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Author:Apollo, Cybear, NotoriousRay, Blitz, XeNoN
Title:Speedmapping pack 15 - Unthemed (4e17ee194f28aaa45c9a90e260f1c9c2)
Filesize:1270 Kilobytes
Release date:20.05.2001
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm15_bear.bsp998 KB18.05.2001
sm15_xenon1.bsp537 KB18.05.2001
sm15_ap.bsp349 KB18.05.2001
sm15_xenon2.bsp1300 KB18.05.2001
sm15_bear.txt1 KB19.05.2001
sm15_ray.bsp564 KB18.05.2001
sm15_blitz.bsp318 KB18.05.2001
sm15_pack.txt3 KB20.05.2001

Speedmapping pack 15 - Unthemed

Unthemed / 6 SP maps / Apollo, Cybear, NotoriousRay, Blitz, XeNoN

Tags: rubicon
User Rating:
3.4/5 with 10 ratings
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JellyGal Registered 14 August 2014, 4:01

Radiant Monkey Bars [sm15_ap] is a tech level with excellent visuals and detail. The combat is pretty nice, but much like the previous map by Apollo, there's a bit too much ammunition, so it's not a very difficult map. It's a bit longer than his previous map, but not much. Still, it's pretty nice for a speedmap.

Coco Catacombs [sm15_bear] has a high number of enemies for a speedmap [55]. It's a very fun map to play, the only problem being that every area looks the same, so it's easy to get lost. Apart from that I have no complaints. It's not too difficult, but the combat is rather fun. The visuals, despite all looking the same, are rather nice. I definitely think it's worth playing. (My choice for best of the pack)

sm15_blitz is an unfinished void map. Instead of killing you, when you fall into the void you can just walk around under the level itself. There's 11 enemies to kill but nothing to do afterwards, unless you wanna press buttons to open doors that go nowhere.

Occido Umbra [sm15_ray] is a finished void map. It's more of a linear level than most voids. It has some nice close quarters combat, but it's not a very difficult map at all. It's also extremely short. The visuals are decent, but not very detailed. For such a short map, I enjoyed it.

Spacerace [sm15_xenon1] is a linear base map set in space. Expect lots of grunts and enforcers. The combat is decent but a bit too easy for my taste. The visuals are rather nice though, and the ending is pretty cool. It's also fun trying to get those fiends to jump into the void. For a short linear map, I enjoyed it.

Odrac's Domain [sm15_xenon2] has great architecture and visuals for a speedmap, but the gameplay is not very good. The enemies are all standing around waiting for you in clumps, and they're not clumps of different enemies, they're all the same type. It features a lot of walking through large, empty areas. The final battle's kinda nice and it's cool that they implemented Chthon, but I didn't enjoy this as much as Spacerace. Odrac is longer, but Spacerace is tighter.

Solomoriah Registered 16 October 2019, 17:53

Considering their age, these are some really fun levels!

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