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Title:Speedmapping pack 108 - Zerstörer
Download:sm108_neg! (7d5160134f54fc415389dc150f713ce1)
Filesize:400 Kilobytes
Release date:22.10.2005
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm108_neg!ke.bsp1002 KB22.10.2005


Speedmapping pack 108 - Zerstörer

Zerstörer / 1 SP map / neg!ke

Tags: flesh, blood, zer
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 12 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 18 January 2014, 20:18

Excellent for a speedmap. An atmospheric, fleshy affair, visually reminiscent of Tronyn's nyar1 and arguably more Zerstörer-ey than Zerstörer itself.

Note that (probably depending on your engine) you might need to rename the .bsp file from sm108neg!ke.bsp to sm108negke.bsp (without the exclamation mark) to get it to run.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 18 January 2014, 20:22

The underscore hates me.

MikeTaylor Registered 19 January 2014, 19:32

Too much.

MikeTaylor Registered 20 January 2014, 12:39

In Markdown, everything between one underscore and the next is set in italics. In this case, you named two maps, both with underscores in their names, and these were interpreted as meaning start italics and end italics. It's pretty weird, but often it's what you want: you need embedded underscores to work so you can write things like "I didn't say it's original, I said it's unoriginal".

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 20 January 2014, 12:56

Thanks, yes, I gathered as much. The weird thing is that it does not seem to happen consistently:

MikeTaylor Registered 20 January 2014, 19:30

Yes, your're right (as I have now discovered over on smqe08b_pack!)

jackieben Registered 26 January 2014, 20:16

The concept is fresh and bloody, and it got flesh and guts, what else could anyone want?!

ezze Guest 21 November 2015, 11:46

Plain hateful ending, a la Zerstörer, but, as the original pack, forgetting the ending it is really nice. Just a little short in ammo in my opinion.

Jugador Registered 30 June 2019, 13:34

Well, I got stuck here. "Touch this muscles' nerve"? I've touched and shot at the whole map; nothing happens.

negke Registered 30 June 2019, 13:48

Strange anatomy aside, what it means is that you need to touch the things that look like head-crabs from Half-Life. One is on the flesh bridge in the start area, the other one at the end of the tunnel after the teleporter.

Also, apparently QS breaks the intermission effect in this map...

Jugador Registered 30 June 2019, 14:23

Oh, I hadn't realized I could get there. Silly me. Thanks.

Stefimero Registered 11 August 2022, 9:47

Nice one, like most of the time with negke creation

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