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Author:Artistical, DraQu, JCR, muk0r, onetruepurple, ww
Title:Speedmapping pack 185 - 1024 Units (c0a8faf48f956c998b7529f2a986f3c4)
Filesize:3694 Kilobytes
Release date:05.07.2018
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/sm185_artistical.bsp1160 KB04.07.2018
maps/sm185_draqu.bsp2191 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_jcr.bsp1072 KB04.07.2018
maps/sm185_muk.bsp812 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_muk.lit225 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_otp.bsp1160 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_otp.lit196 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_ww.bsp1518 KB05.07.2018
maps/sm185_ww.lit728 KB05.07.2018
sm185_artistical.txt3 KB04.07.2018
sm185_jcr.txt2 KB04.07.2018
sm185_readme.txt1 KB05.07.2018
src/sm185_artistical.map609 KB04.07.2018
src/sm185_jcr.map308 KB04.07.2018
src/sm185_muk.map324 KB05.07.2018
src/sm185_otp.map236 KB05.07.2018
src/sm185_ww.map822 KB05.07.2018

Speedmapping pack 185 - 1024 Units

1024 units / 6 SP maps / Artistical, DraQu, JCR, muk0r, onetruepurple, ww
Includes map sources and some of the maps may require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: dm4
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 18 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 12 May 2019, 21:58

Okay, these are all really nice. I will say, the ending of OTP's level was a bit... TMI. :D

BlindChaos Registered 11 June 2020, 21:56

Here is my review for DraQu’s map.

For those who are a fan of the DM4 texture set and aesthetics and for those who enjoyed the DM4Jam map pack will be at home in this map. It's cold metal walls are basked in yellow and white light which gives the player a sense of warmth in an otherwise frozen environment. It’s rounded walls and columns give this map a sense of realism and modern style as opposed to the classic boxy rooms of the past. I liked the use of vertical space and the inter-connectivity between the two floors with having many ways back down.

For those who are new to Quake this map offers a nice challenge on lower difficulties, especially in the upper room. Once the player becomes familiar with where secrets are and what enemies to expect they can have some great fun with this level. Despite the chaotic encounter on the upper level the hardest part is actually getting your hands on the secret lightning gun. The combination of wall hugging and trick jumping can be quite frustrating for newer players.

Without giving too much away I feel that the mega secret should have been marked, because the player has to work to get it. Even though this map pack has some other great maps, in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, this one is my favorite but not by much.

BlindChaos Registered 12 June 2020, 2:38

Here is my review for ww’s map.

There once was a level in the DM4Jam map pack called “The Funnel of Contempt” by Muk0r, but there was simply this level called “The Funnel” by ww. In this level the funnel is more like a cave and the cave is small and narrow. In this cave you can find curved blue stone textured walls that look amazing teamed up with the lava burning below. I like the use of vertical space which allows the player a swift escape or a slow death as they fall into the depths below.

This map can prove quite difficult for newer players or it can provide excitement for the seasoned gamer. The most inspiring moments are when the lava floor raises bringing with it a hoard of zombies and when the shamblers are frozen in time guarding the exit portal. When this map falls short in size it makes up for in atmosphere and level design. Underground caverns are often hard to design and balance with great gameplay, but the author did a great job with both. Even though I ranked this map as my second favorite in the pack it came very close. So close you couldn’t cut it with a knife.

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