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Screenshot of rgcastle_v3
Author:Daniel Remar
Title:Castle Puzzlefort v3 (6399ff1fa12021d82810e727e4783fc9)
Filesize:633 Kilobytes
Release date:11.12.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rgcastle.bsp1311 KB11.12.2022
rgcastle.map652 KB11.12.2022
rgcastle.txt3 KB11.12.2022

Castle Puzzlefort v3

Small medieval / castle themed puzzle level with no enemies for vanilla Quake. Inspired by the Amiga game Castle Master. Also supports deathmatch. Map source is included.

Tags: small, wizard, medieval, castle, puzzle, vanilla, classic, id1, source, nomonsters

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3.9/5 with 16 ratings
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Ewigkind Registered 19 December 2022, 21:56

Nice small Puzzlemap. It took me 22 Minutes to solve, and I found 1 Secret. Well done!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 20 December 2022, 18:15

I passed the map (using Hint Room), but found only 2 ghosts

Johnny Law Registered 20 December 2022, 20:49

Hah, apparently I'm Ewigkind's doppleganger... 22 minutes, 1 secret.

I see the thing that presumably is the super-secret that requires the other secrets, but I haven't gone trying to collect them yet.

I really enjoyed this map. It's clever enough that it doesn't have to rely on frustrating movement techniques or timing, or on annoying puzzles (e.g. towers of hanoi, sliding blocks, etc.). Just a fun explore-y experience.

I admit I did get an extra nostalgia buzz too from the oldschool textures and level of detailing, and the slightly-too-small-for-normal-gameplay scale of construction.

Anyway: solid thumbs up.

I didn't even realize until now that I had played (and enjoyed) Daniel's earlier pair of releases too... nice variety!

Johnny Law Registered 20 December 2022, 21:00

OK, got all the secrets too. :-) Kind of a cool little scavenger hunt once you find the thing they unlock.

Jehannum Registered 20 December 2022, 22:09

Fun and different. I really like the way people take Quake and make it their own!

The_Pirate Registered 22 December 2022, 23:03

Some times one gets what one asks for... this is certainly something new from this mapper.

Blocky, ugly, poor lighting... and oddly entertaining. These riddles seems to be the particular core skill of this mapper.

This map is different. Entertaining, and a 'riddle' map without the meanness that some mappers stick into their riddles and traps. Just plain fun.

Well done. And thanks for sharing!

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