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Author:Digs, Ing-ing, ionous, ish, Naitelveni, Pinchy
Title:SM192 - Rooftops (f881b6d98dd6afbe3af55598f2af4e10)
Filesize:11679 Kilobytes
Release date:19.02.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/nec_city/city_bk.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/city_dn.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/city_ft.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/city_lf.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/city_rt.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/city_up.tga769 KB03.09.2001
gfx/env/nec_city/readme.txt1 KB19.10.2001
gfx/env/wakeworld_bk.tga461 KB09.01.2003
gfx/env/wakeworld_dn.tga768 KB09.01.2003
gfx/env/wakeworld_ft.tga459 KB09.01.2003
gfx/env/wakeworld_lf.tga514 KB09.01.2003
gfx/env/wakeworld_rt.tga438 KB09.01.2003
gfx/env/wakeworld_up.tga178 KB09.01.2003
maps/sm192_digs.bsp1922 KB17.02.2019
maps/sm192_ing.bsp1155 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_ing.map343 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_ionous.bsp1936 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_ionous.lit668 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_ionous.map675 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_ish.bsp924 KB16.02.2019
maps/sm192_ish.map88 KB16.02.2019
maps/sm192_ish_readme.txt1 KB16.02.2019
maps/sm192_naitelveni.bsp5853 KB19.02.2019
maps/sm192_naitelveni.lit1506 KB19.02.2019
maps/sm192_pinchy.bsp3690 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_pinchy.lit1288 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_pinchy.map1526 KB18.02.2019
maps/sm192_pinchy.txt3 KB18.02.2019
music/Track98.ogg2839 KB17.02.2019
sm192_pack.txt2 KB19.02.2019

SM192 - Rooftops

Five speedjam levels, custom skyboxes and a music track.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased.

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User Rating:
4.1/5 with 17 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 11 March 2019, 0:59

Okay, so I've played through the whole set, and I have to say overall I'm impressed; I particularly liked Pinchy's modern city rooftop map, Silent Steel, and Naitelveni's Troubled Hearts. Not just interesting rooftop maneuvers, but really attractive, atmospheric maps as well.

Spirit Registered 31 March 2019, 11:05

Careful on installation: This includes a music track named Track98.ogg which a) will be trouble on case-sensitive filesystems (hello Linux) and b) might overwrite an existing file of said unspecific name.

Spirit Registered 31 March 2019, 11:38

digs: Lots of fun, liked the bouncy vore.

ing: Bit rough but had some nice moments (e.g. exiting to the "roofs" through the window).

ionous: Fun idea, nice to see a monster free map with a strong thematic focus!

ish: Slaughter map I wasn't in the mood for. :P

Spirit Registered 31 March 2019, 18:48

naiv: Enjoyed it! It was often unclear how to proceed though.

Lane Powell Registered 7 September 2019, 21:01

Some pretty solid maps in this pack, Nait's and Pinchy's especially are not to be overlooked.

whatisquake Registered 20 October 2021, 2:31

Fun! I particularly enjoyed Ish's map, a tiny speedrun to figure out, and Naitelveni's map, which is beautiful but ends suddenly.

Alex Ros Registered 8 November 2022, 16:26

Nait's map definetly is the gem of the map pack. Well imo of course. Pinchy's too of course, but Nait's just stole my heart

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