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Author:ericw, ijed, RickyT23, Spirit, Trinca, ZealousQuakeFan, Zwiffle
Title:Speedmapping pack 161 - 50 brushes (df5d40f64bde325cb4477bd7a9bf39e9)
Filesize:1123 Kilobytes
Release date:01.10.2010
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm161_ericw.bsp455 KB27.09.2010
sm161_ericw.map50 KB27.09.2010
sm161_ijed.bsp289 KB29.09.2010
sm161_pack.txt2 KB01.10.2010
sm161_ricky.bsp501 KB30.09.2010
sm161_spirit.bsp421 KB01.10.2010
sm161_spirit.lit441 KB01.10.2010
sm161_spirit.map56 KB01.10.2010
sm161_spirit.rad1 KB01.10.2010
sm161_trinca.bsp530 KB28.09.2010
sm161_trinca1.map65 KB28.09.2010
sm161_zqf.bsp404 KB26.09.2010
sm161_zqf.map53 KB26.09.2010
sm161_zqf2.bsp192 KB29.09.2010
sm161_zqf2.map40 KB28.09.2010
sm161_zwiffle.bsp438 KB30.09.2010
sm161_zwiffle.map40 KB26.09.2010

Speedmapping pack 161 - 50 brushes

50 brushes / 8 SP maps / ericw, ijed, RickyT23, Spirit, Trinca, ZealousQuakeFan, Zwiffle

Tags: quoth, void, zer
User Rating:
2.8/5 with 10 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 10 December 2014, 18:34

Pilgrimage (sm161_ericw) is truly disgusting, and I mean that as a major compliment. Tne gameplay is fine, if a little arbitrary. Running away and coming back carefully pays dividends a couple of times.

SREW O TEESI (sm161_ijed) is a blast -- literally! A very different experience from regular Quake, but a lot of fun. Finishing the level is one thing; getting all the kills before the lava rises is another!

sm161_ricky (which, annoyingly, has no title) is an enjoyable romp, but falls into a common trap when building maps with few brushes: substituting mere size for actual content. (This map is the reason I played the pack, as part of my RickyT23 trawl.)

you are likely to be eaten by a grue (sm161_spirit) is fun while it lasts, but it doesn't last long! Long on atmosphere, very short on monsters, it's the only level I've ever completed with 100% kills and no loss of health on the first attempt. Bonus marks for the Zork reference in the title.

46 brushes and 65 entities (sm161_trinca) substitutes volume for invention, unfortunately. Yes, it's fun to quad-SNG half a dozen shamblers and a bunch of death-knights, but it didn't feed my soul. And the climax of the level, after that battle, could scarcely have been more anticlimactic.

The only possible description of Leave My Village - 50b - by ZQF (sm161_zqf) would be "unrelentingly brutal". It's a killfest that just doesn't let up for a moment, with wave upon wave of tough monsters leaving you constantly low on heath. A real challenge (and I only played on Hard). Most enjoyable.

50 Brushes should be enough for anyone - by ZQF (sm161_zqf2) is more of the same; and to be honest, the enjoyment palls after a while. Getting through to the end of ZQF's first map felt like a real achievement; but to be rewarded by having to do it all over again is not so great. Perhaps if this map had been put into a different pack, I'd have looked on it more kindly.

Which leaves Happy Birthday Zwiffle (sm161_zwiffle). This is a void map that brings things to a pleasant conclusion. I particularly enjoyed the rather funny conclusion, with one of the best examples I've ever seen of a monsters placed in the most useless possible way.

All in all, a really nice little pack -- lots of play to be had. I rate it four stars, though it's at the bottom end of that range. (I kind of wish we had more granularity in scoring.)

Spirit Registered 10 December 2014, 21:21

I remember that map, I used q1rad for it. I think there are just 4 lights in it. It was meant to be played with gamma 1 and the resulting almost total darkness where you sometimes have to rely on just seeing "black vs slightly less black" to progress. Not sure what I was thinking. =)

whirlstr Registered 1 August 2020, 10:35

Mostly pretty uninteresting set. sm161ricky is definitely the most conventional and fun level. Its a large pyramid-like structure you can circle around and ascend, with constant action and a good Quad segment. sm161ijed is simple but gets major points for doing something interesting I havent seen before.

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