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Screenshot of rmx-pack
Author:RickyT23, Speedy, Spirit, Willem, Zwiffle
Title:Remix Map Pack (597bb353cbac9edeab717334586736df)
Filesize:7846 Kilobytes
Release date:28.08.2008
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rmx-pack/gnu.txt15 KB21.12.1999
rmx-pack/maps/e4m1rmx.lit1423 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e3m5rmx_spd.bsp2555 KB20.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e2m1rmx_spirit.bsp1406 KB15.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/start.bsp2179 KB22.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e3m4rmx.bsp2970 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e4m7rmx.bsp4207 KB15.06.2008
rmx-pack/maps/e4m1rmx.bsp3901 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/e3m4rmx.txt1 KB21.08.2008
rmx-pack/e3m5rmx_spd.txt1 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/_readme-rmx.txt1 KB27.08.2008
rmx-pack/fitz-rmx.bat1 KB18.05.2008
rmx-pack/e4m1rmx.txt3 KB16.06.2008
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256lf.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256dn.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256bk.tga191 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256ft.tga193 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256rt.tga192 KB27.12.2001
rmx-pack/gfx/env/elbrus256up.tga189 KB27.12.2001
_readme-rmx.txt1 KB28.08.2008
sources/gnu.txt15 KB21.12.1999
sources/e3m4rmx.txt1 KB21.08.2008
sources/start.map2043 KB23.08.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.rmf11094 KB09.06.2008
sources/e3m4rmx.map1638 KB17.06.2008
sources/e2m1rmx_spirit.qkm611 KB15.06.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.map3005 KB09.06.2008
sources/e2m1rmx_spirit.map1203 KB23.08.2008
sources/e4m1rmx.txt3 KB09.06.2008
_readme-rmx.txt1 KB27.08.2008

Remix Map Pack

Results of the 2008 remix competition at Func_Msgboard: five remixes/remakes of original id maps.

e2m1rmx by Spirit
e3m4rmx by Willem
e3m5rmx by Speedy
e4m1rmx by RickyT23
e4m7rmx by Zwiffle

Running the pack from a mod directory is optional - if one wishes to access the maps from the included start map.
(Some maps are released under the terms of GPL: sources)

Tags: remix, contest, source, medium, large, e2m1, e3m4, e3m5, e4m1, e4m7, wind tunnels, speedbaze

Editor's Rating: Excellent
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4.3/5 with 38 ratings
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