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Author:Asaki, ChAiNeR, E-werd, Harb, KrimZon, necros, NotoriousRay, Speedy, Starbuck, Xen
Title:Speedmapping pack 41 - QExpo (93664d698942615455fe692f8d33f3a7)
Filesize:2738 Kilobytes
Release date:13.07.2003
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BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm41_necros.bsp852 KB12.07.2003
sm41_speedy.bsp153 KB13.07.2003
sm41_xen.bsp1140 KB13.07.2003
sm41_speedy.txt1 KB13.07.2003
sm41_krimzon.bsp563 KB13.07.2003
sm41_ewerd.bsp371 KB13.07.2003
sm41_pack.txt3 KB13.07.2003
sm41_rpg.bsp1012 KB12.07.2003
sm41_necros.txt3 KB12.07.2003
sm41_harb.bsp821 KB13.07.2003
sm41_asaki.bsp678 KB12.07.2003
sm41_chain.bsp230 KB13.07.2003
sm41_ray.bsp582 KB12.07.2003
sm41_starbuck.bsp581 KB13.07.2003

Speedmapping pack 41 - QExpo

QExpo / 3 SP, 8 DM maps / Asaki, ChAiNeR, E-werd, Harb, KrimZon, necros, NotoriousRay, Speedy, Starbuck, Xen

Tags: spd
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2/5 with 3 ratings
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Opus131 Registered 8 June 2015, 19:20

The three single player maps are sm41asaki, sm41necros, and sm41_rpg respectively.

Asaki is probably the most interesting to me. You have to carefully descent through a series of beams and platforms, killing every enforcer you find (21 total) with a grenade launcher. Its a tricky process and a bit annoying but for a speed map i found the construction and layout to be relatively well thought out.

Necros and RPG are a bit less interesting. They both have careless and gratuitous monster placement and a simple and basic layout which is efficient and nothing more. Both appear to have custom textures, several from Doom in Necros (for some reason, they look quite bad) and some urban style texture in RPG which actually create an interesting atmosphere.

The DM maps are your typical speed map fare. Playable and ok for a few runs, but that's about it.

I'm going to give 2 for the whole pack with Asaki being the winner despite having the smallest monster count.

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