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Screenshot of sewerjam
Author:Andrew Yoder, Artistical, Axebeard, Burnham, Greenwood, khreathor, MortalMaxx, Nolcoz, Pinchy, Ryan Trawick, Ubiquitous
Title:Quake Sewer Jam (834495976588b4baffc24a5aad425458)
Filesize:89522 Kilobytes
Release date:02.09.2019
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardScreenshot posterTeaser trailer
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
docs/swjam_axebeard.txt3 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_burnham_readme.txt3 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_greenwood.txt2 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_maxx.txt2 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_nolcoz.txt1 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_pinchy.txt3 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_ubiquitous.txt2 KB31.08.2019
docs/swjam_yoder.txt2 KB01.09.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_bk.tga629 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_dn.tga664 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_ft.tga685 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_lf.tga669 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_rt.tga710 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/epiphany_up.tga628 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_bk.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_dn.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_ft.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_lf.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_rt.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
gfx/env/moonrise_up.tga3073 KB31.08.2019
maps/models/debris_toilet_ubi.bsp13 KB31.08.2019
maps/models/rubble1.bsp14 KB28.07.2019
maps/models/rubble2.bsp13 KB28.07.2019
maps/models/rubblemaxx.bsp12 KB06.08.2019
maps/start.bsp1220 KB01.09.2019
maps/start.lit695 KB01.09.2019
maps/swjam_arma.bsp1193 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_arma.lit1095 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_artistical.bsp2250 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_artistical.lit913 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_axebeard.bsp11226 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_axebeard.lit2914 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_burnham.bsp1459 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_elithium.bsp1716 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_elithium.lit550 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_greenwood.bsp4086 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_maxx.bsp5030 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_maxx.lit1474 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_nolcoz.bsp6556 KB01.09.2019
maps/swjam_nolcoz.lit1673 KB01.09.2019
maps/swjam_pinchy.bsp4871 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_pinchy.lit1842 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_ubiquitous.bsp34068 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_ubiquitous.lit4809 KB31.08.2019
maps/swjam_yoder.bsp3181 KB02.09.2019
maps/swjam_yoder.lit1231 KB02.09.2019
mapsrc/rubblemaxx.map2 KB06.08.2019
mapsrc/start.map1757 KB01.09.2019
mapsrc/swjam_arma.map617 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_axebeard.map2728 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_burnham.map441 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_elithium.map963 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_maxx.map3793 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_nolcoz.map3112 KB01.09.2019
mapsrc/swjam_pinchy.map4413 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_ubiquitous.map10081 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_ubiquitous.wad2944 KB31.08.2019
mapsrc/swjam_yoder.map3377 KB31.08.2019
music/track48.mp32200 KB31.08.2019
music/track48.ogg3331 KB31.08.2019
music/track55.ogg7147 KB31.08.2019
music/track77.mp314701 KB02.09.2019
music/track77.ogg17386 KB02.09.2019
progs.dat531 KB31.08.2019
progs/beam.mdl9 KB28.07.2019
progs/drip.spr1 KB28.07.2019
progs/dripBr.spr1 KB31.08.2019
progs/dripmaxx.spr1 KB29.07.2019
progs/eel2.mdl174 KB28.07.2019
progs/eelgib.mdl29 KB28.07.2019
progs/eelhead.mdl51 KB28.07.2019
progs/explod2.spr92 KB28.07.2019
progs/fireball1.spr62 KB28.07.2019
progs/hydra.mdl275 KB28.07.2019
progs/hydragib.mdl84 KB28.07.2019
progs/misc_player.mdl550 KB05.01.2018
progs/shell.mdl6 KB28.07.2019
progs/smoke1.spr45 KB28.07.2019
progs/spark.spr1 KB28.07.2019
progs/sparkle1.spr12 KB28.07.2019
progs/splash.spr1 KB28.07.2019
progs/splashBr.spr1 KB31.08.2019
progs/splashmaxx.spr1 KB29.07.2019
progs/v_axe.mdl121 KB31.08.2019
readme.txt3 KB01.09.2019
sound/eel/004epan.wav4 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/005epan.wav6 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/eactive1.wav26 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/eatt1.wav14 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/edie3r.wav17 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/eelc5.wav16 KB28.07.2019
sound/eel/epain3.wav7 KB28.07.2019
sound/greenwood/waterfall_loop.wav388 KB31.08.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_death.wav15 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_idle.wav15 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_idle2.wav25 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_pain.wav19 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_spit.wav7 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/hydra_tent.wav6 KB28.07.2019
sound/hydra/spit_impact_player.wav13 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/bigmachine_loop_02.wav91 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/break01.wav17 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/creak.wav76 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/drip1.wav12 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/drip2.wav16 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/drip3.wav15 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/dronemachine2.wav30 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/flow1.wav52 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/flush.wav336 KB22.08.2019
sound/misc/foot1.wav3 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/foot2.wav3 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/foot3.wav2 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/foot4.wav3 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/generator_gas.wav517 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/industrial2.wav52 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/industrial4.wav32 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/inh2ob.wav10 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/metal_i1.wav47 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/metal_i2.wav36 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/outwater.wav7 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/owater2.wav8 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/pd_wood2.wav33 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/rain.wav40 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/rumbleoff.wav104 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/siren.wav61 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/spark1.wav4 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/spark2.wav3 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/spark3.wav4 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/spark4.wav3 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/switch_6on.wav173 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/uwater.wav39 KB28.07.2019
sound/misc/water_pump.wav16 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/waterfall.wav135 KB31.08.2019
sound/misc/wood_impact.wav83 KB31.08.2019
sound/weapons/tink2.wav2 KB28.07.2019

Quake Sewer Jam

Community mapping pack with 11 sewer-themed levels and a start map based on the Extras mod with a few additions, among which are two new enemies. It also features custom skyboxes and a few music tracks. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these map require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: small, medium, sewer, bricks, underwater, extras, monsters, skybox, music, limits, source

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 28 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 26 September 2019, 14:12

This is fantastic! I love it!

QuakeFreak Registered 7 October 2019, 4:21

Great set of maps! Hello From the Gutter really stands out with the puzzles and overall beauty of the court yard. Blue Trash was great too love the sense of humor. Adding the Half-Life resonance cascade sirens at the end when things get really hectic was a great touch. Smile Paste lol.

Gioyo3aa Registered 11 October 2019, 11:03

I had mixed feelings when this theme was announced, primarily because underwater parts are not my favourite moments in Quake. I'm glad the authors proved me wrong: most maps are wonderful, most notably Ubiquitous' "Winning the Poo" and Axebeard's "Hello From the Gutter".

Thanks to all of you for this pack! And I can't wait to experience the upcoming Halloween Jam (last year's was a blast) :-)

MikeTaylor Registered 14 November 2019, 15:55

OK, I am stuck on the oddly misnamed Ogre Swamp: I've swum through the slime pipeline, but can't find the gold key. "All that glitters is gold", says the hint, but nothing glitters — not that I've seen. Any hints?

Greenwood Guest 17 November 2019, 11:07

Hey, Mike ...if you went into the slime pipeline and read "All that glitters, etc." comment, then you should've picked up the key already. It was on a base inside that slime pipeline. Check your inventory. You probably grabbed in without even knowing it!

MikeTaylor Registered 19 November 2019, 13:54

Thanks, Greenwood. It was definitely not there; but when I replayed the level from scratch, it was. So I have now completed every level in the pack, and it remains only for me to be disappointed that doing so doesn't make the bricked-up doorway on the start level open up!

CyberdemonMUD Registered 16 February 2021, 21:21

Civvie would love this map pack

JuanchoES Registered 7 May 2021, 4:59

Disappointed with this map pack, I love the sewers theme and decided to download it. I found a pretty crude product, the vast majority of the maps are pretty mediocre except 1 or 2 maps, there is one missing map in the hub... But the worst part was to find a level that was half done, quite ridiculous.

Alex Ros Registered 9 October 2021, 7:28

One of the best jams available! Yoder is pro designer behind the Machinists realm in rerelease DOTM in whole. Greenwood is pro too & that's obvious when you play his maps: gameplay is always top notch with some intricate original gaming solutions. khreator is the creator of important Quake community tools like obj-to-mdl if I remember correctly. Artistical, MortalMaxxx, Pinchy... real great pack of well-known names!!! RECOMMENDED to everyone

flamming_python Registered 23 March 2023, 16:14

When I first started playing this map pack, I wasn't sure whether I was a fan or not. The map quality does tend to vary a bit and the gameplay is not always consistent; albeit its usually at least competent, and sometimes great. After now having completed 5 levels or so though, I can proclaim that this pack transcends its premise of experimenting with making sewer maps into something interesting to play for people - and actually starts to increase in enjoyment because of the fact. I'm genuinely impressed with the creativity on offer and the map pack's value to me ends up as not just the sum of its gameplay, but the sum of all the originality and art styles on offer too. I find myself wanting to play another map just to see what the next author has decided to do with the concept.

3.8/5 Give it a chance, there are better Quake experiences for pure gunplay, but this one stimulates a few other parts of the brain too.

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