthElephant, skacky
Title:Retro Jam 3 - Vertical Metal/Runic Theme (33164969f200c7ec2c3aab9b209a40ab)
Filesize:4195 Kilobytes
Release date:29.04.2015
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:
Nightmare speedrun of retrojam3_skacky
100% NM
100% NM

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
pak0.pak13724 KB29.04.2015
quake.rc2 KB28.04.2015
retrojam3_readme.txt3 KB29.04.2015

Retro Jam 3 - Vertical Metal/Runic Theme

Third retro map jam: two "Vertical metal / runic"-themed maps by FifthElephant and skacky. The map sources are included in the pak.

Note: A "DLC" pack for Retro Jam 3 with three additional maps is available here.

Tags: small, medium, metal, runic, vertical, skybox, source, mapjam

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 44 ratings
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Spirit Registered 1 May 2015, 16:01

Be aware that the quake.rc file will override your configuration every single time you run this mod. You probably want to delete it straight away. Mappers, please don't do this...

Dave Guest 5 May 2015, 13:50

Really fun maps with a nice difficulty. Looking forward to more.

ArrrCee Registered 25 May 2015, 23:23

The Shores of Zin on The Quake Grave

The first map in the pack (alpahbetically by name anyway) by FifthElephant is a really great looking retro styled map, with plenty of challenge. It starts off innocently enough with the first area and even the first horde area isn't too difficult with a quad in hand. However, from that point on, I found the next parts of this map to be pretty tough. I barely squeaked by and as you'll see in the video, it took many tries. Ammo was a little scarce and there was plenty of health but I seemed to burn through it very quickly. What I liked about these areas is it made me think about what I was doing and try other tactics (even if some of them are cheap! ;) I wouldn't normally do in Quake to get passed them. Definitely check it out!

Skacky's map video coming up soon.

ArrrCee Registered 29 May 2015, 15:12

Acrophobopolis on The Quake Grave

Wow, I had a ton of fun with this map! While playing this, I couldn't help but feel like it was automatically tuned to my skill level. It's no secret, I'm no whiz at Quake, so when i find a level that is challenging yet provides me the opportunity to shine in certain moments, it's a lot of fun for me.

The flow of the map is great and I love how as you're progressing, you can just look up to see how much more map you seem to have left. There were a few shamblers and a handful of fiends in the map but with the setting and architecture there for me to duck and cover and strafe around, the fights felt fun and manageable. The enemy placement is a huge plus in the map too as when you're fighting these fiends and shamblers and whatever else, ogres are usually lobbing grenades at you from above, adding another level of difficulty, but again it's something I could manage and have fun with.

If I had to nit pick anything, it would probably be the final fight. Personally, I found the final fight to be a joy and a much needed stress reliever due to the fact that I had a rocket launcher with about 100 rockets. However, this was because I found a secret room with the RL in it. I feel like this final fight would've been terrible and too challenging for me to finish if I hadn't found it. Again, this is nit pick, it's not even really a slant against map as I'm sure most quake players today MUCH prefer the challenge to the use of the RL but to each their own.

Both maps in this pack are stellar and worth playing, download today and be thankful you did!

MikeTaylor Registered 24 June 2015, 0:04

Is there anything more tedious that nail-traps? I can't believe that we're still seeing them 19 years after E1M2.

MikeTaylor Registered 26 June 2015, 23:35

Well, I finished Skacky's map, Acrophobopolis ("City of the fear of heights"), with all 112 kills on hard, but only one of seven secrets. I guess I was unusually dense, but the one secret I did get -- the rocket launcher right near the end -- made the final combat a walk in the park. Very timely.

I admire the map greatly, but somehow I didn't enjoy it a whole lot. I can't explain that -- it just somehow felt a bit lather-rinse-repeat. Amazing craftsmanship, but for me it lacked a spark. I would rate this map three stars, in isolation.

mmm Registered 13 August 2015, 17:17

Skacky's map is fine, but FifthElephant's does not have enough ammo or it is hidden. Had to run away from the last two shamblers, thank god you don't have to kill them.

Bloughsburgh Registered 22 August 2016, 20:10

There is an interesting contrast from these two maps. Fifth's employs vertical feel through the vastness of the tall spaces, and open sections. Skacky utilizes vertical layering to an absurd extent in a more closed up!

I enjoyed the dismal atmosphere that Fifth's appeared to portray and it really felt like the place was floating in some ethereal mist. I will have to agree that ammo is a bit on the scarce side...a tad too much on that side to be honest. I found myself running into the fray just to grab a few more shells or nails. Still the finale is interesting with the monster jumps from the mist.

Skacky's reminds me more of a more classic metal map but with crazy amounts of vertical layers. Just look up and you'll know exactly what the theme was for this jam! Secrets and difficulty felt just right and I liked the use of having to evade or force infighting of the zombies (Since the GL is not collected right away). I also appreciate the slow moving doors at the finale which let's you prepare for the onslaught to be unleashed. The section where you must jump up into a second wind tunnel had me completely lost for a moment..possibly a little more visuals for the player to jump would have been helpful.

A great pack, shame there were so little entries.

death112 Registered 8 December 2016, 17:26

I really enjoyed this mapset aswell. FifthElephant's map was just super awesome! The encounter in the end of his map was really challenging on Nightmare, but if you manage to find the secrets and telefrag one shambler you're good to go.

Skacky raised the bar aswell with difficulty. He has some really nasty Ogre placements, which will just bombard you from high up.

Alex Ros Registered 8 January 2022, 14:48

Really cool jam. Quality wise both maps are top notch. But skacky's map is simply much-much bigger & longer to beat. Also I love his, skacky, Thief manner of placing secrets. For Quake only players I presume he hides secrets too hard, but for Thief veteran like me skacky's secrets in Quake are just perfect. 10 out of 10 for the jam

SR Registered 12 January 2022, 7:42

5/5 for Acrophobopolis. An awesome map. FifthElephant's map is also great.

ludicrous Registered 7 April 2022, 21:16

Error message when I try to play:

Couldn't load 'localization/loc_english.txt' from /home/mydir .....

Debian GNU/Linux quakespasm-sdl2

Some attempts with Google, but I'm not able to solve this. It's the same with retrojam3dlc.

Cheers Ludicrous

Johnny Law Registered 7 April 2022, 22:35

That's a harmless message, it just means there's no message localization file... which nothing except the new Quake-rerelease campaigns will have anyway.

FYI this jam doesn't have a "start map", you will need to load each map through the console using the "map" command. like: "map retrojam3fifth" or "map retrojam3skacky" (without the quote marks).

ludicrous Registered 8 April 2022, 18:02

Thanks, it works, of cause also with -game retrojam3 +map retrojam3_fifth I'll never know, why I didn't realize that yesterday evening. Cheers Ludicrous

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