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Screenshot of sm212_dm_remix
Author:DragonsForLunch, dumptruck_ds, Giftmacher, Greenwood, iLike80sRock, Naitelveni, Qmaster, zigi
Title:Speedmapping pack 212 - Deathmatch Remix (197ed621af588bc36419166816a4b99e)
Filesize:27334 Kilobytes
Release date:12.04.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm212/SM212-POSTER.jpg171 KB12.04.2021
sm212/docs/sm212_dfl.txt2 KB11.04.2021
sm212/docs/sm212_greenwood.txt2 KB11.04.2021
sm212/docs/sm212_naitelveni.txt2 KB11.04.2021
sm212/docs/sm212_qmaster.txt3 KB11.04.2021
sm212/docs/sm212_zigi.txt2 KB11.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_bk.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_dn.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_ft.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_lf.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_rt.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/d4sky02_up.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_bk.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_dn.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_ft.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_lf.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_rt.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/gfx/env/emer_up.tga769 KB12.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_dfl.map610 KB11.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_dumptruck.map497 KB11.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_ilike80srock.map726 KB11.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_naitelveni.map6931 KB11.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_qmaster.map3681 KB11.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_start.map69 KB12.04.2021
sm212/map sources/sm212_zigi.map1263 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_dfl.bsp1016 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_dfl.lit636 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_dumptruck.bsp1126 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_dumptruck.lit468 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_giftmacher.bsp1058 KB10.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_greenwood.bsp1516 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_ilike80srock.bsp1088 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_naitelveni.bsp11756 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_naitelveni.lit3808 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_qmaster.bsp14433 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_qmaster.lit2494 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_zigi.bsp1614 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/sm212_zigi.lit520 KB11.04.2021
sm212/maps/start.bsp313 KB12.04.2021
sm212/music/track38.ogg5999 KB11.04.2021
sm212/progs.dat324 KB08.04.2021
sm212/sm212_dm_remix_readme.txt3 KB11.04.2021

Speedmapping pack 212 - Deathmatch Remix

Eight deathmatch levels remixed for single player, most of them based on the stock DM maps. They run on the SMP mod (included) and come with two skyboxes plus a music track. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these maps require a source port with increased limits and/or BSP2 support.

Tags: demos

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4/5 with 25 ratings
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Jehannum Registered 19 April 2021, 1:33

Another fun pack of levels by the speedmapping crew! This time it was the sometimes really tough conversion of DM maps over to SP. IMO, most of these made the trip well!

As I said, I enjoyed them all but IMO, Nilens Klor probably made use of more of the inspiration level's original features.

Slipcistern Phobia was the coolest as far as imagination and creativity go. It really did look like DM2 and DM5 had a head-on collision! Not surprisingly, I got stuck at several places in the rubble.

What can you say about a level with 1346 (give or take a few dozen) enemies on skill 2? Everything is Dangerous was truly a test of QSS .93.2 and whether it could handle all those bodies and bits of bodies. Literally hundreds of them, but neither QSS or my hardware even hiccupped. To be honest, there was no way in the world I was going to make it to the end without a little help from god and I wanted to see how it ended...

Thanks again folks for some great mapping! Please keep it coming.

Ninja Registered 21 April 2021, 10:30

One map says 346 enemy, when you get 1,346 on skill 3, and no room to move lol, they pile out of there rooms in the 100s, i cant complete it, its impossibe without using cheats.

I Like Quake Guest 24 April 2021, 13:57


The map you are referring to is Everything Is Dangerous by Naitelveni.

Is it maybe the case that there wasn't a Grenade Launcher to be found on the map?

See, I also had the same problem thinking that it was impossible to finish without cheats and then I realized that there should be a Grenade Launcher or a Rocket Launcher on the map (there was ammo for them after all). Then I saw Zigi's upload and indeed, there is a Grenade Launcher just after the first group of knights.

Once you get that it's quite easy (and SUPER FUN) to finish the map.

So, I don't know why but neither with Mark V nor with Quakespasm does the Grenade Launcher appear on the map. I just gave it to myself with the "Give 6" command and carried on.

Anybody know what the cause for the absence of the GL might be?

h4724 Registered 24 April 2021, 14:23

The grenade launcher falls out of the world in most engines because its bounding box is touching that of one of the knights.

I Like Quake Guest 24 April 2021, 14:28

Whoa!, cool. Thanks!

dumptruck_ds Registered 25 April 2021, 5:22

This pack needs more love. Yeah, I am biased since I was the admin and have a map in it...but some amazing little gems in this one besides the splashy maps from Nait and Qmaster. Still blows my mind what some folks can do in 3 days. Zigi's map is so polished and fun. DragonsForLunch's DM1 map had some wonderfully creative setups and felt like a true journey. Sorry about the issue with Nait's map. Indeed the GL feel out of the map. I considered made a quick attempt to fix it after release but the map is so cumbersome it would have been a bit hard to test it (for me, not knowing the map very well). I may post a fix if Nait makes one. We'll link that here.

I Like Quake Guest 25 April 2021, 9:13

@dumptruck_ds Well, I love it.

Naitalveni's Everything Is Dangerous is very satisfying to play and the only map I know of where I can say that a literal army is coming charging at me.

Qmaster's Slipcistern Phobia feels like straight out of a Beetlejuice cartoon episode, Quake style.

The other maps felt to me like the Death Match Classics releases, which I absolutely loved and were among the first custom content that I played. At that time I imagined that there might be only a few more dozen custom maps released because I thought that they would take teams to make over spans of months (I didn't know about map editors; when I came across DOPA I thought to myself - well it's not surprising that after 20 years of Quake some team would put in the effort to make a tribute episode. I was very ignorant about Quake - I remember how excited I was when I first got the official mission packs to run after many attempts wherethrough I didn't know about engines and batch files). Once I figured out how to get custom content running I was eager to find more, especially episodes. I came across Quaddicted and it took me a while to become aware of the treasures therein but then it blew my mind: thousands of maps, starting with the very year that Quake was released, and, many of them done by individuals in spans of days and even hours - it felt like wizardry (like, how do they do them that fast?).

It warms my heart to see so much beauty freely released into the world out of what it seems to me to be sheer passion and joy - this is an act of Love. Such behavior generalized across the human experience would heal the world.

I Like Quake Guest 25 April 2021, 9:19

Sorry, I misspelled a name. The ability to edit one's comment would be most useful.

shalrathy Registered 25 April 2021, 13:22

Claustrophoburbia by ILike80sRock: Wonderfully difficult fights.

Everything is dangerous by Naitelveni: Good slaughter maps are rare in quake, also fun as a puzzle map.

The Tribunal of Terror by Greenwood: Great open fights that reward letting monsters live until better weapons are found.

Claustrophic Rocketeering by Giftmacher: Fun familiar playground to fight in. Love the close-quarters RL shambler fights.

The Place of many deaths by DragonsForLunch: Great familiar rooms, great progression, great fights.

Slipcistern Phobia by Qmaster: Perfect balance between always feeling lost but still making progress.

The Dump Zone by dumptruck_ds: Fun fights in a familiar dm6 playground, sparse ammo give me unusual fights and an epic ending.

Nilens Klor by Zigi: Great layout, great progression, great fights, sparse health give me tense fights.

My first play through of the maps:

Completing Everything is dangerous without using GL (solving the unintentionally but fun puzzle of the map):

stoo Guest 9 July 2021, 14:53

Here's a fix for Naitelveni's map.

All I did was export the entity list and move one misplaced knight from 576 1456 56 to 616 1416 56, which prevents the GL from falling out of the map.

Just drop it in the /sm212/maps/ folder and in the console make sure you have external_ents 1.

stoo Guest 9 July 2021, 14:53

Here's a fix for Naitelveni's map.

All I did was export the entity list and move one misplaced knight from 576 1456 56 to 616 1416 56, which prevents the GL from falling out of the map.

Just drop it in the /sm212/maps/ folder and in the console make sure you have external_ents 1.

stoo Guest 9 July 2021, 14:54

I have no idea how that got posted twice. Think maybe the site should disable the Submit button after being clicked. Clicking it multiple times seems to submit it multiple times!

erc Registered 4 September 2021, 13:37

Likeable pack. Zigi's Nilens Klor hits the sweet spot for me as it is a nice mash-up / throwback to Rogue's trap-filled Egyptian maps, with soundtrack and all. Greenwood's and 80sRock's contributions also flowed well with me. Qmaster's idea is great but frankly, it was a chore to get through all that.

MikeTaylor Registered 5 October 2021, 11:19

Slipcistern Phobia is the standout here -- not for the gameplay, which is confusing and difficult to interpret, but for the sheer brokenness of the atmosphere. Many of the other play really well.

Mugwump Registered 16 May 2022, 5:24

Stoo's fix should be linked in the description.

Cocerello Registered 27 May 2023, 16:47

Played on skill 2.

Interesting mix of speedmaps, turtlemaps and jam maps. Some go to the original plus things route, other build remakes, and some others go further.

  • DragonsforLunch: straightforward combats on rooms from the original connected. Quite solid.

  • Dumptruck: speedmap with straightforward combats with some variety, on the original map as it comes plus some additions and twists, and two unfair combats, one of which can become a instadeath trap.

  • Giftmacher: more like a normal release of a turtlemap, it uses half the time two routes for progression. Due to that the player can find himself without ammo depending on the route taken or playing with Shamblers with explosives. Has a part where it is up to luck to figure out how to progress.

Greenwood: nice speedmap with varied and interesting encounters, but it can become a bit frustrating if not clearing each floor a bit before going up.

  • Ilike80srock: more direct use of the original than Giftmacher. Solid experience with straghtforward encounters.

  • Naitelveni: mix between a speedmap map and a jam map that leaving aside if there is similarities with the original, is interesting in its novelty. I think it would be a lot better in coop. Still, i haven't been able to finish it, not because of lacking a GL, but because i lacked ammo, by a lot (and finished after cheating around 100 explosives more). Without the GL i think it was more interesting, as the buttons become more important, but never got past half the second wave.

  • Qmaster: what the hell is this hahaha i am amazed it even compiled and i do not want to know how many off-grid vertexes this one has. I think i would never attempt to make this due to the issues that could raise. This was a wonderful experience and had me half laughing half surprised, both because in the execution of the idea and in the encounters and layout. I also got dizzy after a bit while playing it haha. Still, as it is multi-route sometimes, i found myself almost out of ammo at the beginning. Surprisingly i never got lost. By the way, i killed everything and got to the exit but never had to use the GK ...

  • Zigi: typical jam map that seems solid, but it becomes frustrating due to getting stuck in geometry and traps, and cramped arenas that rely on DPS to survive.

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