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Author:bambuz, generic, negke
Title:Speedmapping pack 115 - Ziggurat (4ab51429335ae43a5e8af95f30a7f1bf)
Filesize:571 Kilobytes
Release date:20.12.2005
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm115_bam.bsp214 KB17.12.2005
sm115_neg!ke.bsp1032 KB18.12.2005
sm115_pack.txt2 KB20.12.2005
sm115_generic.bsp514 KB20.12.2005

Speedmapping pack 115 - Ziggurat

Ziggurat / 3 SP maps / bambuz, generic, neg!ke
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3/5 with 4 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 28 January 2014, 15:45

A very solid speedmap pack, with two very good maps and one ok-ish map. What is particularly nice is that all three kept to the theme.

sm115_negke (“This was supposed to look entirely different...”): Well, I don't know what the original intention was, but it looks fantastic. Monster selection and placement is very good. I love the packs of fiends at the beginning – they fit the setting perfectly. Initially I though the boss fight was unfair, but once I figured out the dynamics (and realised that strafing was crucial) it became very manageable. Still, given that the buttons on the walls have to be hit a few times and that visual feedback is very subtle, perhaps an on-screen message or two may have been helpful. Then again, perhaps that would have broken immersion.

sm115_generic (“Birthday Cake for Marduk (age 4)”): A floating, geometrically abstract ziggurat. Fairly pretty and very enjoyable. There are some half-hidden powerups that are easy to find and make things a lot easier. Unlike in standard merciless void maps, falling off here results in your being teleported back – which means you can lure monsters to a certain spot and then telefrag them, which is great fun.

sm115_bam (no title): Ok-ish given that it is a speedmap, but much weaker than negke's and generic's maps. Very plain and more obviously the product of mapping under severe time constraints. It is easy to get stuck in certain gaps (not permanently, but still annoying, as you can only break free by moving forward very slowly). There is one listed secret, but sadly I could not locate it (even with noclip).

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