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Author:Artistical, Elithium, fairweather, Giftmacher, Greenwood, Ing-ing, ionous, MortalMaxx, Mugwump, Nolcoz, Pinchy Skree, Qmaster, The Solipsist, Zerosignal, Zungryware
Title:Speedmapping pack 198: 768^2 (4167d6d0bc8773fb1daea864afc1bfc8)
Filesize:25078 Kilobytes
Release date:30.06.2019
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/khem_bk.tga724 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/khem_dn.tga1025 KB23.06.2019
gfx/env/khem_ft.tga749 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/khem_lf.tga694 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/khem_rt.tga744 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/khem_up.tga769 KB23.06.2019
gfx/env/nightsky_bk.tga255 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/nightsky_dn.tga49 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/nightsky_ft.tga320 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/nightsky_lf.tga255 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/nightsky_rt.tga337 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/nightsky_up.tga339 KB28.12.2008
maps/sm198_artistical.bsp4111 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_artistical.lit583 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_elithium.bsp841 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_elithium.lit415 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_fairweather.bsp634 KB28.06.2019
maps/sm198_fairweather2.bsp606 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_giftmacher.bsp1215 KB27.06.2019
maps/sm198_giftmacher.lit256 KB27.06.2019
maps/sm198_greenwood.bsp917 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_ing.bsp1144 KB28.06.2019
maps/sm198_ionous.bsp1612 KB26.06.2019
maps/sm198_ionous.lit363 KB26.06.2019
maps/sm198_maxx.bsp2699 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_mug.bsp2205 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_mug.lit416 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_nolcoz.bsp1293 KB26.06.2019
maps/sm198_nolcoz.lit572 KB26.06.2019
maps/sm198_pinchy.bsp1623 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_pinchy.lit539 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_qmaster.bsp2822 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_qmaster.lit567 KB29.06.2019
maps/sm198_solipsist.bsp1944 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_solipsist.lit950 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_zero.bsp2467 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_zero.lit928 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_zungryware.bsp5309 KB30.06.2019
maps/sm198_zungryware.lit1084 KB30.06.2019
maps/start.bsp857 KB30.06.2019
maps/start.lit742 KB30.06.2019
music/track122.mp32111 KB29.06.2019
music/track122.ogg2008 KB03.01.2019
sm198_readme.txt1 KB30.06.2019
source/sm198-greenwood.map329 KB29.06.2019
source/sm198_elithium.map614 KB29.06.2019
source/sm198_fairweather.map545 KB28.06.2019
source/sm198_fairweather2.map379 KB30.06.2019
source/sm198_giftmacher.map481 KB30.06.2019
source/sm198_maxx.map920 KB29.06.2019
source/sm198_mug.map1421 KB30.06.2019
source/sm198_nolcoz.map393 KB26.06.2019
source/sm198_pinchy.map1829 KB29.06.2019
source/sm198_zero.map2653 KB30.06.2019
source/sm198_zungryware.map3660 KB30.06.2019
source/start.map695 KB30.06.2019
txt/sm198_greenwood.txt2 KB29.06.2019
txt/sm198_maxx.txt2 KB29.06.2019
txt/sm198_mug.txt3 KB30.06.2019
txt/sm198_pinchy.txt3 KB29.06.2019
txt/sm198_zero.txt1 KB30.06.2019
txt/sm198_zungryware_readme.txt1 KB30.06.2019

Speedmapping pack 198: 768^2

"Speedmapping" jam pack 198: 16 SP levels + a start map. Also includes two custom skyboxes and music tracks as well as the map sources.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.

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4.5/5 with 15 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 25 September 2019, 19:06

No idea what to do in The Trap. Can anyone give me a hint?

ZungryWare Registered 5 October 2019, 6:00

There are buttons in that level that look like light fixtures.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 November 2019, 17:37

Stuck now on Zone by Zerosignal (which BTW is a fine map up to this point). I am activating the pillar that makes the wall move across exposing matrix of shootable buttons. I have tried turning them all on. I have tried turning on all and only those that match the pattern on the opposite wall. No effect. Can anyone help me out?

iw Guest 2 November 2019, 17:16

MikeTaylor: I remember finding the shootable button puzzle very confusing when I first played the map (I otherwise found the map very much enjoyable). It seems to me that there are three things the player needs to notice or guess in order to get through the puzzle:

  1. There's a pattern on the right-hand set of rune-buttons which the player needs to duplicate by shotting the left-hand set of rune-buttons.

  2. The runes on the right-hand set of buttons are upside-down compared to the runes on the left-hand set of buttons, therefore the player has to duplicate the pattern upside-down.

  3. When the player gets the pattern right, the pillar on the large platform above opens, but it only stays open for a couple of seconds before closing again. The player therefore needs to be within running distance of the pillar when they shoot the last button. My solution was to shoot the buttons from the staircase landing immediately above the pushable button that starts the action.

My recollection of my first play-through is that I guessed point 1 quite quickly, and guessed point 2 after a while, but I got hung up on point 3 for a very, very long time. I kept getting the pattern right, but I was shooting the buttons from ground level (where the pushable button is), so I couldn't see the pillar opening above, and whenever I would go to check it, it would already have closed again. It was only by accident that I finally realised the pillar was opening on a short timer.

MikeTaylor Registered 5 November 2019, 11:57

Many thanks, iw, I will try that!

MikeTaylor Registered 5 November 2019, 12:06

Yep, like a dream. Thanks again!

Greenwood Guest 25 November 2019, 13:37

Zungryware's "Downfire" is a ton of fun! To simply call it a slaughter map would not take into account some of its inventive mechanics. I am surprised nobody has commented on it.

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