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Screenshot of sm222
Author:Aesopolis, CommonCold, DragonsForLunch, ish, Llanstoloq, Magnetbox, mh, Spoot, zigi
Title:Speedmapping pack 222 - Towers (a88508270c18010ae75b3dab3bb5c23c)
Filesize:43908 Kilobytes
Release date:04.01.2023
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_bk.tga499 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_dn.tga753 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_ft.tga457 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_lf.tga478 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_rt.tga512 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/entropic_up.tga164 KB28.12.2008
sm222/gfx/env/greenepbk.tga1859 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/greenepdn.tga1620 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/greenepft.tga2251 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/greeneplf.tga2032 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/greeneprt.tga1940 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/greenepup.tga1637 KB11.08.2020
sm222/gfx/env/license.txt1 KB28.12.2008
sm222/maps/sm222_aesop.bsp2220 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_aesop.lit1077 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_cc.bsp3789 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_cc.lit677 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_cc.map743 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_dfl.bsp1649 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_dfl.lit704 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_dfl.map1027 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_ish.bsp1943 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_ish.lit844 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_ish.map597 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_llanstoloq.bsp1104 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_llanstoloq.lit487 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_llanstoloq.map277 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_magnetbox.bsp973 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_magnetbox.map296 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_mh.bsp1993 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_mh.lit602 KB02.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_spoot.bsp6463 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_spoot.lit11644 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_spoot.map2688 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_zigi.bsp5443 KB01.01.2023
sm222/maps/sm222_zigi.lit3373 KB01.01.2023
sm222/music/track119.mp32414 KB03.01.2023
sm222/music/track35.mp36059 KB03.01.2023
sm222/music/track95.ogg14391 KB01.01.2023
sm222/progs.dat331 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/ai.qc15 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/amtest.qc2 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/boss.qc13 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/buttons.qc3 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/changelog.txt4 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/client.qc40 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/combat.qc8 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/defs.qc19 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/demon.qc11 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/dog.qc11 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/doors.qc19 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/enforcer.qc12 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/fight.qc7 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/fish.qc9 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/flag.qc1 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/hknight.qc19 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/items.qc42 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/jctest.qc1 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/knight.qc10 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/misc.qc17 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/models.qc9 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/monsters.qc10 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/ogre.qc16 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/oldone.qc10 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/plats.qc8 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/player.qc19 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/progs.src1 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/shalrath.qc9 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/shambler.qc14 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/soldier.qc11 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/spawn.qc9 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/sprites.qc1 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/subs.qc8 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/triggers.qc18 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/weapons.qc27 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/wizard.qc11 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/world.qc12 KB28.01.2022
sm222/src/zombie.qc21 KB28.01.2022
sm222/txt/sm222_aesop.txt2 KB01.01.2023
sm222/txt/sm222_ish.txt2 KB02.01.2023
sm222/txt/sm222_llanstoloq.txt2 KB02.01.2023
sm222/txt/sm222_magnetbox.txt3 KB02.01.2023
sm222/txt/sm222_spoot.txt2 KB01.01.2023
sm222/txt/smp_readme.txt4 KB28.01.2022

Speedmapping pack 222 - Towers

Nine (9) speedmaps made in less than three days, all themed around towers and verticality. Built on Speed Mapping Progs v2021.11 (already included). Organized by zigi.

There's no custom start map, so load maps manually in console (all map names prefixed with "sm222_"). QuakeC source code, some map source, and custom music is included.

Note: may require a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: jam, smp, speedmap, music, source, limits, base, castle, medieval, wizard, temple, cave, mountain, makkon

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User Rating:
4.1/5 with 25 ratings
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Alex Ros Registered 13 January 2023, 9:16

For a speedmapping event it presents some really solid maps. Zigi, Mista Heita and Spootnik maps in particular did not even feel like speedmaps - cool polished lil maps. /// DragonsForLunch stands out to me as an example of nearly perfect vanilla experience. It feels vanilla, plays vanilla and damn I wish a whole episode of such a classic quality could exist. /// Don't forget to check updated Aesopolis map out of this sm - he updated, expanded & released it as solo; really cool stuff /// Don't hesitate to check Mista Heita map out of SM 219 "40oz Bounce" because it's the same derelict Mayan temple theme and when played in a row - feels like a mini ep for around 30 minutes THANKS to authors

The_Pirate Registered 13 January 2023, 20:32

Very good, especially for speedmapping!

The mapping quality varies - from 'Old hand' to 'first' quality - but the amount of ideas and originality is absolutely impressing!

Each and every mapper bids in with somethin unique - sometimes the architecture, sometimes the arrangements of the fights, or something else entirely - the wealth of creativity, especially under the tile limit, is stunning!

Very well done, each and every one of you! Old hands: precisely the quality that i expect from you. And the new mappers: i expect to see wondeful stuff from you in the future, too!

Thanks for your efforts; thanks for sharing!

Jehannum Registered 15 January 2023, 18:54

Another great Jam, jam-packed with an abundance of wonderful variations on the Tower theme.

Not a bad map in the pack, IMO. I thoroughly enjoyed playing them all and appreciate the effort everyone clearly put into their offering. Thank you all for sharing with us!

JuanchoES Registered 3 February 2023, 3:29

Spoot map was really fun :)

Cocerello Registered 7 April 2023, 14:28

NOT wanting to get into al the drama which happened on Discord and Slipseer with this, and not trying to get Quaddicted into all of that as they had nothing to do with it, just for archival purposes, but the organizer of this event was Ish.

About the maps, we have the usual mix of speedmaps-turtle or jams like in other in these last years:

Aesop: something in the middle between a Speedmap and jam map with a nice variation of vertical and horizontal gameplay, and progression. The music added does not add anything significant so it can be turned off.

CC: speedmap with linear progression that sometimes seems like it is trying to go the jam map route in some details. Has straightforward combats in a loop-alike or straight layout. Has several bad instances of bad enemy placement and a door that only opens once. Same as previous, last encounter has infinite ammo.

Dfl: this is a straightforward jam map which also went the ''every brick is a brush'' route, decision from where the map suffers the most gameplay wise due to getting stuck and encounter issues. The map seems to rely on getting some sneak shots on the player from locations which he wouldn't expect, which makes the map a bit frustrating and a lot easier on next tries. The fact that it also relies (and repeats) on obvious monster closets on some areas does not feel detrimental to it.

Ish: maybe the most speedmap-ish of the pack as it relies for progression and combat on a different, and well implemented, mechanic: gravity. It is interesting and mostly solid but is low on ammo and can get worse easily due to bad aiming till getting used to the gravity. Has a big part which relies on good exploration and one progression issue which i think needs bunny hopping to get through (the closing gate).

Llanstoloq: speedmap with linear layout and some backtracking, big scale, and straightforward decent combats. Has some issues with mostly harmless enemies and the skybox can be safely deleted as do not add anything that a void route could not have handled the same.

Magnetbox: speedmap with some crazy mostly in the good sense encounters due to spawning and interesting ideas. It is based on entirely separate areas, on a linear layout. On the bad side, surviving the vertical part is mostly luck, and even if done the next encounter can easily kill the player too. The added music is not a fundamental part of the concept of the map and can be turned off or changed with no issue. Can be finished killing all with only the shells provided.

Mh: very solid turtlemap or jam alike map with mostly straightforward encounters on the same floor, on a loop shaped layout around a central room. No issues. Can be almost finished killing all with only the shells provided.

Spoot: crashes the custom engines i tried to use so nothing i can say about.

Zigi: feels more like a normal release with less polishing. The map is solid with mostly straightforward and sometimes bland encounters. Lots of spawns are being used mostly in a fair way. It forces, with ammo, to use the higher DPS weapons available. The fog and skybox add to the visuals on short distances, but becomes detrimental to the map on longer ones. The secret leading to a trap with spawns was evil.

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