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Screenshot of sm206
Author:Arkii, Burnham, Chris Holden, Greenwood, Hardcore Mazu, KONAir, omni, Pinchy, quasiotter, schnedwob, Voidforce, Yoder, zigi
Title:Speedmapping pack 206: Prototype textures (2a4b0fbb459267a526477346406244e1)
Filesize:12991 Kilobytes
Release date:10.02.2020
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
SM206 README.txt2 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_arkii_readme.txt1 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_burnham_readme.txt2 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_ch_readme.txt2 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_greenwood_read_me.txt2 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_hcm.txt3 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_konair_readme.txt1 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_omni_readme.txt1 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_pinchy.txt3 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_quasiotter_readme.txt3 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_schnedwob_readme.txt1 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_voidforce.txt2 KB10.02.2020
docs/sm206_yoder_readme.txt2 KB09.02.2020
docs/sm206_zigi.txt2 KB09.02.2020
docs/voidforce.txt1 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_arkii.bsp3484 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_arkii.lit1951 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_burnham.bsp813 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_ch.bsp945 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_ch.lit857 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_greenwood.bsp537 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_hcm.bsp4242 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_hcm.lit1749 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_konair.bsp630 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_omni.bsp1522 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_omni.lit1815 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_pinchy.bsp1401 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_pinchy.lit475 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_quasiotter.bsp517 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_schnedwob.bsp765 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_void.bsp1470 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_void.lit1026 KB10.02.2020
maps/sm206_yoder.bsp798 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_yoder.lit713 KB09.02.2020
maps/sm206_zigi.bsp1292 KB09.02.2020
maps/start.bsp552 KB10.02.2020
maps/start.lit237 KB10.02.2020
sm206_poster.png2316 KB10.02.2020
src/HexaGoner.map4338 KB10.02.2020
src/sm206_burnham.map206 KB09.02.2020
src/sm206_ch.map695 KB09.02.2020
src/sm206_greenwood.map277 KB09.02.2020
src/sm206_hcm.map3036 KB09.02.2020
src/sm206_omni.map1119 KB09.02.2020
src/sm206_pinchy.map1890 KB10.02.2020
src/sm206_quasiotter.map116 KB10.02.2020
src/sm206_void.map735 KB10.02.2020
src/sm206_yoder.map556 KB09.02.2020
src/start.map297 KB10.02.2020

Speedmapping pack 206: Prototype textures

Speedmapping pack 206: 13 singleplayer levels and a simple start map using khreathor's prototype textures. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these maps probably require a source port with increased limits.
User Rating:
3.6/5 with 18 ratings
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Vasya shkolnik Guest 12 March 2020, 19:02

I didnt lost weapon after return to start map, is it ok?

Maphfus Registered 6 May 2020, 5:24

Dear Spirit! sm206 dosn't work correctly with the injector. It should be installed in separated folder for the map Start would be working ok. Fix the bug, please.

Jugador Registered 7 August 2021, 14:10

omni's map is not working correctly for me. There are points in the map where my surroundings suddenly disappear. Anyone else with the same problem?

Jugador Registered 7 August 2021, 19:34

Answered here:

Apparently that map doesn't work well on QuakeSpasm.

Jehannum Registered 21 August 2021, 23:06

Another fun Speedmapping pack!! Opening these is like coming downstairs on Christmas morning.

Thanks guys! There are some very interesting offerings in this pack. Standouts for me were maps by Hardcore Mazu, Greenwood, Omni, and Pinchy.

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