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Screenshot of rm1.1
Author:DragonsForLunch, EmeraldTiger, Heresy, Inky, iYago, Nickster, Riktoi, Spootnik, Tonhao
Title:Re:Mobilize 1.1 (b8302bd3b8127023e698c30892f034c0)
Filesize:249619 Kilobytes
Release date:16.07.2023
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rm1.1/Pak0.pak488012 KB14.07.2023
rm1.1/ReMobilize Wiki.url1 KB15.06.2023
rm1.1/map readmes/rm_carcosa.txt6 KB05.07.2023
rm1.1/map readmes/rm_echoes.txt3 KB13.07.2023
rm1.1/map readmes/rm_moon readme.txt2 KB22.06.2023
rm1.1/map readmes/rm_peak readme.txt2 KB22.06.2023
rm1.1/map readmes/rm_re1m8.txt3 KB14.06.2023
rm1.1/progs.dat796 KB09.07.2023
rm1.1/quake.rc1 KB11.01.2023
rm1.1/remobilize.fgd172 KB26.06.2023
rm1.1/rm_mechanics.wad631 KB19.07.2022

Re:Mobilize 1.1

Re:Mobilize is a mod by EmeraldTiger, with major development and coding support by Inky, for id software's classic 1996 FPS game Quake, built on top of dumptruck_ds's excellent progs_dump development kit (version 3.0). In addition to including all of the new features and changes present in progs_dump, Re:Mobilize brings them to a new level by improving them in various ways and offering brand new exclusive features in the very spirit of progs_dump.

Note: This might not work when installed with the Quake Injector on a case-sensitive filesystem (Linux) because the pak file is named "Pak0.pak". You can manually rename the file to lowercase "pak0.pak".

Tags: base, episode, exploration, large, heretic2, hexen, jump, makkon, medieval, metal, mg1, monsters, movement, music, platforming, progs_dump, puzzles, remake, remix, remobilize, runic, secrets, skybox, toolbox, trickjump

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4.5/5 with 20 ratings
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mellotronworker Registered 1 August 2023, 13:22

Am I alone in finding the atmospherics and layout superb but the gameplay baffling?

It's really impressive and hugely artistic, but there is something about the actual gameplay that seems confusing.

EmeraldTiger Registered 2 August 2023, 7:20

@mellotronworker: Thanks for your feedback! Which part of the gameplay do you feel is confusing or unintuitive? Is it the mechanics themselves, or is there a specific map or map(s) that are posing difficulty?

The map Ranger Dynamics has a tutorial section that covers how to interact with all of the mechanics. If there's a use of them in another map that is providing trouble, I can try to provide assistance/answers.

The_Pirate Registered 2 August 2023, 9:14

...It works fine on Linux. Just rename Pak0.pak to pak0.pak. So far, no problems encountered, everything loads and runs fine.

Sorry to EmeraldTiger, but this is not my cup of tea.

I will nevertheless give high marks to this map pack, because:

  • Very decent mapping and coding, and really good mood-setting

  • A lot of thinking out-of-the-box, creativity and imagination to a unheard-of level

....But i don't like the new gimmicks. IMHO they intefere with the game; i have to spend more time figting the new stuff than actually playing the game.

Also, little things like forcing ET's own config.cfg on me, and wrecking my own keyboard/mouse setup... perhaps leave that out and add the extra key binding in a autoexec.cfg ?

ET - sorry to piss on your parade like this. I recognize the tremendous effort and very considerable skills you have invested in this. Very well done - even if it isn't to my liking...

Thank You for your effort, and thanks for sharing.

EmeraldTiger Registered 2 August 2023, 10:15

@The_Pirate: No need to be sorry at all! It's a very different approach to the game, which I understand won't appeal to everyone - and that's OK! I appreciate your honesty a lot.

The mod's development taught me a lot about working with others and leading a team, which has led to a very valuable contribution to my portfolio. It has also been an extremely cathartic experience, translating a lot of ideas in the back of my head into tangible maps, both from my own maps and others'. And of course watching others play it and discuss it, regardless of opinion or angle - is always very fascinating. So if it has accomplished those things - at the end of the day, that is good enough for me. :) For me, the enjoyment is in the interaction with the community and the conversations it creates.

Thank you again for your honest response and thoughts.

(I do need to fix that Pak0 issue though in the next release. I know it's a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but it still bugs me lol)

randomuser Guest 3 August 2023, 13:59

Hi, on macos using Quakeinjector with " -game rm1.1 +map rm1.1", Quake tells me "couldn't spawn server maps/rm1.1.bsp", and i can't see any "rm1.1.bsp" file inside the zip...

any help appreciated! thanks

The_Pirate Registered 3 August 2023, 17:00

Pls try " -game rm1.1 +map start "

If you are on Mac or Linux, pls remame 'Pak0.pak' to 'pak0.pak' before you try.

You could also just use " -game rm1.1 " and select 'new game' from the start menu that pop up when you press the 'esc' button.

Good luck. You are in for a very different and challenging experience! :)

Greenwood Registered 9 August 2023, 16:53

Why is only 1 author listed for this project? That would be like listing Alkaline as just me (Greenwood)!

In the start map's hub, I am seeing maps by also DragonsForLunch, Heresy, Inky, iYago, Nickster, Riktoi, Spootnik, and Tonhao.

It might've helped if there was a project read_me file included in the main folder, listing those involved. The hyperlink included sends you to the project's GitHub page which includes acknowledgement; however, credits of the creators of the maps are not listed, unfortunately.

EmeraldTiger Registered 9 August 2023, 17:13

@Greenwood: Thank you for bringing that my attention! That was definitely an oversight on my part. I had included the author list on the Slipseer page and thought I had already done so on the main wiki page as well. Should be fixed now.

Mazu Registered 12 August 2023, 7:55

This is easily the most fun I've had with Quake in a while. There are few issues here and there like some maps being insanely dark or have a confusing progression, but even with some issues this is near perfection.

Quake needs more fresh gameplay stuff to make it interesting to play after so many years. Re:Mobilize is a great start on that with new mechanics that are done tastefully.

Can't wait for announced map jam for this to conclude and provide even more maps in Re:Mobilize.

glossum Registered 14 August 2023, 22:17

Carcosa is the most confusing map. Too eclectical. And there is the gold key after all? :)

nerjal Registered 18 August 2023, 2:29

Well I'm not gonna say that the new gameplay mechanics are always smoothly implemented, but oh boy they are so much fun! Every map is a treat design-wise and visually diverse. This mod is an evidence that Quake still has so much to offer. Highly recommended!

RaverX Registered 18 August 2023, 2:32

Did anyone tested this? I tried to play Carcosa, it's basically impossible. The "bounce" when you jump on the "elastic" from a high ground is happening once in 10 tries... if I'm lucky, and when it's happening it's impossible to control the movement while in the air.

I'm sorry, I'm a huge Quake fan, playing the game since 1996, enjoyed almost all maps and mods released for it, even if some are quite hard, but this one is unplayable.

This would be "ok" back in late 90s, but now in 2023 it's not ok, especially when coming from such well known mappers.

Guys, I know it's not easy to make a quality mod, but let me give you one advice. Give this map to a bunch of people, ask them to play it and give you feedback, then fix the problems. It will be MUCH better.

riktoi Guest 18 August 2023, 9:33

@RaverX This sounds peculiar. We just recently put out an update that makes bouncing on the trampolines very consistent. Not to sound rude, but there is a chance that this is user error.

Are you aware that Quake allows you to hold down jump (buffering) to jump? The same works on trampolines.

If it's not this, perhaps some specificities would be appreciated, for reproduction. I can ensure you that the mechanics have gone through quite a lot of testing.

Inky Guest 18 August 2023, 10:11

@RaverX Hello, As the author of "An Excursion to Carcosa", I am pretty surprised. My map probably relies less on the Re:Mobilize mechanics than any other map in the pack and is likely the less demanding one in terms of skill jumping and precise air movement control.

It feels like you might have missed the fact that the JUMP button must be kept pressed while jumping on a trampoline, instead of being briefly pressed upon contact (which may explain the problems you encountered).

Please give the pack a second chance and do be sure to start your exploration with the map called Ranger Dynamics (which is the tutorial mal and an excellent map at the same time) to gain confidence in the mechanics and fully master them.

If I may, Re:Mobilize is a recognized and acclaimed mappack by solid well-established mappers of the current Quake mapping scene, not a buggy untested crap by a handful of clowns. It was intensively tested and is praised for a reason. :-) So please don't miss the point and don't turn away from a truly fresh, exciting and fun worthwhile experience! :-)

Alex Ros Registered 18 August 2023, 11:19

This is not for everybody. You HAVE to be slower than usual. You HAVE to observe your surroundings and look out for hook-panels, trampolines and wire-ladders. Also you HAVE to get used to new mechanics. But if you invest your time into all these "have to" you will be gifted with one of the most engaging experiences. Completely new Quake experience. Expanded Quake. Experimental in a way. Personally I had my fun. My favourite map is the one by DragonsForLunch. Without any specific reasoning - it just appealed to me. While all maps deserve attention - they're all hi quality, not a single mediocre map in here

Mopey bloke Registered 18 August 2023, 13:46

I don't know what people are talking about here. The maps aren't super confusing, and the mechanics marry with Quake gameplay well.

Ninja Registered 5 September 2023, 20:54

Do i have to rocket jump everywhere? gravity is normal, cannot do high or long jumps, after 1st 2 maps i gave up.

EmeraldTiger Registered 8 September 2023, 8:29

@Ninja: Rocket jumping isn't necessary to complete any of the maps; all three mechanics provide the sufficient mobility to be able to traverse them from start to finish. Ranger Dynamics has a tutorial section that shows you how to use the mechanics.

caedes Guest 10 September 2023, 13:02

I love this mod!

The new mechanics are really fun and make Quake feel "fresh" again, and the maps are super high quality as well.

My only complaints:
* I found some parts of Echoes of Repercussion way too hard and had to resort to noclip. While the new mechanics felt pretty solid in the other maps, in Echoes it felt more fragile, like the light hook should have connected but didn't - probably because the targets were so small. Absolutely beautiful map though! * It was over too soon, I need more maps :-p

Vasya shkolnik Guest 23 September 2023, 0:40

There is one very non-obvious moment did not declared in tutorial: climbing wall doesnt work as in Half-Life, when you fall down from climbing wall, it is very important to look to right direction. If you want to jump from the climbing wall to the far platform, you should not look to this platform, you shoul look above it! Without this moment you can not pass Swamps of Heretics. I stucked on this level and only after video-guide realized this moment

psychoroad Registered 28 September 2023, 3:05

had tons of fun playing this. all maps look really good. while the new mechanics seem confusing at first but once getting used to, it's really fun and complement quake's original gameplay.

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