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Screenshot of rte
Title:Return to Earth (656dc686c8d8bad7c05ac2ebac1c6614)
Filesize:1241 Kilobytes
Release date:22.07.2001
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/blood.bsp1176 KB24.07.2001
maps/fate.bsp1285 KB24.07.2001
maps/temple.bsp1185 KB24.07.2001
maps/ware1.bsp466 KB24.07.2001
rte.txt8 KB24.07.2001

Return to Earth

Four maps that gradually become more elaborate and sophisticated, mirroring the author's growth as a level designer.

Note: this file was repacked by Spirit.

Tags: mini episode, base, temple, mixtex, nonlinear, maze

Editor's Rating: Crap
User Rating:
1.4/5 with 15 ratings
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rj 9 June 2010, 6:14
haha. as if this is in here!

it was more fond beginner nostalgia rather than a ""joke" release". i know it sucked but i made that clear in the txt :P
Icantthinkofanickname Registered 26 January 2014, 22:09

I enjoyed this pack. The maps are technically bad, but they make up for their lack of sophistication with plenty of raw creativity and charm. Purposefully stringing “bad” maps together into a mini-episode like this was a brilliant idea; the consistently primitive style thus becomes its own aesthetic.

Cautiously recommended – provided you are able to look past very rough execution and appreciate the creative spirit beneath.

If you are playing this in Quakespasm: I found that I had to disable overbright lighting ("gl_overbright 0" in the console) to get the lighting to look as intended.

Cocerello Registered 27 August 2014, 19:30

Quite good for first maps, combat and layout wise. All can be completed with no cheats.

Some of the textures was interesting (the base one and the one for the doors, for example).

Anonymous Guest 31 December 2014, 21:33


Delor Guest 16 March 2015, 23:11

I strongly encourage creativity and imagination rather than academic dull Quake mapping :) So I'll sure check this out !

Opus131 Registered 6 June 2015, 20:55

The layout and gameplay on the last map is quite good, all considered. Everything else is just terrible.

marc timothy moses Registered 16 July 2016, 8:09

waste of memory space

Aspokala Guest 6 October 2016, 20:42

I tried to have fun with the thought 'oh haha this pack sucks'. Ok, I tried.

JMP Registered 25 December 2021, 17:59

I like the puzzles in the third map. It's too bad the author didn't run with that idea and turn it into a serious map.

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