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Screenshot of rubicon2
Author:metlslime & czg
Title:Rubicon 2 (d385d88fbd95fe08df8501d6aa5e66fa)
Filesize:9505 Kilobytes
Release date:11.02.2011
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Type:Partial conversion
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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pak0.pak23811 KB12.02.2011
rubicon2.txt5 KB12.02.2011

Rubicon 2

Three-map base/industrial campaign with new textures, three new monsters, and a few other additions.

Tags: base, rubicon, large, episode, monsters, textures, industrial, mustplay, e1m1, fromitz

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.7/5 with 97 ratings
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negke 14 February 2011, 1:45
Three-map base/industrial campaign with new textures, three new monsters, and of few other additions.
negke 14 February 2011, 1:46
Crap, this was supposed to go into the edit window. Spirit, please delete these comments.
Nahuel 14 February 2011, 2:12
great, the atmosphere is very original remember´s me the cgz insomnia!!!!!
Daz 23 December 2011, 22:46
Playthrough of the first level :

2nd the 3rd maps coming soon(tm)
Lord Graga 29 December 2011, 19:39
Just played first map, and it was pretty good. Nice secret. Not a big fan of the new monsters and grunts/enforcers in general, but it didn't keep me from liking it. Nice geometry.
Daz 30 December 2011, 0:43
Playthrough of the 2nd map -
Daz 1 January 2012, 17:24
aaaaaand the final video -
than 20 February 2012, 15:33
Great gameplay, connectivity, lots of good ideas, and I really enjoyed fighting the new enemies. Architecture and texturing is rather inspiring in many areas and makes me want to map!
hkBattousai 19 May 2012, 9:35
Excellent work!
Those flamethrowers literally freaked me out!
Carlos 23 June 2012, 20:13
No words, just awsome. its on my favorite list of custom Levels: Zerstorer Testment of destroyer, Rubicon 2, Insomnia, Penumbra, Terra... Really nice.
ijed Guest 10 January 2013, 12:12
Excellent piece of work.
Qmaster Registered 8 March 2013, 1:07
Wow! czg's was my favorite but all of the levels were wonderful!!
FifthElephant Registered 7 October 2013, 22:20

I enjoyed a lot of this pack, except the weird Doctor Who style terrible dustbin robots. I loved the section with the multi-floor lift, really cool.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 24 November 2013, 13:34

Extremely polished feel throughout. I actually really liked the "dustbin robots" (to quote FifthElephant above) as they add a bit of humour and contribute to the retro-sci-fi atmosphere.

NightFright Registered 4 February 2014, 13:47

Three maps you won't forget so soon after playing them! Has a hub which lets you return so you can play the maps in any order you like. Any of them is great and full of details, but if I had to choose a highlight, it would be "A Thousand Years Into The Past" (RUB2M3) by czg. A huge, foggy storage complex with impressive architecture.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 4 February 2014, 17:48

While I love this episode and gave it a 5/5, I really think that subjective tags like "mustplay" are not useful. That's what the ratings and comments are for, after all.

NoNameUser Guest 26 May 2014, 14:39

Not bad. It has a great atmosphere and cool new enemies, specially those funny Super Metroid Automatons; plus a lot of nice ambiance sounds and special effects. Unfortunately, the levels are all tech style, which isn't a bad thing, but it makes the areas look a bit too similar. Also, while the majority of the secrets are not too difficult to discover, they are not really worth hunting if you dispose of all the enemies first because as soon as you finish the level you're stripped of all your gear and have to start the next map from scratch. This is an issue that's present in several other maps I've played, finding hidden areas is one of the things that makes Quake so much fun to play, but this basically kills that enjoyment.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 December 2014, 16:25

I'm sure I've played this before, because so much of it feels familiar -- but I can't believe that I never registered Flood Control Dam #3 before, a reference close to my heart.

On replaying the first level (Hydroexploitation Plant), I found it a really enjoyable challenge, with just enough disorientation to keep things interesting but not enough to become frustrating. This is another map -- like the original Rubicon -- that doesn't give you the powerful weapons (unless they're in the two secrets I missed) but which somehow doesn't suffer from that restriction but even seems to benefit from it. Everything feels more claustrophobic and threatening when you have nothing more powerful than RANG (Regular-Ass Nail Gun).

More when I've played the other levels.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2014, 11:20

Replaying the second level (Subterranean Spookworks) also feels hauntingly familiar -- it's really strange that I only half remember these levels. Once again, weapons are limited to the three weakest (SG, SSG, RANG), and while that was an interesting approach in the original Rubicon and Hydroexploitation Plant, it's wearing a bit then now. I am about ready to blow some stuff up. Mind you, I only found one of seven secrets, so maybe the good stuff was there for the taking if I'd been more inspired.

There are some nice touches here, especially the three testing rooms (hints of Portal?) but overall it's less satisfying that the first level -- probably in part because instead of being one big level, this is really four small ones that you play in sequence. In effect, it's a smallish episode, and perhaps for that reason should have been released standalone rather than as part of a pack.

More when I've played CZG's level.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2014, 11:23

BTW., can someone add Tronyn's review to the links? Feel free to delete this comment when done!

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2014, 16:51

I finished CZG's level A thousand years into the past, with all 169 kills -- but not until I'd had a great time exploring a very atmospheric and intricate base. Found six of the seven secrets, too, which is a lot better then the feeble 1/7 that I found in Subterranean Spookworks. Since I ended up with all the weapons except the rocket launcher, I assume that the missing secret probably held one. Shame to miss it -- it would have been fun to have in several places.

I'm definitely happy that I played this last of the three Rubicon 2 maps, since it was by some distance my favourite. (Then again, CZG is probably my favourite mapper over all, so it's not too surprising.)

Putting it all together, it would be unreasonable to award this pack less then the fuil five stars. Great stuff.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2014, 16:52

Hmm. I see that this page shows Rubicon 2's average score as 4.9/5, but the list page shows only 4.65. Surely the same kind of average ought to be used in both places?

Spirit Registered 12 December 2014, 17:27

4.9/5 is the actual average. The "User's" rating on the map list is something like , maxing out somewhere around 4.8. I wanted to provide some useful sorting instead of the rubbish many sites have. No idea how to nicely make both sites show the same unless I do that expensive calculation for each map page too (or write them to the db and update after each vote). The code is a mess...

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2014, 17:44

For what it's worth, I think just doing the same calculation on each map page is the way to go. You call it "expensive", but you do it on 1216 maps when you display the map list, so it's obviously lightweight enough! But I realise you probably have more important things to be working on (like you own next map?)

FredBezies Guest 13 December 2014, 15:22

I love to search for nightmare level access in Quake episode. In this one, I found it to be cool... And kinda wet :D

Bloughsburgh Registered 4 April 2016, 11:59

Really great set of levels, I find that enjoy the industrial theme (Not to be confused with idbase theme!). Playing these maps I can see where RRP got the inspiration.

Kinn Registered 31 December 2016, 20:36

Consistently brilliant. Strong themes, clever layouts. Incomparable atmosphere and polish. I haven't played a set of tech levels better than this.

topher Registered 5 February 2017, 20:40

I really liked the two metl maps and the fact that you have to go trough the map mainly with the shotgun and nailgun with limited ammo boxes and health packs trough the level.

Atzuras Guest 17 April 2017, 3:59

I hate bases but I must admit Rubicon has changed the Rules. And Rubicon 2 sets the new standard for this kind of setup. CZG's map "a thousand years" can be played in several ways and "spookyworks" it's a funny one. I regret not practicing my skills because all are very tactical and require precision - or you will waste all your ammo and probably health chasing Centurions. Do we really need this kind of Scraggs with Machineguns? Probably they are a bit overpowered but I reckon they are the way to go when spaces are getting bigger and the Z-axis takes a very important role in the map design. Overall 4/5, which may look too harsh but you don't know how many times I have been killed, do you?

MikeTaylor Registered 25 April 2017, 16:06

I replayed The Hydroexploitation Plant, this time finishing with six of the seven secrets (and all 99 kills) -- but still only had the three weakest weapons (SG, SSG and NG). Is the elusive seventh secret a better weapon? Where is it?!

bhlaab Registered 31 July 2019, 5:07

I liked CZG's level. Didn't care for Metal Slime's

Jugador Registered 11 October 2019, 18:32

These maps are so stylish they almost make you want to live in them.

whatisquake Registered 15 March 2021, 2:41

Feels like a successful attempt at different gameplay and atmosphere than usual, especially with the new enemies and sometimes sparse ammo. Recommended!

triple_agent Registered 15 June 2021, 18:55

Bloody fucking masterpiece.

When I started playing this mod/map-pack, I just had to keep going, until completed. It totally drew me in. This, is my kind of world.

I love the grim, rusty and dark appeal of this entire realm; truly a picture of decaying future, where ignorance, is like a luxurious commodity. Wait, what?

I like how coherent you remained with the choice of themes; it results in an outstanding atmosphere.

The new enemies, genuinely make the difference - congratulations! New technologies - primarily the ladder climbing - are well implemented. For the laser systems, I felt like they posed good potential for a puzzle element, so perhaps came out eventually a bit underused maybe?

Now, for the specific maps:

"The Hydroexploitation Plant". I did not like the blue sky; it should have been perhaps something closer to the "desert of reality" dystopia, as presented in "The Matrix", only though not cranked up to such a high degree. Difficulty level balance, was perfect. Damn, everything was perfect, save for a nuance here or there. But to my delight, things, were only to get better.

"Subterranean Spookworks". Impressive with scale at first glance, compared to the rather claustrophobic "Hydroexploitation Plant". The blinking lights and the grim atmosphere of an underground atomic lab, is all overwhelming. It felt pity to run through this, so I walked more often along those dark corridors, where enemies lurk from underneath the shadow, to make you brighten the night, a little bit. The befallen "Floyd", was hilarious! The turrets, made for a nice puzzle element, really neat! The difficulty balance was so well tuned that I did not even think about it; it was just there, right on - relating to the skill level "2". Last but not least, I like maps with strong sense of a central place and the "Subterranean Spookworks", is one of them. Strong centre, is like a strong core - it makes everything spin around.

"A Thousand Years Into The Past". Map made by guest author or a co-creator of the "Rubicon 2" package. Does this map shine. It is a genuine world of Darwin, where something, went wrong - without the fireworks. I like this quiet, this ghastly feeling of calm, within the eye of a thunder. Like something is about to break through, but it never comes, so you reach out, searching for it. Madness, all madness. There is a point about precipices in this map - a leap forward and downward is required, a sense of sacrifice into the unknown. It is interesting how a human reacts to the sense of relative emptiness - it starts to listen. Enemies, mostly come in low volume, but are tactically well placed; some combat situations, were as tight as it gets. Even though the map is larger and more cavernous than the "Subterranean Spookworks", as well as bathed in ominous fog, transgressing into darkness - it brings an unhampered sense of progress. I never felt such vibe playing any 'Quake' map. "A Thousand Years Into The Past", is superb.

Assuming the impact - both technological and thematic - of what you have accomplished with the "Rubicon 2", minding it is of great artistic integrity, next to simply fitting to my liking, I have to say, this is my favourite mod/map pack so far.


Mr. Blue Sky Guest 15 June 2021, 21:41

I disagree - the fact that Quake base maps take place in broad daylight, under a blue sky, is what makes Quake so distinct and uncanny.

triple_agent Registered 16 June 2021, 6:47

Hello @'Mr. Blue Sky', I am glad to have your opinion, even if it counters my opinion. I do kind of understand the "clear sky" motif and so on, but still, perhaps the trajectory we want to see the realm of 'Rubicon 2' to roll, differs. I see how the blue sky does bring some contrast to an otherwise depressing base tone, but it is a matter of taste, ultimately, what fits what, how, when and where. The outeriors of the base, to my liking, simply seem too bright and living. Anyway, what is done, is done, the blue sky is there; I count it more as a nuance or a matter of opinion, than an issue.

Alex Ros Registered 6 February 2022, 14:47

The only thing I dislike is that funny lightning flag. It's plain humorous. Subjectively! So who cares... Other than that it's a masterpiece. Must-play for all Quake lovers. Even if you won't like the style right away, like for example I am not a fan of dystopia sort of things, then give it a try and gameplay & atmosphere will draw you in inevitably. 100 out of 10, among the best maps ever created for Quake. Objectively

PS. Recommended to play Rubicon Rumble Pack next to it in a row. Same universe, same quality, same intricateness of layouts. Pure gem

triple_agent Registered 20 March 2022, 6:43

@'Alex Ros', the flag is funny, but simultaneously, it is the face of 'Cthon', as well as the face of 'Evil' in 'Arcane Dimensions'.

vertigo Registered 10 July 2022, 1:15

I'll say right off the bat that I loved playing Rubicon 2. This was my first time playing it and my only knowledge going in was that Alkaline was partially based off of it.

What really surprised me was just how much influence Rubicon 2 imparted onto Alkaline. I knew they were semi-related but when I saw the ubiquitous Alkaline triangle logo was actually the Rubicon triangle logo it all clicked.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the mod had only 3 maps. That's not because I wanted more content but rather I expected magnum opus syndrome to be in full effect with three gargantuan and long winded maps. I can now see that I was completely wrong, I was able to complete all three maps in around an hour total.

The maps aren't exceedingly large but are juuuuust big enough for the mapper to get the most out of the resources (new monsters and textures) without overstaying their welcome. The pacing across all three maps is on point. There are peaks and valleys in the gameplay with a few high points in each one and culminating in a big finale. I do think the last map should have had a more grandiose finale with a higher enemy count but it's not bad as it is currently. I also want to point out how the first map had a little wink to id1 e1m1 at the very start. It was fairly subtle but I appreciated it.

The new enemies were very familiar as I had seen them in other mods but I was a bit surprised as to how polished they are already in Rubicon 2. I have to say, I love 'Floyd'. I love the design, I love how their little legs kick in vain before they explode but I REALLY, really love the fact that they go down in two grenades. That is a very smart design decision and it's very important in Quake where the monsters can easily feel overly spongy and annoying to kill.

The new textures are used to great effect. The maps have some architectural features that are consistent across all three which makes them feel more conjoined than simply using the same textures would. What I mean by this is not only things like the wheels to turn off steam but also the use of flags, the doors etc.

Despite the fact that these maps could be called tech bases (industrial bases, maybe?) they feel completely different to id1 bases. If Rubicon had a few more maps, so it could fill out an episode, it would feel totally like a new expansion pack.

There are a number of visually interesting features which makes it exciting to explore because you always want to see what's around the next corner. I especially enjoyed the mini-dam.

Ambient sounds are used liberally in Rubicon 2 and they totally work. It doesn't feel like a caucoghphany of humming and whirring but instead brings this rusted and bleak industrial hellhole to life.

The other approximations of real life locations also serve to make the maps feel more alive. The helipad in particular went for quite a realistic look.

In closing, Rubicon 2 is absolutely fantastic and you should immediately play it if you haven't already (and probably also if you have). I can't wait to play the Rubicon Rumble Pack which I think is a sequel.

Rez Guest 29 March 2023, 12:26

I've been playing a lot of Alkaline lately, so I wanted to see the maps the project took its inspiration (and enemies) from. It turns out Rubicon 2 still holds up today, with fun encounters and well made maps.

I liked how for the majority of the maps you only had the weaker weapons and no explosives. It makes sense because most of what you're fighting are just armies of grunts anyway, so nothing else is really needed, but it was nice to finally get a thunderbolt and grenade launcher on the final map. Floyds are as entertaining as ever, and I'm glad Alkaline made no changes to them - their stubby little legs kicking around when they fall over is always my favourite. The flamethrower guys originated from here too, and because I'm so used to them having a unique voice line these days I was actually caught off guard during the first encounter when what I thought to be an Enforcer suddenly set me alight.

Secrets were surprisingly hard to find, I only got a couple on each map except for the last where I found most of them. They didn't seem that necessary anyway, only giving you a tiny bit more ammo or health, but it gives good replay value if you enjoy secret hunting.

An easy recommendation, especially if you liked Alkaline.

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