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Screenshot of ritualsp
Author:Tyrann & negke
Title:Dark Ritual (single player version) (93063ce788a93dd95fc581eb3bf8cf2f)
Filesize:1371 Kilobytes
Release date:26.02.2011
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ritualsp.bsp2917 KB26.02.2011
ritualsp.map1960 KB26.02.2011
ritualsp.txt4 KB26.02.2011

Dark Ritual (single player version)

Medium-sized nightly industrial base where a dark ritual is being performed; the single player version of ritual, though slightly expanded. The GPL map source is included.

Tags: medium, base, industrial, decon, ogro, source, vertical, dm, boss, traps

Editor's Rating: Nice
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4/5 with 23 ratings
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Daz 25 November 2011, 19:51
Video playthrough -
hkBattousai 14 July 2012, 9:19
Boss fighting was very original and interesting.
Perfect map in every aspect.

Cocerello Registered 4 January 2015, 19:50

Played on skill 3 and 0. 1 secrets found (RA).

Way larger than one would expect for a dm map, and a very good adaptation of a dm map to sp. Good combats, good placement and amount of ammo, a bit over of health and armor, lower than ID maps. Difficulty around ID maps. The minus point of this map is its that it is repetitive, both in brushwork (even though there is variation in types of rooms)/textures and in lighting, more than in combats, and that combats are straightforward, even though considering the summonings, and mainly in 2D.

Very original boss fight. This one should inspire many mappers.


Lane Powell Registered 3 May 2016, 23:15

Really nice looking map with great textures and tight layout, but I had a few issues with it.

  1. The locked door near the start that says "This door opens nearby." I saw a button across the gap--thought I needed to make a trick jump to get to get to it and ended up noclipping, but after watching DaZ's video apparently you reach it by going through the door at the start. I didn't think to do that because that door has an icon that looks very much like a silver keycard, so I didn't think to even try it. Perhaps it's my fault, but I didn't notice another door in the map with such an icon.

  2. It's surprisingly easy on Hard difficulty, mostly because the monsters constantly telefrag each other. On the other hand, I can't tell if this was intentional because the ammo situation was fairly tight for most of the level. It made some combats much easier than expected however, and I would have preferred normal monster placement.

  3. The puzzle boss fight was more annoying than fun, to be honest. Actually getting the boss into the traps was fairly challenging (and not in a good way), with the lightning trap in particularly seeming impossible to pull off. The buttons take a long time to reset, which was also a little annoying (although I can see the point to that). Also the monsters's dumb AI and slow speed made it pretty unthreatening, as it never caught up to me except when I was fiddling with a trap, and it constantly got stuck behind walls.

Nice to look at and a decent single-player conversion of a DM map, but the issues really hold it back.

Bloughsburgh Registered 12 September 2016, 13:31

A unique spin on what appears to be a normal industrial base map. I like the "hell-shift" moment and the intentional telefragging. The end fight was creative as well!

Escalate_krsk Registered 18 November 2020, 4:12

Nice map with unusual finale... Puzzle boss is interesting to take on and lure into traps, but c'mon... why he is looking like ordinary shambler? Maybe you should have recolored it or something to be more distinct?) Otherwise, superb action!)

Mugwump Registered 16 May 2022, 9:24

Played this one a few times already and I'll surely come back to it sooner or later. Solid map but that was to be expected, considering its authors.

Re: repetitiveness, it's really no more repetitive than other multiplayer maps of the era. Keep in mind that this is a single-player conversion of a DM map, not a remix.

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