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Screenshot of rmx-pack
Author:RickyT23, Speedy, Spirit, Willem, Zwiffle
Title:Remix Map Pack (597bb353cbac9edeab717334586736df)
Filesize:7846 Kilobytes
Release date:28.08.2008
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rmx-pack/gnu.txt15 KB21.12.1999
rmx-pack/maps/e4m1rmx.lit1423 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e3m5rmx_spd.bsp2555 KB20.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e2m1rmx_spirit.bsp1406 KB15.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/start.bsp2179 KB22.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e3m4rmx.bsp2970 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e4m7rmx.bsp4207 KB15.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e4m1rmx.bsp3901 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/e3m4rmx.txt1 KB21.08.2008
rmx-pack/e3m5rmx_spd.txt1 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/_readme-rmx.txt1 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/fitz-rmx.bat1 KB18.05.2008
rmx-pack/e4m1rmx.txt3 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256lf.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256dn.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256bk.tga191 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256ft.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256rt.tga192 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256up.tga189 KB27.12.2001
_readme-rmx.txt1 KB28.08.2008
sources/gnu.txt15 KB21.12.1999
sources/e3m4rmx.txt1 KB21.08.2008
sources/start.map2043 KB23.08.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.rmf11094 KB09.06.2008
sources/e3m4rmx.map1638 KB17.06.2008
sources/e2m1rmx_spirit.qkm611 KB15.06.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.map3005 KB09.06.2008
sources/e2m1rmx_spirit.map1203 KB23.08.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.txt3 KB09.06.2008
_readme-rmx.txt1 KB27.08.2008

Remix Map Pack

Results of the 2008 remix competition at Func_Msgboard: five remixes/remakes of original id maps.

e2m1rmx by Spirit
e3m4rmx by Willem
e3m5rmx by Speedy
e4m1rmx by RickyT23
e4m7rmx by Zwiffle

Running the pack from a mod directory is optional - if one wishes to access the maps from the included start map.
(Some maps are released under the terms of GPL: sources)

Tags: remix, contest, source, medium, large, e2m1, e3m4, e3m5, e4m1, e4m7, wind tunnels, speedbaze

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 38 ratings
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Quaker 20 February 2010, 6:50
E2M1 remix: should've kept w/ some kind of base and only okay quality E3M4 remix: no ammo at start, too similar to original, quite immediately. Other three: this is just what the Quake maps needed, awesome jobs! ID should see these! E2M1 rating=65; E3M4=35; other three=about 90 overall
Icantthinkofanickname Registered 27 January 2014, 14:36

RickyT23's e4m1rmx is excellent and the overall winner for me. It looks great, and the slime plus respawning biosuits make for exciting gameplay.

This is followed very closely by Speedy's e3m5rmx_spd. I love the concept of relocating the wind tunnels to a partly open mechanical mountain fortress, but I feel that not enough was made of this. Very frantic gameplay leaves little time to admire the scenery, and it would have been great to have at least one or two moments in the map where one could admire the structure in all its outdoor glory, getting a sense of space and scale. Sadly, that never really happens. The skybox also appeared very low-res on my setup. Maybe it was supposed to appear blurry and hence distant? Still, a wonderful remix map.

Spirit's e2m1rmxspirit is my third favourite. I disagree with Quaker's comment above: the concept of a medieval reinterpretation of a base map is great. The execution seemed a little rough and not in the same league as e4m1rmx and e3m5rmxspd, but it's still a very enjoyable map.

Zwiffle's e4m7rmx is ok. A little too short perhaps, but above all I would have preferred something more substantially visually different, whereas this map mainly seems to increase the detail level of e4m7. Somehow, that does not work for me here. Perhaps because the original has a very basic, blocky design, the increased detail seems to clash with rather than enhance that aesthetic.

Willem's e3m4rmx is my least favourite. However, having read on Func_Msgboard what Willem's intention and methodology was here (and that he ran out of time before being able to finish it), I can certainly respect the ambition and discipline of the project.

Start map: I always appreciate the addition of a start map, but this seems a little tacked-on and jokey. Better than no start map, I guess, and I know it is a bonus and can simply be ignored – but it did make me think how nice a proper remix of the Quake start map would have been here.

3.5 overall.

QForever Registered 20 February 2014, 21:37

It was a great idea overall and enough good in here overall for a 5/5. Sure the maps vary in quality some but at the very least there is definitely an architectural facelift. Turning E2M1 into a different theme seems a little questionable to me, but in all it's still a fine map. The E3M4 remix definitely is my least favorite; E3M5 probably my favorite, not to mention I love The Wind Tunnels concept.

bfg666 Registered 21 August 2016, 5:33

@Icantthinkofanickname "Spirit's e2m1rmxspirit is my third favourite. I disagree with Quaker's comment above: the concept of a medieval reinterpretation of a base map is great."

Not if you care about the "story" flow: as you know, each episode begins in a human military base overrun by Quake's forces, and THEN you travel to other dimensions to stop the invasion. Making an ExM1 anything else than base-themed ruins that. You might argue that there is no story progression in single maps and you would be right. However, I was planning on gathering all the existing remix maps and eventually filling the gaps to make myself a remix of the whole game. I can't do that with this map unless it is reskinned.

Bloughsburgh Registered 9 September 2016, 13:13

Start - Kinda of odd and as someone else stated, a bit jokey. Still cool to have a map and I like the transitions to each level.

Spirit - Cool idea to mix the themes but I can barely tell that I am playing a remixed version of the Installation. Samey gameplay with bland visuals.

Willem - I had to second guess myself to realize I was not just playing the original Satan's Dark Delight! This is basically the original map but with less ammo (way too less ammo!) and some bone textures here and there. I can see where the remix was happening but it was contained within a secret.

Speedy - Transforming the indoor wind tunnels to an outdoor curved mechanical nightmare! Really cool remix map and very tough! This map easily had the most impressive brushwork.

RickyT23 - Wow, this is the showstopper right here! Stunning visuals and lighting (Actually, one of the best looking levels I have played!) Great gameplay, the respawning biosuit is a great idea. I died at the "You are trapped inside!" part and was completely confused as to what to do. I guessed maybe you had to clear out the spawns but I found this section to be a bit too devious. Could be my fault since I tend to not abuse quicksaves when first attempting a map.

Zwiffle - You start being forced to "dance" with a shambler. That's one of things I can't stand in quake maps. However once you go up the elevator to the outdoors, the map really starts to become its own. Then I found a "Big facking deal!" secret with a shambler and 2 vores in close quarters...and died. Not my gameplay style I guess.

Sum of its parts gets 4 stars!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 16 April 2018, 14:31

I have a technical problem with remake of wind tunnels. Initial position of two tubes in main room is incorrect in my port, both tubes are not over to jump-place. After switching both tubes moves to the position over jump place and their model becames to be intersected. And there is no case to move forward without cheating. QuakeSpasm 0.93.0

MikeTaylor Registered 20 April 2018, 18:43

e2m1rmx -- enjoyable enough, in a simplistic way, but I couldn't see that it had much to do with e1m1.

inf Guest 20 April 2018, 19:55

Compare it too e2m1 maybe?

Solomoriah Registered 20 April 2019, 7:43

Every last one of these maps was great! I could barely see the resemblance to the original level in most of them, and that's not a bad thing, not at all!

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