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Author:Danzadan, dumptruck_ds, mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple
Title:Speedmapping pack 179 - Wizard (bd65b274a582bb72ec0aaa5816f6c29a)
Filesize:3484 Kilobytes
Release date:20.08.2017
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
SM179_Pack.txt1 KB19.08.2017
sm179_danzadan.bsp785 KB19.08.2017
sm179_danzadan.txt1 KB19.08.2017
sm179_dumptruck_ds.bsp1341 KB19.08.2017
sm179_dumptruck_ds_readme.txt3 KB19.08.2017
sm179_mukor.bsp719 KB19.08.2017
sm179_mukor.lit465 KB19.08.2017
sm179_naitelveni.bsp2094 KB19.08.2017
sm179_otp.bsp1833 KB20.08.2017
source/sm179_danzadan.map352 KB19.08.2017
source/sm179_dumptruck_ds.map408 KB19.08.2017
source/sm179_mukor.map262 KB19.08.2017
source/sm179_naitelveni.lit950 KB19.08.2017
source/sm179_otp.map1297 KB20.08.2017
textures/#vino.tga8 KB19.08.2017
textures/pkw_pinkdoor.tga13 KB19.08.2017

Speedmapping pack 179 - Wizard

Wizard / 5 SP maps / Danzadan, dumptruck_ds, mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple

Tags: speedmap, wizard, hacks, external textures
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 18 ratings
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NewHouse Guest 21 August 2017, 0:10

When this gets updated, this link will not be needed then anymore:

NewHouse Guest 21 August 2017, 0:14

Previous didn't work

onetruepurple Registered 21 August 2017, 18:28

This pack has misplaced files all over the place. Download this instead:

Hexcalk Guest 21 August 2017, 22:37

I wish we had an speedmap pack where only animated textures are used.

NewHouse Guest 5 September 2017, 15:07

Nevermind about my previous posts, I will release mini episode containing also this map.

Side note: all these maps in a pack are really fun, you should check them out*

ArrrCee Registered 27 November 2017, 20:15

SM 179 on The Quake Grave

This is a great little speed map pack! We've got a good mix of normal to weird, which every Quake map pack should have. Nice work everyone!

Repus Guest 23 December 2017, 20:03

I don't see a point in playing this set of maps. All of them but one are way too small (there's nothing to discuss), and the one with 150+ monsters (on hard) is a zombieland. There's a door saying "kill 100 zombies to proceed", and you just go around killing zombies in packs. The grenades are everywhere, I think there are too many of them even for a hundred zombies. I found all the levels quite boring.

I guess there's that special way to play Quake, i. e. very fast, and that's what speedmaps are for, but I just don't understand that at all.

onetruepurple Registered 23 December 2017, 22:38

It's okay that you didn't like it, but "nothing to discuss" in regards to my map in this pack is something I've not heard before. ;-)

Repus Guest 24 December 2017, 17:40

onetruepurple, these are good levels, but when there are like 24 monsters, and you don't even get to start to have a feeling of the level, there's nothing to discuss. I don't see a point in playing levels that are ridiculously small.

onetruepurple Registered 24 December 2017, 20:28

Well mine had only 5 monsters, but I felt I made them interesting. It was the last one, did you make it to the end of the pack?

MikeTaylor Registered 1 January 2018, 14:00

Bluebood Dysentery (sm179_danzadan) has the crash-on-save bug that I've seen in several recent levels, so I didn't play it.

OneTimPurple (sm179_dumptruck_ds) is an interestingly different map, with teleports taking you to several areas with close-quarter combats. I made my life difficult by starting with the one full of vores. Fought through to the end, and found it pretty satisfying.

Trenchbroom Warfare (sm179_mukor) is a pleasant enough blast, but a tad conventional and really rather too easy for my tastes. Perhaps I should have played in Nightmare.

A map done in 7 hours (sm179_naitelveni) is the pick of the set for me: an ambitious offering with quite a bit of multi-level exploration and more than hundred zombies to satisfyingly gib. Well worth playing.

Finally, I Was Happy in The Haze of The Drunken Hour (sm179_otp), though it rather small and has only five monsters, is delightfully different. I will say no more, to avoid spoilers, but I will mention that there's also some lovely atmosphere down in the cellar. I admit I gave up and god-moded the last part, but that's not the end of the world.

All in all, the pack is well worth playing, with Naitelveni's offering being both the biggest and the best.

death112 Registered 5 March 2018, 15:08

Pretty fun maps. Wasn't able to hit the switches in the end of OTP's map. Also if you restarted the map once those said switches won't appear again

Greenwood Registered 22 February 2020, 5:09

This is a fun pack! Danzadan's is a nice short blue map (there are no traps, so there's no worry of saving), Dumptruck's is a unique weapon scavenger hunt, Muk's is a solid regular play, Nait's is a zombie gib-fest (really enjoyable), and OTP's was particularly clever (I will not spoil that one). A nice variety of relatively quick (except for Nait's -- that's more of a 15 minuter) maps!

homopoluza Registered 14 March 2023, 14:25

After this speed map pack Ranger is drunk all the time. Verifying game files in steam does nothing

dwere Registered 14 March 2023, 14:58

Check/delete config?

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