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Author:CZG, DaZ, Necros, Pushplay, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck, Xen
Title:Speedmapping pack 48 - Non-detail textures (9a99e590a1f732b02dacad5242d1eb8f)
Filesize:1184 Kilobytes
Release date:07.09.2003
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm48_crap.bsp309 KB06.09.2003
sm48_xen.bsp727 KB07.09.2003
sm48_scampie.bsp473 KB06.09.2001
sm48_starbuck.bsp405 KB07.09.2003
sm48_czg.bsp270 KB07.09.2003
sm48_pack.txt3 KB07.09.2003
sm48_daz.bsp519 KB07.09.2003
sm48_ray.bsp348 KB06.09.2003
sm48_push.bsp529 KB06.09.2003

Speedmapping pack 48 - Non-detail textures

Non-detail textures / 8 SP maps / CZG, DaZ, Necros, Pushplay, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck, Xen

Tags: dm, hotdog
User Rating:
2.6/5 with 12 ratings
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Spirit 10 April 2012, 19:28
I love this pack! I remember how sm48_xen blew me away back then. And Daz' map just rocks (graffity style).
Daz 26 April 2012, 18:28
Holy hell, blast from the past :)
dBAudio Registered 25 October 2013, 1:08

i do love the spiral towers of sm48_xen.

mfx Registered 25 October 2013, 17:40

Yeah, those spirals blew me away too! I wonder how he did that.

Scampie Registered 5 July 2014, 19:44


MikeTaylor Registered 7 July 2014, 0:43

sm48_crap lives up to its name. Complete nonsense.

sm48_czg is as ugly as sin and has no bad-guys. I can only assume "great-lookiing" in the description is sarcasm.

sm48_daz is rubbish.

sm48_push is the first one that looks and plays like a quake level. it's not a great one, but then for a speedmap it has some decent gameplay. It\'s nice standing over the pit of spawns are firing rocks down into it.

sm48_ray is a decently done deathmatch arena, but useless for SP.

sm48_scampie is a whole actual level, and quite fun and challenging to play. Definitely the best up to this point.

sm48_starbuck is a big empty level that could have been fun with a few monsters tossed in. Shame that flat, ugly non-ID textures are used.

Finally, sm48_xen is yeat another unpopulated area. A nice experiment in architecture, and the spiral towers are indeed nice, but there's absolutely nothing to do (unless I missed something clever).

All in all, really disappointing, even for speedmaps.

Cocerello Registered 27 August 2014, 20:10

Overall, most of them achieve a Quake 3 ish look with simple textures based on single colours. Some of them go for r_drawflat look.

Crap: SP only map. Good for speedrunning. Couldn't find the exit.

Czg: DM only map, liked it.

Daz: a single room, nothing on it, quite good brushwork.

Push: SP only map. Good brushwork and colour choices. Fast paced and fun vertical combat. Liked the symbols on the bottom.

Ray: DM only map. Simple brushwork, varied layout. The textures, even though they are flat, add to the map by its novelty and neatness.

Scampie: SP only map. Tight and DM like layout. Good brushwork and fun to play.

Starbuck: SP map. Clearly unfisnished, lacks gameplay and items. But looks quite good.

Xen: DM only map. Quite impressive looks with just two textures.

Lane Powell Registered 27 November 2015, 0:52

Is Xen really a DM map? The only items in the map are in one place as far as I can tell, and it doesn't work in DMSP.

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