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Author:Aardappel, Gibbie, Misyu, NaNe
Title:Speedmapping pack 16 - Unthemed (146d35469abb19d19c21769b883448fe)
Filesize:988 Kilobytes
Release date:20.05.2001
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm16_nane.bsp446 KB20.05.2001
sm16_pack.txt3 KB20.05.2001
sm16_misyu.bsp663 KB19.05.2001
sm16_gibbie.bsp739 KB19.05.2001
sm16_aard.bsp840 KB19.05.2001

Speedmapping pack 16 - Unthemed

Unthemed / 4 SP maps / Aardappel, Gibbie, Misyu, NaNe
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2.6/5 with 5 ratings
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JellyGal Registered 14 August 2014, 4:56

sm16_aard is an outdoors map that looks really, really nice, especially for speedmapping but even for normal mapping. It's a bit easy since it gives you two quad damages and lots of ammunition but the combat is still pretty fun. I didn't bother to type the name of the map because it's really long and it's just a joke name anyway. I enjoyed this a lot for a linear/short map.

sm16_gibbie seems to be intentionally designed to not only cause many, many packet overflows but also be completely unbeatable without cheats. It has 111 monsters, Most of which are Shamblers. I didn't bother to finish it because it's not fun or rewarding. Such a shame because the map itself, as well as the architecture, looks really really good.

Prey [sm16_misyu] is a very very short map but it's pretty good. It looks really nice visually, and the combat is rather tight and fun, though there's a bit too much ammo in my opinion. The enemies are ogres, knights and scrags so don't expect anything too challenging, but it's worth a play.

sm16_nane is a map with some nice combat and cool looking visuals. However, it all looks the same and has a labyrinthine layout, as well as having no exit. It's pretty fun to play while it lasts, but I ran around for a few minutes looking for an exit that doesn't exist. If you can tolerate confusing layouts, it's fun for a bit of combat.

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