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Screenshot of sm181_pack_bugfixed
Author:Cocerello, Doomer, Naitelveni, Newhouse, SavageX
Title:Speedmapping pack 181 - Copper (b0ba7794da166d2e44a412ce823a902d)
Filesize:11187 Kilobytes
Release date:12.01.2018
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm181_coce1.bsp5546 KB07.01.2018
sm181_coce1.map3183 KB07.01.2018
sm181_coce2.bsp3535 KB24.01.2018
sm181_coce2.lit1586 KB24.01.2018
sm181_coce2.map2601 KB24.01.2018
sm181_cocerello1.pdf114 KB24.01.2018
sm181_cocerello1.txt7 KB24.01.2018
sm181_cocerello2.pdf117 KB24.01.2018
sm181_cocerello2.txt8 KB24.01.2018
sm181_doomer.bsp901 KB07.01.2018
sm181_doomer.lit633 KB07.01.2018
sm181_doomer.map486 KB07.01.2018
sm181_doomer.txt2 KB07.01.2018
sm181_nait2.bsp5563 KB12.01.2018
sm181_nait2.lit1716 KB12.01.2018
sm181_nait2.map3258 KB12.01.2018
sm181_newhouse.bsp3221 KB07.01.2018
sm181_newhouse.lit2122 KB07.01.2018
sm181_newhouse.map1543 KB07.01.2018
sm181_pack.txt1 KB12.01.2018
sm181_savagex.bsp1286 KB07.01.2018
sm181_savagex.lit642 KB07.01.2018
sm181_savagex.map643 KB07.01.2018
sm181_savagex.txt1 KB04.01.2018

Speedmapping pack 181 - Copper

Week-long speedmapping session 181 / Copper theme / 6 SP maps, Cocerello, Doomer, Naitelveni, Newhouse, SavageX

Tags: metal, dm
User Rating:
3.6/5 with 16 ratings
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Cocerello Registered 24 June 2018, 14:06

Some things to take into account:

My first map changes the later half of the encounters greatly depending on the choices the player makes, so it can be very different on each play. Also, the map can be exited before the shamblers show up, so it is the player's choice to try to kill them.

The second is an open exploratory map with three routes that intertwine themselves with several leading mechanics, and has different starting points, weapons, and secrets depending on the skill chosen. The replay value is huge but that also means that it is possible to run out of ammo even though all can be killed personally while ending the level with lots of ammo, not counting secrets.

Cocerello Registered 24 June 2018, 14:31

Negke, Icanthinkofanickname, could you add the screenshot of this pack? Here:

And by the way, as the layout was open, i added DM gameplay for my second map. It runs Ok with Omicron bots but i would be greatful to have feedback in that regard.

erc Registered 24 September 2020, 20:12

Newhouse's offering feels like a full-featured map with a lengthy path and many surprises. The clean-cut brushwork works well with the limited textures.

Cocerello Registered 28 August 2022, 21:06

Forgot to comment, and finish Nait's and Newhouse's for years ..., probably because they are hard and very long for a speedmap pack.

Speedmap pack with three speedmaps, two turtlemaps, and one jam-alike map. Those two from before were played on skill 1 this second time.

Doomer: nice solid speedmap, with typical Doomer combats and tree shaped layout.

Naitelveni: To summarize, it has detailed and polished looks but not even half as polished gameplay and gameplay related brushwork. It is better to play on skill 0 just to watch the looks.It is a typical jam-alike map, with polished brushwork, mostly dull and repetitive horde combats on two levels with not that much sometimes room to move around, and small choices on progression. Has several brushwork parts which undermines gameplay and some big issues on ammo depending on the route taken. For some reason has some weapons repeated even if it is impossible to miss the first one.

Newhouse: linear 2d and very long turtlemap, with varied combats and traps, some spikes on difficulty with one or two remaining after the first run, a few insta-death traps, and novel ideas. Requires several tries to finish and while it is not unfair most of the times, tires quite a bit as is on the frustrating side. Save for one of them, finding the secrets makes the experience completely different, and difficulty becomes even easy sometimes. The styled lights is a nice addition, but need minlight to work well.

SavageX: solid long speedmap, with mostly straightforward and varied 2d combats, on a linear tree shaped layout. The joke made me chuckle.

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