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Screenshot of sm56_pack
Author:CZG, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, Pulsar, RPG, Scampie, Xenon
Title:Speedmapping pack 56 - Episode 2 (The 4 Seasons of Quake #2) (fc4b461a3472a47a05ce2ad678e9891c)
Filesize:1754 Kilobytes
Release date:09.11.2003
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm56_scampie.bsp377 KB05.09.2001
sm56_pack.txt2 KB05.09.2001
sm56_lev.txt2 KB06.11.2003
SM56_PuLSaR.bsp447 KB14.06.1997
sm56_hrim.bsp377 KB08.11.2003
sm56_moz2.bsp284 KB05.09.2001
sm56_xen.bsp789 KB09.11.2003
sm56_lev.bsp382 KB04.11.2003
sm56_czg.bsp556 KB20.09.2001
sm56_moz1.bsp300 KB05.09.2001
sm56_rpg.bsp616 KB06.11.2003

Speedmapping pack 56 - Episode 2 (The 4 Seasons of Quake #2)

Episode 2 (The 4 Seasons of Quake #2) / 9 SP maps / CZG, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, Pulsar, RPG, Scampie, Xenon

Tags: qtwid
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3.9/5 with 11 ratings
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Mugwump Registered 17 October 2020, 9:11

The CZG/Scampie/RPG trinity are the best maps in this pack, bite-sized brutally fun romps that for some reason exit into each other like a revolving mini-episode. I was wondering why CZG's map was so loaded with supplies, but believe me when I tell you you're gonna need them for the next map! Scampie's is essentially one arena with horde combat but it's short and fun, and RPG's start will undoubtedly remind you of e2m2 a.k.a The Ogre Citadel. Nice touch.

The rest of the maps are unfortunately not sequenced but some of them (namely Lev's and Xen's) would have benefited from this treatment. Hrimfaxi's and PuLSaR's are pretty good. Leviathan's is kind of ugly and suffers from ammo shortage at the start despite the quad and supplies provided in the first room: I had to finish off the 2nd vore with the axe. Also has a useless pent just before the exit when there's nobody left to protect you from, yay! Moz1 is... uhhh... a joke, I guess? Zero gameplay, it's just an ugly, empty castle with non-functioning doors and no exit. Moz2 is just as ugly but at least has some (mediocre) gameplay and an exit. As for Xenon's, it's basically a serialized copypasta of the same area over a square grid. Boring to look at and boring to play, has a pointless flooded basement where there's absolutely nothing to do, and also suffers from ammo shortage at the end - but it generously gives you 100 more nails once everyone is dead, big whoop!

All in all, a half good half bad pack worth playing if only for the trinity mentioned above.

Mugwump Registered 17 October 2020, 9:21

Oh BTW, I forgot to mention that PuLSaR's filename contains some uppercase letters, so you'll probably want to rename it.

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