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Author:Breezeep, Danzadan, Digs, Giftmacher, Ing, Ionous, Ish, JCR, Maxx, Pinchy Skree, Queenjazz, Scrama, Ukko, WW, Yoder
Title:SM191 - Origins (28457f44e23f4f098809aa239a9446a7)
Filesize:13264 Kilobytes
Release date:21.01.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
docs/readme_yoder.txt3 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_danz.txt1 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_ish.txt3 KB19.01.2019
docs/sm191_jcr.txt2 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_maxx.txt2 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_pinchy.txt3 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_scrama.txt1 KB20.01.2019
docs/sm191_ukko.txt2 KB20.01.2019
docs/ww_sm191.txt1 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_breezeep.bsp1795 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_breezeep.lit981 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_danz.bsp1445 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_danz2.bsp494 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_digs.bsp1021 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_digs.lit387 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_gift.bsp2094 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_ing.bsp621 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_ionous.bsp1223 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_ish.bsp2630 KB19.01.2019
maps/sm191_ish.lit1492 KB19.01.2019
maps/sm191_jcr.bsp1828 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_maxx.bsp1900 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_pinchy.bsp1406 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_pinchy.lit789 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_queenjazz.bsp887 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_scrama.bsp2461 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_scrama.lit633 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_ukko.bsp1939 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_ww.bsp1922 KB20.01.2019
maps/sm191_yoder.bsp1163 KB20.01.2019
sm191_readme.txt2 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_breezeep.map1022 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_danz.map815 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_danz2.map222 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_ionous.map1133 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_ish.map1019 KB19.01.2019
source/sm191_jcr.map1029 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_pinchy.map839 KB20.01.2019
source/sm191_scrama.map1490 KB20.01.2019
source/ww_sm191.map793 KB20.01.2019

SM191 - Origins

The map sources are included.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.

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4.1/5 with 15 ratings
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Greenwood Guest 24 November 2019, 8:08

I am surprised nobody has commented on this pack yet. Anyway, I wanted to post that Breezeep's map, "Miles Beneath the Mold," was really well laid out and very enjoyable! He did employ fog, which went a tad out of the guidelines of the pack, but it really helped add to the ambience, so I can definitely see why he did! It kind of created a "sewer honey" feel.

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