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Author:Artistical, Danzadan, Esrael, Fairweather, Ing-ing, ish, JCR, kamp, khreathor, MortalMaxx, Mugwump, Pinchy, uKKo
Title:Speedmapping pack 194 - BigMcGee (814f5aea13064127f92b9ed8023d2ac0)
Filesize:48112 Kilobytes
Release date:25.04.2019
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
docs/sm194_danz.txt2 KB25.03.2019
docs/sm194_esrael.txt9 KB24.03.2019
docs/sm194_ish.txt2 KB24.03.2019
docs/sm194_jcr.txt2 KB24.03.2019
docs/sm194_maxx.txt2 KB23.03.2019
docs/sm194_mug.txt6 KB25.03.2019
docs/sm194_pinchy.txt3 KB25.03.2019
docs/sm194_ukko.txt3 KB23.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2.txt1 KB04.01.2014
gfx/env/arid2_bk.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2_dn.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2_ft.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2_lf.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2_rt.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/arid2_up.tga3073 KB20.03.2019
gfx/env/mp_badlands/Bad Lands.nfo5 KB22.05.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_bk.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_dn.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_ft.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_lf.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_rt.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/badlands_up.tga769 KB05.06.2000
gfx/env/mp_badlands/license.txt1 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/mp_badlands/mp_badlands.shader1 KB25.12.2008
gfx/env/tetris2bk.tga193 KB22.03.2019
gfx/env/tetris2dn.tga193 KB22.03.2019
gfx/env/tetris2ft.tga193 KB22.03.2019
gfx/env/tetris2lf.tga193 KB22.03.2019
gfx/env/tetris2rt.tga193 KB22.03.2019
gfx/env/tetris2up.tga193 KB22.03.2019
maps/sm194_artistical.bsp1427 KB23.03.2019
maps/sm194_artistical.lit1529 KB23.03.2019
maps/sm194_danz.bsp1905 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_danz.lit761 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_esrael.bsp4871 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_esrael.lit6628 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_fairweather.bsp1557 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_fairweather.lit847 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_ing.bsp598 KB21.03.2019
maps/sm194_ing2.bsp1014 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_ish.bsp2652 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_ish.lit978 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_jcr.bsp1766 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_jcr.lit1748 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_kamp.bsp885 KB24.03.2019
maps/sm194_khre.bsp3287 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_maxx.bsp679 KB23.03.2019
maps/sm194_mug.bsp10390 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_mug.lit3107 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_pinchy.bsp1554 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_pinchy.lit1173 KB25.03.2019
maps/sm194_ukko.bsp4759 KB23.03.2019
maps/sm194_ukko.lit659 KB23.03.2019
music/track121.mp31113 KB23.03.2019
music/track56.mp34987 KB21.03.2019
music/track72.mp35550 KB24.03.2019
music/track98.ogg2607 KB24.03.2019
sm194_pack.txt2 KB26.03.2019
source/sm194_artistical.map401 KB23.03.2019
source/sm194_danz.map768 KB25.03.2019
source/sm194_esrael.map1047 KB24.03.2019
source/sm194_fairweather.map610 KB25.03.2019
source/sm194_ish.map663 KB24.03.2019
source/sm194_kamp.map219 KB24.03.2019
source/sm194_khre.map1289 KB25.03.2019
source/sm194_maxx.map305 KB23.03.2019
source/sm194_mug.map792 KB25.03.2019
source/sm194_pinchy.map826 KB25.03.2019
source/sm194_ukko.map441 KB23.03.2019

Speedmapping pack 194 - BigMcGee

14 speedjam SP levels made on a 64 unit grid, three custom skyboxes, four music tracks, and some map sources.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.

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User Rating:
3.8/5 with 14 ratings
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Mugwump Registered 24 April 2019, 14:57

Anybody playing my map, please set wateralpha to 0.3 manually: I botched my worldspawn setting and the water texture I used looks much better with transparency.

Solomoriah Registered 25 April 2019, 22:29

I really like the maps by Mugwump and uKKo in this pack; they are architecturally beautiful as well and have really nice gameplay. Of the two, I think Mugwump's map is more interesting visually, but uKKo's has the more challenging gameplay.

Agentflit Registered 23 June 2020, 5:06

Mugwump's map was a real treat!

bw Guest 11 October 2020, 22:59

Playthrough of Fairweather's map for this pack:

Super fun map!

Jugador Registered 22 March 2021, 5:45

ish's map is weird. After picking the gold key, there is no way to go back to the gold key door, but opening this door only leads to a wall.

whatisquake Registered 18 September 2022, 0:25

It's interesting where you can see the 64-unit limitation in effect and which maps hide it. uKKo's "Rats In the Walls" is the star for me, the concept is cool and executed well, plus it's full of tough fights, well done!

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