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Title:Speedmapping pack 23 (7f85232a59c952cd49019bd1d1ba0180)
Filesize:829 Kilobytes
Release date:15.07.2001
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm23_jay3.bsp371 KB28.06.2001
sm23_jay4.bsp736 KB25.05.2001
sm23_pack.txt3 KB15.07.2001
sm23_jay1.bsp645 KB09.07.2001
sm23_jay2.bsp392 KB10.06.2001

Speedmapping pack 23

(Drew) / 4 __ maps / Drew

Tags: doom
User Rating:
3.3/5 with 11 ratings
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Drew 15 August 2012, 2:40
These really don't deserve this high of a rating - probably more like 2 or 3 MAYBE. They are by ME! I like replaying some of them. Others just make me depressed by their extreme difficulty.
Drew 15 August 2012, 2:58
I'd say the quality of the maps is indicated by their #. 1 is worst, arguably, and 4 is definitely best. I stand behind 4 - retarded difficulty and all.
JellyGal Registered 2 December 2014, 17:30

"Quake Level That Was Originally Trying to Look Like Doom" is a short linear slaughterfest that looks a bit like Doom and has lots of enemies. It's kinda fun, but lacks full quality.

"Nothing Special" is a short void map. Like the title says it's nothing too special but the combat's kinda fun and it's got this nice feeling of ascent to it.

"Blocky Level" is indeed blocky but also rather fun. Nice use of a small space with the combat, and the enemy placement is quite good.

The Deathening is actually a really fun map, frantic but fun. It's got nice combat and it looks alright visually. My only complaint is that part where they stick a shambler in your face.

Solomoriah Registered 20 June 2019, 18:02

I give this pack a 4 mainly for the last map; it was tricky to finish, and satisfying.

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