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Author:Artistical, Cocerello, Fairweather, Greenwood, ionous, JCR, Pinchy, Saila, ww
Title:Speedmapping pack 197 - Six Textures part 2 (491fa4b42a931e272e429e98bec564b9)
Filesize:15673 Kilobytes
Release date:13.06.2019
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/sm197_artistical.bsp9581 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_artistical.lit6756 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_coce.bsp1617 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_coce.lit2744 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_fairweather.bsp1502 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_fairweather.lit2077 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_greenwood.bsp538 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_greenwood.lit360 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_ionous.bsp686 KB11.06.2019
maps/sm197_jcr.bsp958 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_jcr.lit992 KB12.06.2019
maps/sm197_pinchy.bsp700 KB10.06.2019
maps/sm197_saila.bsp593 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_saila.lit248 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_ww.bsp851 KB13.06.2019
maps/sm197_ww.lit333 KB13.06.2019
music/track31.ogg5034 KB13.06.2019
source/sm197_coce.map152 KB13.06.2019
source/sm197_ionous.map1410 KB11.06.2019
source/sm197_jcr.map431 KB12.06.2019
source/sm197_pinchy.map1733 KB10.06.2019
source/sm197_saila.map317 KB13.06.2019
source/sm197_ww.map356 KB13.06.2019
txt/readme.txt1 KB13.06.2019
txt/sm197_cocerello.txt4 KB13.06.2019
txt/sm197_greenwood.txt3 KB13.06.2019
txt/sm197_jcr.txt2 KB12.06.2019
txt/sm197_pinchy.txt3 KB10.06.2019
txt/sm197_ww.txt1 KB13.06.2019

Speedmapping pack 197 - Six Textures part 2

9 SP maps using not more than six textures. A music track and the map sources are included.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.
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3.4/5 with 16 ratings
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cosmaty Registered 25 June 2019, 16:48

sm197_ionous - for art and gameplay - 5/5

Solomoriah Registered 27 June 2019, 5:29

Some of these are surprisingly detailed, for only having six textures maximum. I particularly liked Pinchy's level; some parts made me think of subway stations or shopping malls, which only made it more surreal.

dwere Registered 4 January 2020, 15:04

Ionous' map is a good reminder that one doesn't have to use all textures at once to produce good visuals. Can't help but remember those very fashionable alternating wood types on stairs, because what decaying medieval fortress wouldn't have that.

Pinchy's map is probably the prettiest while retaining the simplicity. Very nice colors.

Artistical's seemed like something very special, but ends up a mess as you jump and fall and teleport around, getting most of the messages out of order. There doesn't seem to be a very clear route to get the whole stream of consciousness in a semi-coherent manner, although maybe the whole point was to portray a shattering mind of a dimensional traveler. Also, you can slip through the cracks and into the lava, which was clearly not intended, because for the most part it's not even real.

Cocerello Registered 29 August 2022, 23:19

Interesting pack of speedmaps. All played on skill 2.

Artistical: had a hard time to find a custom engine where it worked. Some simply crashed and closed on their own when trying to load it. This is some kind of enviromental/puzzle/narrative map, it is hard to tag it. It is interesting and well done for the most part, but would have been a lot better if it were half as long as it becomes repetitive. On the brown part the lighting creates some issues, and on the blue part the cluess to guide the player stop appearing and at some point it seems that there is nowhere else to go. Also it requiring bsp2 was quite pointless.

Fairweather: Was a good way to make a map with pretty much one texture and lot of good use of verticality and modules. Solid combats even if one or two are a bit bland. Has some issues of not being clear where to go next at the very end. The last enemy was interesting.

Greenwood: This one was evil, in the good sense, so do not let the first impression stay away from it. It was a quite novel idea and well done, even if rough..

Ionous: quite solid in looks, but it is nothing special, like a high budget game, even more considering how short it is. Could be the introduction of a normal release.

Jcr: it has some quite interesting ideas and solid gameplay, but it is a bit frustrating on skill 2 on the first room.

Pinchy: Quite original, in both use of textures, layout, and brushwork. Has some issues with ammo and combats on the very beginning, depending on the order of the paths taken.

Saila: after the introduction it seems that could be like Ionous', but it has more personality and thought behind. Good narrative too. Still, like Ionous' it seems that it could have less work on brushwork to focus on offering more to the players.

Ww: quite suprising and has nice and uncommon ideas on solid brushwork and combats, but there is too little room to move around for the first half, making the experience a bit frustrating. The player can be found without ammo too depending on how he moves. I am hoping that the laser is intended to be for the enemies.

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